Banana Shooter: All Achievements Guide

Guide to every Achievement currently in Banana Shooter (Currently there is 30 achievements)


Play Banana Shooter for the first time

How to get it
Play Banana for the first time
Launch the game.

Kill Achievements

How to get it
Die for the first time.
This is a betray
Kill your friend from your steam friends list
I am a noob
Just die 100 times, you’ll unlock it from playing the game
Welcom to banana
Get 1000 kills by also playing the game a lot
Get a 100 kills with an AL48 (AK47), you should unlock this easily
Thunder King
It’s pretty hard to get 100 kills with taser, but you can get a friend to help you with this achievement or play in public servers
You can get a headshot with BWP normally or ask a friend to help you to get this achievement
Bad Guy
Kill someone for the first time.
Sky Eye
You can headshot someone 100m away on public servers, but it’s situational so I recommend you bring your friend and pick water map and tell your friend to go as far away as possible and you can get the achievement 🙂
Can’t play until residual blood
This can happen normally or ask your friend to shoot you and get less 10 HP to get this achievement
The ultimate old skin
You need to get 69 kills to get the achievement, you can do this 2 ways either you bhop (ctrl and space timing) or ask your friend to help you get the achievement (also Banana knife counts for achievement)
Immediately breathe back blood after killing a person
Crazy upgrade
You need to get 15 kills in total without dying, but you can lower it to 11 by replacing one upgrade with dash (If you haven’t done it already) and if it’s still pretty hard for you to do it normally in public servers, try asking your friend to help so you could get this achievement
BBQ’s Sniper
Either kill 100 players in public servers or ask a friend to help you get the achievement
Electric eel
Not only that you have to kill someone with the taser, but you also have to kill someone underwater, but the best way to do it is to pick either classic pool or water map (or any other map that has water in it) and ask your friend to go underwater and get the achievement
Banana Fight
You need to kill 100 players with banana gun, but you can do it in public servers very easily
Gun Game
Getting kills with every single gun (including ultimate weapons) in 1 match is hard, but I recommend 1-2 friends and ask them to move a little bit after they die so that spawn invincibility runs out and spam space to respawn faster and change guns in armory mid game and to change ultimate weapons go to armory then upgrades and click on 4th slot and change to other ultimate weapon you haven’t used yet.
Grapple Killer
You need to grapple onto blue square things with right click and then shoot someone to death, but grapple points aren’t in all of the maps, except for (indoor and some other maps), you can ask your friend to help you to get this achievement
Explosive Entrance
You need to spam Q (or any other keybind you set in controls) with the grenade at the start of the match and kill someone but, this achievement is heavily based on luck.
Banana Gun?
It’s hard to get 20 kills with banana gun in one match but if you are good enough you can get this achievement in public servers or ask a friend so you can kill him 20 times with the banana gun to get the achievement.

Win Achievements

How to get it
Suck my Banana
You need to win a match once.
I am a rock
Winning a match without hit is litterally impossible in public servers, so ask your friend to join the game then kill him once and tell him to leave, but you have to be the host so you win the game.
Red light green light
Basically the same thing as I am a rock achievement, ask your friend to join and kill him once without moving and then tell your friend to leave and be the host and get the achievement 😀

Misc. Achievements

How to get it
Become Dev
Type CodingDaniel in game, but not in the chat or you can kill him, but that is rarer to get
Go to shooting range then find an empty room with a button on it, press it and you will spawn a robot called jack and you have to kill to get the achievement
Being Expert
You can get the crate randomly, just go into your inventory and open it 🙂
I love banana
You have launch and exit the game 1000 times, that can be quite boring, but you will need to setup a macro for this.
I am good at grappling
It’s hard to do it in public servers, because people are just gonna shoot you down in Indoor map, but you can ask your friend to just afk and you doing the parkour, but if you think it’s hard use the grapple expert perk and here is the video

Secret achievement

How to get it
The Final Acomplishment
You need to get 42069 kills for the achievement and it’s gonna takes a lot of hours to get it. You can check in the main menu, armory and status to see how many kills you got.

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