Among Ass: 100% Achievement Guide

Simple guide on how to 100% this “game”.


Easy And Simple Achievements

Killer– simply start a new round as the imposter and kill another character

Renovation Beginner– walk up to a panel and spam space

One Lonely– start a game with only the player

Well-Coordinated team– while you’re in your singleplayer game, go around and repair half of the ship. can be skipped as you will get this in natural progression

Look don’t Slip– if you click on your abilities (FART), you can cycle through abilities and you’ll see one with a poop mine. equip it and use it on an imposter

Fart with ease in the guts– equip the default fart ability and use it in a singleplayer lobby until it pops

Real Flex– just enabke recardo mode and start a game

Boss of the GYM– turn on gachi mode and kill a guy as imposter

Lots Of– start a game with 4 local players and 10 bots

Not So Fast– go up to a fixed panel and break it while playing as imposter

Was Not an Imposter– there’s a “doorway” at the very bottom of the map. walk through it and get jumpscared

Can’t hold a meeting here?– go up to the table and act like you’re going to hold a meeting


I recommend doing the speedrun challenge first. Figure out your route, memorize the map. Doing this first will make the rest of the challenges pretty easy. By far the best ability in the game is the one that has you repairing panels twice as fast. It’s strongly recommended that you use this always.

Speedrun– Complete the game in under 200 seconds. An AHK script makes this even easier. I’ll have one below

Oxygen Starvation– This one is dead easy. In the cafe where you spawn, there’s a med panel. Simply wedge yourself between the panel and the wall, and replenish your oxygen until time is up.

SciFI Horror Heroes– This one is pretty easy after completing the speedrun challenge. Start a normal game with 10 regular bots, 1 impostor, and 4 local characters. Control player 2 (arrow keys and Numpad 0 to control) and put him behind the med panel. He’s your backup in case you die. Run around and repair everything, it’s very rare that too many players get eliminated before it’s complete.

What the darkness hides– This one has you repairing the ship blind with an impostor chasing you around. Start a game with 2 local characters and one impostor bot. Put player 2 behind the med panel as seen above, and then get to repairing. If you die, use player 2 to finish it up.

Slippy Floor– This one can get annoying but it’s still pretty easy. There’s landmines all over, and i’m pretty sure they spawn in the same spots every time. Use the same 2 player strategy as seen before, taking control of P2 if you die. The impostor doesn’t get affected by the landmines.

Here’s an example of the Med Panel strategy (First discovered by Bron99)


Just paste this into a new AHK script. Run as Administrator. You’ll have to hold space when you’re up at a task and it doesn’t work perfectly but it definitely gets the job done. Press f8 to toggle on/off, will spam the menu if it’s still on.
toggle = 0
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2

Toggle := !Toggle
While Toggle{
SendInput {Space}
sleep 30

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