Azure Striker Gunvolt: Easy S+/SS Strategy (Normal Difficulty)

Strategy for getting easy S+/SS ranks on Normal difficulty to make clearing the S+ requirement Challenges simpler.


What You Need First

. two Adrenaline Lens, or preferably two Adrenaline Lens+.
. Lethal Lavaliere+.
. Voltaic Chains (reach Level 40).
. Septimal Surge (reach Level 65).

The Strategy

. have everything in the previous section of the guide equipped.

. start the stage you want, but do NOT use Gutless difficulty. This is doable on Gutless, but the score you receive is much lower and may make things harder for no reason.

. reach a group of 3-4+ enemies, activate Septimal Surge, and hope that it does not cost anything to use (this is due to how the two Adrenaline Lense+ stack their effects and give you a 50% change for a free Skill use).

. if Septimal Surge activates with no cost, then use Voltaic Chains on the group of enemies. You should score and bank a large amount of Kudos all in one move. The reason you want to do this with Septimal Surge is due to how it increases your attack AND the amount of Kudos you earn at the same time.

. do this 2-4 times in a stage (depending on the stage), and you’ll have that S+/SS rank easily.

. beat the stage relatively quickly to earn the 1.5x multiplier. Lethal Lavaliere+ gives you even more score just for having it equipped during the entire stage (just don’t touch spikes or lava since they are 1-hit kills now).

. extra: since you earn so much Kudos with this, you can use Checkpoints as many times as you like until the 50% free Septimal Surge occurs. Just hit Pause, then click Retry, and you’ll be able to try as many times as you want. Don’t worry too much about getting other multi-kill combos and focus more on doing things fast for the Time Bonus.

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