Aka Manto | 赤マント: Easiest Way to Kill Aka Manto (27 Easy Steps)

Easy inventory management with Lighter for 80% of the playthrough.


Easiest Way To Defeat Aka Manto (Tips + Guide) (27 Step Process)

No one cares for an intro so I’ll just get right to the guide. This guide is best done if you know the map already!
=Some useful tips if you don’t already know them!=
-Aka Manto WILL REMAIN SLOW if you are NOT seen by him, OR the Mask. (Being seen by him when grabbing the cables doesn’t count, as it is inevitable.)
-Aka Manto CANNOT go through a door if there is no portal in the room (excludes while in a chase, or the door is left open).
-When he is close, go to the edge of a corner. He will walk right past you if he is coming towards you.
This also works when the Mask detects your location. (If going for the Escape Artist Achievement, I don’t recommend doing this unless you’re experienced with this glitch).

*I paused my game to prepare myself for each step.*

Step 1
– Grab Red Paper; grab Old Key; unlock door; drop Old Key; grab Lighter from drawer in Lighter Room.
*Inventory: Lighter, Red Paper*

Step 2
– Drop the Red Paper by the Shrine Door, then grab Crowbar.
*Inventory: Lighter, Crowbar* *1 of 7 Papers collected*

Step 3
– Go to the bathroom where the Red Paper was, open vent.
*Inventory: Lighter, Crowbar*

Step 4
– Grab Indigo Paper; go through vent to bathroom; drop Crowbar; grab Orange Paper; drop Indigo Paper and Orange Paper by Shrine Door; retrieve Lighter.
*Inventory: Lighter, Crowbar* *3 of 7 Papers collected*

Step 5
– Open vent to Floor 2, drop Crowbar.
*Inventory: Lighter*

Step 6
– Grab Cables (Aka Manto should walk by the door. Game on.)
*Inventory: Lighter, Cables*

Step 7
– Go to Lever Room; install Cables; flip Lever 2; go through Fan to Anatomy Area; grab Seeds; unlock door to hallway with Lever Room; flip Lever 3; go to Floor 3 through vents.
*Inventory: Lighter, Seeds*

Step 8
– Go to the Kitchen, grab the Fishing Rod; go to Library; plant Seeds.
*Inventory: Lighter, Fishing Rod*

Step 9
– Go down to the Pool Area, grab Kerosene Pump.

Step 10
– Go to the bathroom with the Bucket; swap Fishing Rod for Bucket; open Stall Door and use Kerosene Pump on the Toilet; drop Kerosene Pump; pick up Fishing Rod.
*Inventory: Lighter, Fishing Rod, Acid Filled Bucket*

Step 11
– Go to the Pool Area; melt the Lock with the Acid Filled Bucket; drop Bucket.
*Inventory: Lighter, Fishing Rod*

Step 12
– Use the Fishing Rod on the pool, grab the Yellow Paper; drop Fishing Rod
*Inventory Lighter, Yellow Paper*

Step 13
– Go to the side of the pool with the staircase; go up and into the room.
*Inventory: Lighter, Yellow Paper*

Step 14
– Grab Purple Paper.
*Inventory: Lighter, Purple Paper, Yellow Paper*

***Aka Manto will enter, or be close to entering Phase 2 if not already.***


Step 15 (WARNING! This is where you will be dropping the Lighter!)
– Go to the bench with the Watering Can; Drop Lighter for Watering Can; fill Watering Can at Pool.
*Inventory: Full Watering Can, Purple Paper, Yellow Paper*

Step 16
– Go up the stairs to 3rd floor; go to Library; use Watering Can on Seeds; Drop Watering Can, grab Coin.
*Inventory: Coin, Purple Paper, Yellow Paper*

Step 17
– Go through vents to Lighter room; drop Purple Paper and Yellow Paper by Shrine Door.
*Inventory: Coin* *5 of 7 Papers collected*

Step 18
– Go to Switch Room, flip Lever 1.

Step 19
– Go back to Lighter Room vent; go straight through Fan; drop Coin in Well; grab Blue Paper from Well.
*Inventory: Blue Paper*

Step 20
– Go drop the Paper by Shrine Door; go flip Lever 3 again.
*Inventory: Nothing!* *6 of 7 Papers collected*

Step 21
– Go to 3rd floor through vents; go to Library; grab Talisman from the drawer.
*Inventory: Talisman*

Step 22
– Go around to the stairs to Floor 2; Retrieve Lighter from Pool Area; grab Coin from bench at back of Pool Area.
*Inventory: Lighter, Talisman, Coin*

Step 23
– Go to Floor 1; open Shrine Door with Talisman; grab Coin from drawer.
*Inventory: Lighter, Coin, Coin*

Step 24
– Go to Floor 2 bathroom with Acid Toilet. Drop Lighter; grab Coin.
*Inventory: Coin, Coin, Coin*

Step 25
– Go to Floor 3; go to Kitchen; use Coins on Vending Machine; grab Koppe and Pan.
*Inventory: Koppe, Pan*

Step 26
– Go around to staircase by Library; go up and around to the Girl at entrance to Roof Area; give Koppe; give Pan; open entrance to Roof Area; grab Green Paper.
*Inventory: Green Paper* *7 of 7 Papers collected*

Step 27
– Go through Anatomy Area to Shrine Room; place all Papers in Shrine; grab Katana; Kill Aka Manto.

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