Batman Arkham Origins: How to Re-Enable Online (Quick Fix)

Short and quick fix to re-enable Batman Arkham Origins Online, no useless walls of text just important stuff, no downloads needed, can personally confirm it works


Useless bit of text

I came to this solution while going through internet so I just wanted to share with you in simple steps since I loved Online in Batman Arkham Origins even though I played just a few matches when it still worked normally back in the days. Here’s a proof I could actually connect to the lobby (didn’t play the game cause I had to wait for more players and, as you can imagine, they didn’t connect since most of people just gave up when they saw the error and didn’t bother looking up for solution I guess).

Also big thank you for reading this, this is my first and probably the only guide. I know there are guides that explain how to enable Online but I tried to make it short and simple. Now onto the solution.

Short, quick and simple solution

1. Open your Batman Arkham Origins local files and go to: Online, BmGame, Config or just (folder in which you’ve got Steam installed)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\Online\BmGame\Config.

2. Now look for a file called DefaultWBIDVars.ini and open it with a notepad.

3. Look for the line BaseUrl (should be the first one).

4. Simply change https to http so the line looks like this:

(It’s not a link. This is how the line should look like. Link in the line won’t lead anywhere just to site with bunch of Fireteam texts and Access Denied prompt when you click and Steam will flag it as a potential risk. Just saying to curious ones.)

5. Save the changes and close notepad.

And that’s all. Now you can fire up Batman Arkham Origins Online without error welcoming you at the beginning and look for the game. Better to find a group of active players because if you look for a public session you’ll probably end up in and empty lobby (saying out of experience).

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