A Family Venture: All Event List (Updated to V0.08)

A Family Venture is a 3DCG adult game developed by WillTylor. here is a list of all events in the game,

Note: the New Version 0.08 v1 beta adds 10 new quest events.


All Event List (Updated to V0.07)

1 Tony’s in jail, shit’s fucked up, Check Portrait
2 Talked with Bobby
3 Jacky’s a stripper
4 Comforted Jacky
5 Helped Lauren find the tv remote.
6 Sidney came home.
7 Got a blowjob from Megan.
8 Fix light bulb
9 Separated Lauren and Sidney
10 Got in shape
11 Photo-shoot with Lauren and Mandy.
12 Hid Jacky’s Bathrobe
13 Night Mischief with Jacky
14 Night Mischief with Lauren
16 Fixed Kitchen Sink
17 Jacky masturbated in the shower
18 Jacky Masturbated in bedroom
19 Lauren masturbated in shower
20 Lauren masturbated in bedroom
21 Sidney masturbated in the shower
22 Sidney masturbated in bedroom
23 Bought bikini
24 Bikini Show
25 Pool Party
26 Unlocked the Photo Studio
27 Started Photo-Shoot for HTBYD
28 Finished photo-shoot for HTBYD
29 Pay off Diaz
30 Pay Diaz in favors
31 Begin Election
Event Number Event Name
32 Lauren Wagers Pussy
33 Caught Matt and Megan Fucking.
34 Jacky masturbating in her office.
35 Made New Posters (Visit Mrs. Stone)
36 Machine Machine Fix
37 Sneaking with Lauren in the lounge
38 Started Photo-Shoot for Womb Raider
39 Locker Room Run Camera Setup in Girls Shower)
40 Finished Photo-Shoot for Womb Raider
41 69 with Sidney
42 Blown by Daiz
44 Jacky gave me a handy in the bathroom
45 Jacky got Blackmailed
46 Unlocked Perry Hotter Photoshoot
47 Finished Perry Hotter Photoshoot
48 Saved a war hero
49 I’m not the only schemer
50 Blowjob on the job
51 Bye Bobby
52 Camille is our new maid
53 Camille presses boobs in shower
54 Camille flashes Boobs in lounge.
55 Camille’s tits on a platter.
56 Completed Xmas event
57 Sampled the whole park menu
58 Full House
59 Lost my Virginity to Sidney
61 Mandy at School
62 Double Agent (Megan told about Matt)
Event Number Event Name
63 Mandy Masturbated in the Shower
64 Mandy Masturbated in Jacky’s Bedroom
65 Camille Masturbated in the Shower
66 Camille Masturbated in Jacky’s Bedroom
67 Truth or Dare
68 Lauren’s Grateful
69 Saved their Asses
70 Gave their Asses
71 Date with Will
72 Getting Wet in the Park
73 Getting Wet in Bed
74 Getting Wet at the Womb Raider Shoot
75 Getting Wet at the Club
76 Win or Lose Election
77 Morning Announcements by Lauren

Note 1: if you finish all events, you should make sure you have sleep with Lauren, Sidney, and finished Jacky’s photoshoot.

Note 2: if you are stuck in one of the events. you can check out this walkthrough.


How to Unlock Version 0.08 New Events?

If you’re starting from a completed 0.07 save, you’ll need to advance to Monday to trigger the new content.

IMPORTANT: Do not advance the days through the cheat mod. The cheat mod skips days, but does not register the MC as ever waking up, which is essential to trigger certain events. It is best to skip days by sleeping in the bed.

if you’re playing a new game, these events will trigger more naturally. There are 90 tracked main events total. There are also many minor events that aren’t tracked.

Credit to WillTylor

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