Backrooms: Escape Together – Level 0 Guide (How to Beat it)

Tips to help you beat Level 0.



1) Your objectives can be found by pressing TAB.
2) Objectives will change every time you respawn.
3) Collecting VHS tapes will always be 1/3 of the objectives.
4) The map seems to change each time you respawn.

Some objectives could be (there could be more):

  • Record the Bacteria during a Blackout
  • Record the Pitfalls during a Blackout
  • Record a Smiler on the Pitfalls
  • Record the Bacteria

Objectives will automatically be ticked off when you have completed them.


1) There will be VHS tapes scattered across the whole of this level for you to find. Press F on the VHS tape to pick it up. You must collect all VHS tapes. This is the only objective that remains the same each time.

2) During this time, you might either encounter a Blackout or an Alarm. Try your best to remember where small holes in the wall are so you can run into them when this happens. These holes in the wall are your best friend.

3) You can record the Bacteria during a Blackout or an Alarm (for objective) whilst inside one of the holes in the wall. Just be careful on being exposed, the Bacteria can kill you if you stay at the entrance. You can also record the Bacteria whilst inside the elevator at the start.

4) Blackouts will make the Bacteria come find you instantly whilst also enabling Smilers. If you see a Smiler, do not walk into it. Run the other direction or around it. Run into a hole in the wall or an elevator. Wait until the lights are back on (and you cannot hear the Bacteria) to exit again.

5) Alarms will also make the Bacteria come find you instantly. Hide in the wall if you can. With full stamina, you have a high chance of finding a hole in the wall.

6) It’s easy to be caught out in the open if a Blackout or Alarm is going off. Save your stamina for when you need it to outrun the Bacteria or an event.

7) This level might take a bit of time so take it easy. Hide for a couple of minutes to be certain the Bacteria isn’t near to you. Your screen will shake when the Bacteria is close to you along with making lots of noise. Wait until this stops before you exit again. Whistling will attract the Bacteria towards you.

8) Pitfalls are dangerous so try not to fall. Take your time walking across the beams. Smilers can appear on the Pitfalls during Blackouts.
I’ve walked along the Pitfalls during Blackouts and Alarms and so far haven’t had a problem with the Bacteria getting me (I could be wrong, so only cross them during an event if you absolutely have to)

10) There is a section on the Pitfalls you cannot walk on. Don’t make that mistake.

11) All objectives must be completed in order for you to unlock the exit.

12) Once all objectives are completed, you must run back to the elevator for the exit. Make sure to press F on the buttons of the elevator to close the doors.



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