A Date with Death: Endings & Achievements

Spoilers ahead in this thread for the choices that lead to each ending!


A Date with Death Ending Guide

Ending 1/ Mini bad ending: during the soul connection on day 3, click “Grim… ma—maybe this is a bad idea…”, then “I… I think something’s wrong… this doesn’t feel right…”, then “Please… stop…”

Ending 2/ Full bad ending: Pick more negative choices throughout the game, don’t water your plant on any of the days, then on day 6 choose: “Vaguely, yeah.” just before the first call, and “I don’t mind. I’ll take the sickness. The taint.”

Ending 3/ You win/kiss ending: flirty all the way through, then on day 6 choose: “You really know how to sweep me off my feet.”, “You’re cute. Cute and stupid.” and “How do I stop? What if I give it all away?!”

Ending 4 (DLC)/ Both win/dual reapers: pick DLC choices throughout the game, then on day 6: “Do you like me then, Casper?, “If I let my guard down the reaper will steal me away~”, then “Maybe I’m a new class of reaper?”

Ending 5/  Wedding end: joke about a wedding throughout the game, then on day 5: “Want to meet the in-laws, Grim?”, and on day 6: “I feel touched!”, “How about a shotgun wedding?”

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How to Get Each Achievement

There’s only one ending where you can miss “Complete day …” ones so I’d say these are hard to miss.
First Chance at Death
The First Day – The Sixth Day
My Little Baby you did choose a pet, just pet it already

Ones that are missable (some spoilers):

Serenity – there’s a plant on your bedtable. Just water it once.
Blooming Flowers – you need to water the plant once every day. Best done with any of the good endings or you first playthrough.

Untrustworthy – ending 1.
Take My Soul – ending 2, all fixed now, can use a save to get it if you made one.
Dead Roots – done with ending 2, don’t water the plant at all and you’ll need to check on it on day 6 before chatting.
Sealed with a Kiss – ending 3.
Ending 4 doesn’t have an achievement, it’s a DLC ending unobtainable in the free version.
Our Wedding – ending 5
Eavesdropping Champion – interact with the door and hear something interesting every day.
Patience – on day 6 open your web browser and wait for about a minute for the text to change.

Credit to MadHatterBelial

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