Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Kyra’s Romance Guide

Kyra is the Spartan Rebellion leader who lives on the Silver Islands in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The game allows you to flirt with this character. This section includes the information where to find Kyra and what steps to take to start a romance and sleep with Kyra.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Kyra’s Romance Guide

Step 1 – Meeting Kyra for the first time

You already should have heard about the problems of Silver Islands rebels from Barnabas while traveling around the in-game world onboard the ship. Barnabas informs you about receiving a message from the rebels calling for help. A new side quest will be unlocked – Trouble in Paradise.

Silver Islands are located east from Attika and the Isle of Keos. This archipelago comprises Delos and Mykonos. In order to meet Kyra, you need to sail your ship all the way to Mykonos. After you do so, reach the marker on the edge of the island. This will start another conversation with Barnabas.

Barnabas will give you clues regarding the rebel hideout. Kyra and other rebels are stationed inside the Porphyrion Cave shown in the screenshot 1. Upon reaching this location the first conversation with Kyra will launch automatically (screenshot 2).

After the Meeting is over, follow Kyra to the camp, where you have to get rid of a group of Athenians.

Step 2 – Complete series of quests assigned by Kyra

After you kill all Athenians, a conversation with Kyra and Thaletas will start automatically. Return with them to the rebel hideout (right after you finish looting the battleground).

During the conversation in the cave agree with Kyra. Now, you have to complete several side quests assigned by her.

Note – Agreeing with Kyra is the first serious step towards a romance with her. However, you will block a potential romance with Thaletas. If you want to check both romances, it is advisable to create a separate manual save game before returning to the rebel’s hiding place.

When completing the Kyra with a Cause quest, meet Kyra by the Temple of Artemida and then take up the task of destroying all Athenians’ war supplies on the Isle of Delos.

After you complete this quest and Kyra returns, you will have the first Chance to select a dialogue option marked with a heart icon (screenshot above). Your character will express the desire to spend some time with Kyra.

Return to the rebels’ cave and accept the Bleeding Hearts and Stolen Money side quest from Kyra. At the beginning of the conversation, yet again select the dialogue option marked with a heart icon. When completing the new quest your task is to loot the nation chest at Fort Miltiades. After you and Kyra get near the fort (she will not enter the perimeter, so you do not have to protect her) locate the nation chest with the help of your eagle and steal the gold hidden inside it.

After you successfully rob Athenians, return to Kyra. Once more, select the dialogue option marked with a heart icon and then select any option from the list. Kyra will kiss the main protagonist.

Step 3 – Hunting and meeting with Kyra on the beach

Once again, return to the cave where the rebels are hiding. This time, conversation with Kyra will start the Goddess of the Hunt side quest. Reach the Altar of Artemis and talk to Kyra. Follow her to the goat hunting place. Shoot several goats with your bow to continue.

After you kill enough goats, you will start another conversation. Select the option marked with a heart icon to express the desire of going with Kyra to the beach.

After you reach the beach, you can sleep with Kyra twice. During the first dialogue, select the option marked with the heart icon. During the second conversation, you can react in any way as to whether tell Thaletas about this romance.

Step 4 – Epilogue

Kyra’s plotline doesn’t end after the meeting on the beach. Two new side quests have been added on Mykonos. Their quest markers will appear one after another.

“M” for Murder is a quest given to you by a beggar. During the course of this quest you learn that Podarkes was Kyra’s father. Go back to the rebels’ cave and choose the option to tell her about that in private.

A Night to Remember is a quest during which you will part your ways with the people of this island. You are forced to kill Thaletas in a duel on the beach. After that you can accompany Kyra at her father’s ritual. You will also have the option to tell her how to live.

Do not speak with Barnabas right after you go back in the village. Instead, you should talk with Kyra for the last time (the picture 1 – a magnifying glass icon is above her head). You can tell her the truth by saying that Thaletas is dead. Kyra will get mad at you. The second option allows you to lie to her – by doing that you will part your ways as friends.

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