A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build: Ben and Alan Butterfly Hints and Solution

A step-by-step photo guide to solving the Ben and Alan snowmen puzzle to unlock the butterfly for this level. All images are spoiler tagged so you can work one at a time if you just want a little hint instead of the whole solution!


The Steps

Ben and Alan are the final snow friends you have to build before entering the gate to the Dream Realm that allows you to travel around the map without obstacle.

Starting the Room

This is where you’ll begin building your final friends

Step 1 | CLUE: X
Step 2 | CLUE: X
Step 3 | CLUE: X
Step 4 | CLUE: X
Step 5 | CLUE: X
Step 6a | CLUE: X / Step 6b | CLUE: X
Step 7a | CLUE: X / Step 7b | CLUE: X
Step 8 | CLUE: X
Step 9a | CLUE: X / Step 9b | CLUE: X
Step 10 | CLUE: X
Step 11a | CLUE: X / Step 11b | CLUE: X
Step 12 | CLUE: X

Ben’s Final Position

Alan’s Final Position

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