Alisa: All Notes + Extra Lore Item Locations

Need the achievement for all notes, or maybe you missed some items of lore interest? This guide covers it all, while avoiding story specific spoilers (some gameplay adjustment is needed, beware!)


This guide will mostly be a slideshow of images, to show you all those note locations for the achievement, however, since they are rich with story details, I decided to add a separate extra section in the end for optional items (not notes) for some juicy story detail and world building.

I made some effort to try and show the locations in chronological order (required notes only) but due to the level design, you may uncover these in a different order, and speaking of order, you have to pay extra heed when you tread the underground / aquatic sections of the game, as it’s possible to cancel a note if you play in wrong order (therefore aquatic section, is the only section I will provide you with map indicators to avoid this mistake.)

Now I will not cover any of the story content found within them, and I even made effort to take screenshots of these locations with the environment as intact as possible, to minimize any spoilers found from the locations. I will also keep map as uncharted as possible, as I think the camera angles and locales of the game are quite distinct from one another. I don’t believe you will have a hard time pinpointing a rough estimate location without map data for most of these.

Keep in mind when you uncover notes that you need a specific gameplay altered run to grab all of them (the achievement requires you get all of them in a single run) if you had plans to do multiple achievements during the same run, it’s not possible for all of them, from the top of my head these ones will have to be canceled for a NG+ run: Hidden NPC Rescue, All Modifications, Fishing won’t be possible.

Be careful! You will need this specific item to grab all those notes, so hold onto it!

All Notes

Let’s get to it! This Alisa (who gained too much insight) will now stand in the pickup spots for all notes. Remember to keep that Edmiston’s Teeth Stone handy, and take extra care what you do in the Aquatic / Underground sections (There will be text and extra images to help you out.)












12. Now please note the 5 set of images in Aquatic / Underground sections, entering incorrect areas first will skip a note!

Aquatic Maze 12.1

Aquatic Maze 12.2 (leads to 12.5) There is only one Note in this Maze section

Aquatic Maze 12.3

Aquatic Maze 12.4 it’s safe to enter this area for sketching!

Aquatic Maze 12.5 after you take the right turn, alongside the wall, check map dot in 12.3

13. Please Note Aquatic Maze 12.1 Image first, before you enter!


15.1 Now you have to use that Teeth Stone Edmiston sells you, you did save it did you?

15.2 Beyond the Door (there’s more items here than shown, I failed my timing for this one, too many hits to the head.)





There’s some debate if these next 2 are needed, but regardless, these are Notes, and there is no harm in reading them.



That should be all folks! I will be hard pressed if you don’t get the Achievement at this point, if you don’t you either skipped one of these, or didn’t get them in the same run. At the time of writing this, I can confirm all the Achievements to be attainable, so I’m not aware of any bugs.

Extra Lore

Now the next section is a very short listing of Items with Lore interest, these are mainly at the start of the game, with one exception right at the end of the game, I don’t want to spill the beans so to speak, so I will leave these partly uncovered, you have to discover these yourself for better immersion.

At the start of the game you can open the start menu, take a loot into your items!

Soon after that I suggest you take a look around, like Jean-François (yeah that guy with the toothpick!) you should look for clues in the area, before you follow the tracks JF found.

Did you find anything of interest?

Now when you head over to the town, and it’s time to look for more clues, try and find some pictures when you enter a house, you should be able to find them before JF says “I leave you to it then”

Makes you really wonder who the house owner is? 🤔

Okay, fast forwarding here, and I’m sure most notice this one, but make sure to read the description when you find this oddity. It’s very interesting!


Special Thanks

Special credit to Zack Vermillion, for whatever was found in that bush! 👀 (can’t believe I missed it first time around, and that was before all the hits to my head!)

Bonus Meme Reference, Don’t Check Because Spoilery


Who are you anyway???

-One of your fans!

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