A Little to the Left: All Levels Guide for the Good Tidyings DLC

All the solutions to all the levels of the Good Tidyings DLC


Christmas baubles

  • Arrange the christmas baubles first by colour (yellow-pink, pink-green, green-blue) and then in a way to have the central line form a wave.
  • Group them vertically according to the size of the white dots.


  • Arrange the cookies orizontally by colour.
  • Arrange the cookies vertically by their outside shape.
  • Arrange the cookies vertically by their inside shape.

Pop-corn and candies

Arrange the pop-corn and candies so that they form a pattern.

  • First row: two pop-corn and one candy
  • Second row: one pop-corn and two candies
  • Third row: three pop-corn and one candy

Door ornament

You can arrange the decorations however you like, as long as they mirror each other.


Arrange the presents so that the ribbon stripes are connected by colour.

Christmas cookies

Arrange the pieces to form Christmas cookies.


Fit the ornaments in the wholes of the correct shape.

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