A Night In Berlin: All Intel Collection Guide (CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT Achievement)

For A Night In Berlin players, this guide focuses on how to find all 5 intel collectables unlocking different lore pieces and ultimately granting you the achievement “CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT”


Level 1

To find the first intel you have to simply play through the first level of the game. Right before entering the door finishing the level, turn to your left. The intel will wait for you on top of a cardboard box next to the vending machines.

Level 2

The second level of the game contains the next piece of intel. First, fight through the small entrance hall and the large dining room. Next, follow the corridor located at the end of the dining room, leading you to the kitchen. The intel will be located right on the kitchen counter.

Level 4

After dealing with the first three enemies located in the entrance hall, walk straight ahead and enter the room in the middle of the art gallery. The intel will be found on the table to the right side of the room.

Level 6

To find the fourth piece of intel located in the sixth level of the game, head towards the corridor on the right side, turn around the corner and enter the room to your right. The intel should wait for you on the wooden table within the room.

Level 8

The fifth and last intel to be found is located in the last level of the game. After starting the level, walk straight ahead into the next room and turn to your left. The intel will be found on the table.

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