Atrio The Dark Wild: How to Cleare your Hotbar

A quick guide on how to change or clear your hot bar as guidance is currently missing in-game.


Hotbar Hell!

We’ve all been here, and 5 slots isn’t much to work with and the tool tip doesn’t offer much guidance as of yet.

However, all’s not lost for even in this dark land there is a way! We are saved from only being able to change one slot. Yes, Employee #3123 can do this:

Organized Efficiency

Just how do we tackle the mess of our hot bars though?

The first step is to right-click on any of the slots on the bar, this will open up the Equip Items and the slot you clicked will be highlighted red. This will be the slot you will be swapping the item in or clearing.

To clear the selected slot, left click an empty inventory slot in the Equip Items screen. To change the item in the selected slot, left click the new item in the Equip Items screen.

In order to change which slot you are working with, while the Equip Items screen is open you need to left click the slot on the hotbar (pressing the number key for the bar doesn’t work at the time of writing this guide)

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