A Hat in Time: All Nyakuza Metro Food Combinations

Food is a common term shared by all the purchasable consumables in the Restaurants of Nyakuza Metro in A Hat in Time. Each piece of food restores a single point of health when fully consumed, making them equatable to a Heart Pon. The player can purchase as many items that a restaurant provides, given that they have enough Pons to pay for it all.


Food Combos

Yes, with Juice Box

Yes, with Cookies

Yes, with Coffee

Yes, with French Fries

French Fries
Yes, with Fish

Yes, with Large Soda

Juice Box
Yes, with Cake

Katsu Curry
Yes, with Rice

Large Soda
Yes, with either Hamburger, Pizza, or Triple Scoop.

Pizza Slice
Yes, with Large Soda

Yes, with Katsu Curry

Soup Dumplings
Yes, with Tea

Yes, with Soup Dumplings

Triple Scoop
Yes, with Large Soda

Foods With No Combinations

Hot Chocolate
Ice Cream Sandwich
The Metro Special
Shoyu Ramen
Spring Roll

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