Alien Hominid HD: “Mad Hatter” Achievement Guide

In this guide you will learn how to get all the hats in this game! 31 hat in total! (This guide will get updated with pics!)


Hats are available from the start

No Hat

Baseball Cap


Viking Hat

Vietnamese Hat

Indian Feather

Hats for completing levels (any difficulty!)

Crown of Flowers

Finish level 1-1.

Top Hat

Finish level 1-1.

Blonde Wig

Finish level 1-2.

Brown Wig

Finish level 1-3.

Chef Hat

Finish level 1-3.

Red Bandana

Finish level 1-4.


Finish level 1-5.

KGB Agent Hat

Finish level 2-1.

Brown Patchy Cap

Finish level 2-2.


Finish level 2-2.

Daisy Petal Hat

Finish level 2-3.

Prisoner Cap

Finish level 3-1.

Area 51 Agent Hat

Finish level 3-2.

Hats for completing levels (hard mode!) (no pics yet, will update!)


Finish level 2-2 on hard!

Private Eye

Finish level 3-2 on hard!

Jesters Hat

Finish level 3-4 on hard!

Short Brown Hair

Finish level 3-5 on hard! Jump off the ship before the screen fades away!

Hats for destroying specific buildings!

Pirate Hat

Destroy “Hairy Mommy Daycare” building in level 1-1.

Fairytale Princess Hat

Destroy “Castle of Crap” building in level 1-3.

Rooster Hat

Level 1-4, leave your tank and destroy the building with The Behemoth logo on it (little chicken).

Jheri Curls

Destroy “Fish are like Plants” building in level 1-4.

Other specific hats!

Brown Hat

Kill at least 7 birds in level 2-5.

Nurse Cap

Reach the boss in level 3-5 (just reach the boss, you don’t have to kill him to get that hat).

Yellow Shark Fin

Level 2-4, before riding the vehicle you must dig into the ground and wait until your character suffocates.


Level 1-4, you must destroy helicopter without losing your tank.

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