Animallica: Where to find the Dinosaur Bones

A guide to help you find all the Dinosaur Bones – Click on an image to enlarge it if you cannot see enough detail


First bone is right at the start in the medical bay on top of a cupboard 

Corpse Harbor
From the main town head over to the Giant Oak, in the screenshot it is the faded tree under the cursor in the centre of the shot The Dinosaur bone is just by the smaller rock pile right by the tree

Land Base
Head out of Land Base by the front gate and head down to the bridge on the coast where there is a land bridge partially underwater leading to the small town
Follow the land bridge until you can see a wooden walkway, the dinosaur bone is lying in a patch of white sand just before you reach the walkway (just by the shadow of the horses head in this shot)

Once you arrive at Greenhills walk up the pathway to the top of the stepping stones in the hillside, at the top look to your right and you should see a yellow stone building in the treesJust beyond that building are some large grey rocks surrounding a pit with a ladder leading downClimb to the bottom and the dinosaur bone is at the back of the cave

Amber Hills – 2 bones
This is the only biome that has TWO dinosaur bones hidden in it.
The one closest to the balloon is hidden in a cave, from the town head up the hill to the rocky peak shown at the centre of this shot

Be careful the cave might be occupied! The entrance is on the far side of the rocks from the town and the bone is on the floor near a green chest

Head over to the castle which is North of the balloon and easy to find as there is a horse there so you can track the icon on the radar (unless you moved it)
Go to the left side of the castle where there is a fishing hut and a wooden bridge and cross the bridge
Turn Left at the castle gate and walk between the castle wall and the water, the bone is just by a willow tree

Akhali Desert
West of the balloon is a tower on top of a pile of rocks near a village (there are other towers but only this one is on top of a rock pile) shown at the centre of the next screenshot
and with a zoomed in view in this shot for more clarity
You will have to climb/jump up the rocks and reach the top for the bone

Red Mountains
If you head downhill to the North of the balloon you’ll come to a small farmstead
Next shot is zoomed in so you can see the farm in more detail
If you head along the path to the right of the farm there is a lootable palm tree and the dinosaur bone is right next to it

For this one you need to head North along the coast from the balloon until you come to the large fancy temple structure on top of the hill
If you look downhill still sorta North you should see the blue of some water, head towards it
The bone is on a small mound and usually has 3 geese near it, you may have to run around a bit to see it as it easily gets hidden by the raised ground

This bone is in a crater near the balloon but you will have to kill the mutants first so be careful
Once you have disposed of them the bone is lying on a small mound in the water (at the tip of the rifle if you having trouble seeing it) Mutant spawner left in for reference lol

You will need to take out all the soldiers here as they are LETHAL, a sniper rifle is recommended and you need to clear your way to the ship
The bone is actually underneath the ship

Arpashi – the head
Yep! Arpashi!!
This is the one that had me stumped for ages
From the balloon run to the large rock formation between the 2 ruined towers and head to the right
Follow the rock wall round anti clockwise and the head is near the back

Finally the whole thing
You will need the Art Station in order to put your dinosaur pieces together
Then you are ready to scare the pants off those noisy neighbours!
I hope you found this guide useful, please leave a like if you did and remember to have fun.
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