Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Room Quality and Attractiveness Explained

Are you tired of making Common quality rooms and can’t for the life of you figure out how to increase a room’s Quality and Attractiveness? Than this is the guide for you!



The purpose of this guide is to explain the factors that determine a room’s quality and a room’s attractiveness, they are not mutually exclusive however you can easily end up compromising a room’s quality trying to improve its attractiveness, which can be incredibly confusing since it’s a poorly explained concept.

By the end of this guide you should be able to turn a bad room that damages the mood of people inside of it:

into a room that provides a +40 mood buff to everyone inside of it:

Room Quality

Now this is where things get difficult, room quality is determined by the highest tier item or furniture in the room reduced by items of a lower tier, I don’t know the exact formula but I do know how it works.

This is a wooden room with a spirit stone bed (tier 6) inside of it, as you can see, the quality of the room shot up from bare-bones when it was empty, to refined. But, if you add additional furnishings and items to try and get a luxurious rating, the rating will not change unless the items have a tier higher or lower than the bed. You cannot achieve a higher room quality simply by spamming same-tiered items since as mentioned previously, room quality is based off of the highest tier item in the room.

If any additional items have different tiers, than the room quality will change accordingly, items that are lower tier than the highest tier item in the room will drag the room quality down until it matches what the room quality would be with just that tier of item, and vice versa. High tier items will try to increase the quality up to the same threshold but will not go beyond that.

Here you can see that I put a marble lamp and a marble screen in the room to boost the attraction a bit, as a result of the tier difference, the room has dropped to common quality. Marble is a tier 2 material whereas spirit stone is tier 6, the larger the discrepancy between tiers, the more severe the quality effect.

This room has the best room quality attainable due to the Sacred Relic (tier 12) item on the floor, since there isn’t a building material in the game high enough to make a room luxurious on its own, you need to place tier 12 items in the room itself and then build the room around that, since you’re going to be furnishing the room with lower tier materials you either need a large amount of tier 12 items, OR you use multi-tile decorations.

Room Attractiveness

Thankfully, room attractiveness is significantly easier to obtain and calculate.

Room attractiveness is determined by adding together all of the attractiveness generated by the walls, flooring, and furnishings in the room, which you can see by mousing over them.

You can floor a room with any material, the tier does not matter at all, flooring of any kind adds a considerable amount of attractiveness to any room, you should always floor your rooms unless doing so would screw with your feng shui, in which case you should use spirit stone or spirit crystal flooring.

The walls and doors of this room are made out of spirit stone, their tier is completely irrelevant, what IS relevant is their attractiveness. The bed in the room is made out of spirit crystals since they produce 13 attractiveness vs spirit stone’s 9, the lamp is made out of spirit stone, and hidden behind that red overlay is a sacred relic which produces 15 attractiveness.

Seems simple right? That’s because it is, boosting attractiveness alone is as easy as flooding a room with decorations and keeping it clean, what is substantially less simple however, is keeping a room luxurious AND magnificent. As mentioned previously, room quality is set by the highest tier item in the room, which is then reduced by all other item tiers below that tier in the same room, barring walls, doors, and flooring.

So how do you make a room luxurious and magnificent without burning a hole in your mini-universe’s resource pocket? Multi-tile decorations.

Luxurious and Magnificent Rooms.

The name of the game here is multi-tile furnishings, instead of filling your barracks with single beds, fill it with double beds, instead of using vases and censors, use 4 tile cauldrons and 2 tile screens.

Furniture that takes up multiple tiles seems to provide attractiveness on a per-tile basis, as in, each tile of a 4 tile cauldron produces attractiveness individually BUT the tier reducing effect of the cauldron is only calculated once, you’re effectively getting four decorations for the price of one lower tier decoration.

Do not do this, the walls are made out of wood so you need more decorations to boost the + 2 you get from each wall, but even with 2 tier 12 sacred relics the room is firmly stuck at refined instead, you replace the bed with a double bed and replace those decorations with multi-tile counterparts.

Just like that, we’ve turned a low quality, devastated, wooden room into a luxurious, magnificent bedroom with spirit stones and 2 tier 12 sacred relics.

Usually you won’t need to do that, this is typically overkill since higher tier wall material provides more attractiveness, like some rooms start at magnificent while empty for example. Spirit wood and Spirit crystal rooms will start at magnificent attractiveness with flooring meaning you won’t have to screw around with getting the right balance of quality to attractiveness.

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