3D Hardcore Cube 2: How to Unlock All 30 Levels Quickly

In this small guide, I will show you, how to unlock all 30 Levels in that game, at the same time. When you don´t know what to do next or when you already ragequitted, then this guide will help you!


How to unlock all 30 levels!

1. Press the “R” + “Windows” key at the same time and type in: “regedit”
2. Go to “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Laush Dmitriy Sergeevich\3D Hardcore Cube 2”
3. Double click on “Open_lvl_h2156932344” then change the value to “21”
4. Now open the game and you have unlocked all 30 levels!

Note: When you want to get all the level Achievements you have to start every single level in the menu! However, for the Complete level 30 – Pass 30st level – Achievement, you have to play the whole last level!

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