270 | Two Seventy US Election: All State Groups Guide

This is a repost of the previous guide, but instead of providing the link, I will use screenshots of all of the states so that Steam does not mark this as malicious. Please note that not all states provided are the cheapest route, but it will be more beneficial in the long run.


African American State Group
The first state group listed is the African American group. Here, I have listed all states that fall in this group, and the states that I most recommend to acquire the group. The amount of electoral votes and the cost is listed as well. Keep in mind that the cost should be multiplied by 1000 for the real cost.

Latino State Group
Next on the list is the Latino State Group. Just as the same as the African American state group, all states are listed along with the electoral votes, cost, and states that I recommend investing in. Here, you will notice that Texas could be a substitute for California, as listed in the parenthesis (). It will cost the same amount, but the electoral vote count will be different. So depending on what state groups you are trying to get, you could switch between the two states.

Oil and Gas State Group
Third on the list is Oil and Gas. Once again, California and Texas are interchangeable and yield the same result for this specific state group.

High Tech State Group
Fourth is the High Tech State Group. This is the group that I invest in first, since it only requires two states, and gives a bonus of one hundred thousand dollars. The only downside is that the states required are some of the most expensive, being California and New York. However, if you play your cards right, you could have this group at the end of turn five. Couple this with the Latino state group, which is only missing Florida, you can have the upper hand at the end of about 5-8 turns.

Agriculture State Group
Next up is the Agriculture state group. Once again, notice that Texas and California could be switched for the same result, the only difference being the electoral vote count. This state group could be an easy grab if you already have High-Tech and Latino, considering you only need Illinois and North Carolina afterward, which are also two very versatile states.

Manufacturing Base State Group
The sixth state group is Manufacturing Base. Here, you cannot interchange Texas and California, so be sure not to make that mistake! This state group is also pretty simple and could be obtained in only four turns! This could get you an early lead on your opponent and is extremely useful as all states that you need to invest in are versatile, that being Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Old South State Group
Next on the list is the Old South state group. This is one that I usually wait to get because these are not states that I need at the very start of the game, but is easy to obtain once I have more money to move around. Though they may not be states that I directly go for, all states here are still pretty useful in quite a few situations.

Export Driven State Group
The next state group is Export Driven. You can also use California or Texas to obtain this state group. This group is another easily obtained group if you already have Latino since all you need is Louisiana.

Swing States State Group
One of the best state groups to obtain is the Swing States. All states are extremely versatile, it only takes three turns to obtain, and allows for a large head-start of a one hundred thousand dollar bonus. This is, by far, the most important state group in the game for an early lead.

Town and Gown State Group
Last, but not least, is the Town and Gown state group. This group is the easiest to obtain out of all of the other groups, as the only remotely expensive state to invest in is New York, and there are only three states needed. Depending on the character you use, this could be wildly useful.

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