American Truck Simulator: How to Teleport

ATS – This guide is used to move the truck wherever you want!



  • This guide is very useful especially to complete objectives such as taking pictures or even seeing the viewpoints, and very useful to complete some sections of the map!
  • This Method looks a little confusing but after using it a few times it starts to get more intuitive and easy to use!

1 – American Truck Simulator Folder!

  • First go to ”Documents” then open the ”American Truck Simulator” folder!

2 – Locate and Open the File!

  • Find the file named ”config.cfg”
  • Open with NotePad or WordPad!

3 – Edit the File!

  • Locate the line – uset g_developer “0” and – uset g_console “0” and change the value from “0” to “1” save and close the file!
  • Line – uset g_developer “0” to “1”

  • Line – uset g_console “0” to “1”

4 – Activate Free Camera Mode!

  • Now in Game with Truck on the Road!
  • On the keyboard Press number 0 above the letters!
  • There will be a view from under the truck!

5 – Move to the location you want!

  • Use the Mouse to move the camera and the Wheel to increase or decrease the speed!
  • Use the Number Pad keys on the right to move where you want ex. 8 forwards and 5 backwards!
  • I usually just use the Nº8 key to move forward and with the mouse i direct where i want to go!

6 – Activate new Truck Position!

  • Go where you want and bring the camera closer to the road
  • Press Ctrl + F9 to complete the teleportation!
  • Now press the button for your indoor or outdoor camera and you’re good to go!

Automatic City Teleported Mode!

  • Press the \ Symbol next to Nº1 above the letters!
  • A Command Box will open, then write where you want to go for ex. goto vegas and press enter!
  • Don’t need to write the whole City name, only if there are identical names!

Tips and Suggestions!

  • Try to avoid using Teleport at night until you are fully adapted!
  • Use the Navigation Map to avoid getting lost!
  • If get lost for some reason, just press a key with your indoor or outdoor camera!
  • This method cannot be used when you have an Active External Contract, World of Trucks!

By Miguel

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