100ft Robot Golf: 100% Acheivment Guide

The following is a 100% Completion Guide for “100ft Robot Golf”



Get The Band Back Together
Kick off the reunion tour
– Story Related, Unlocks after finishing Campaign Chapter 1 “Yes! Let’s Drive for Par!”

Calling in Favors
Convince Vahni to make some phone calls
– Story Related, Unlocks after finishing Campaign Chapter 3 “Yes! We’re Under The Sea!”

The Final Tournament
Unlock the tournament on the Moon in Campaign mode
– Story related. Unlocks as soon as you start Campaign mode Chapter 5 “The Final Tournament part 1”

This is (Not) Goodbye
Reveal the shocking twist at the end of the 100ft Robot Golf!
– Story related. Unlocks as soon as you finish Campaign Finale “The Infinity Ball X”

The Eagle Maneuver
Score an Eagle or better on any course
– You have to sink the ball with two swings left (2 under par). On the top left of the screen it will tell you “Sink now for X” once you see “Sink now for Eagle” that’s your chance to sink the ball!

The Daz Maneuver
Sink a ball without using a putter
– You will get this eventually. as some holes do require to hit anything put a butter to get on the green. Just take your time and sync (ha ha) the shot.

The Kuvo Maneuver
Block another player’s ball mid-flight
– Just stand where you see someone’s ball is gonna land and start swinging your club until you hit it.

Fully Synchronized
Achieve 99.0% synchronization or greater with a BioPal robot
– Take your time to sync your robot and this achievement will pop up soon enough (i got it on my very first ball hit after getting the game, it can be done with robots like Mason, Suzume and Jeffrey

Four Golfers, One Controller
Beat the Remote Control Challenge in under four minutes
– This one is really tricky as you’ll play four Paulas (CPU) at the same time, and besides the first swing, it’s hard to make them swing all at the same time, so just practice this course until you get it.

Great Job!
Tell another robot golfer that they’re doing a great job
– In Customize, go to Noisemakers, scroll down and you’ll find one that says “great job!” equip it, and when it’s your turn to swing press the emote button to say “Great job!”

Purchase a customization item from the Golf Shop
– Purchase any customization item from the Golf Shop inside the campaign mode

Saints Flow
Customize every robot to represent Stilwater’s best
– Purchase all Saints Row costumes (the ones with the symbol) in the Saints Row shop (opens after chapter 4) and equip them on all robots that have them (nothing for Pierce), and the achievement should pop up. The Saints Ball is an optional skin.

Thank you for supporting eSports
Complete the Speedrun Hole of Fame challenge
– Finish the Speedrun Hole of Fame and this trophy will unlock. Easy, but tedious, as you’ll play all of the games’ holes and this can easily take over an hour

Driver of Steel
Complete the Strokerun Hole of Fame without a single hole going over par
– This trophy seems impossible, you’ll just have to keep practising this one just like Remote Control Challenge. Once I beat it myself I’ll make sure to make an edit with any tips I might have. Just try to aim for Birdie (1 under par) and try to master sinking the ball as soon as it’s on the green

Good Dog!
Complete the Canine Instrumentality Project
– Secret Achievement. There’s four chapters to the C.R.G.I. Project. After finishing the main campaign (Finale “The Infinity Ball X”), the fourth C.R.G.I. chapter will appear, called “Campaign True Ending” after you beat it, the trophy should pop up

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