Almost My Floor: Elevator Puzzle Set in a Hurry

In a hurry? Don’t want to go through the puzzle?
okay cool, here is the solution without explanation.
But I recommend doing it you’re self, just for the thrill of it.


Cut the wires in the following order

1 –

Green wire on the right

2 –

Blue wire on the right

3 –

Pink wire

4 –

Blue wire on the left

5 –

Green wire on the Left

Button Combination

Select two nearby buttons and find a key furthest from it

Don’t quote me on this one, I clicked it like a mad man and it worked lol

Create a path for the power to go through

Well, this one’s a bit letdown, a pretty kiddish simple puzzle.
I wish they replaced it with something a bit more serious like the first one and increase the bomb’s timer.

The solution – As the name suggests creating paths for the three-pronged power from left to right.

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