BATTLE BEARS -1: The Void Door Glitch

Have you ever wanted to skip rooms or perhaps fight 2 or 3 mechabearzerkers at once? This is the glitch for you, and this guide shows you what to do.


Introductory Note
Two notes before we begin,
1) This guide is meant for the Windows build of BB-1, not Mac.
2) This appears to only work in the Campaign mode, not Survival.

Step 1 – Timing
To begin, you need to clear a room first in whatever Stage you are in, which means just play through a room as normal and kill all the enemies inside.

After you do that, go to the door to the next area, but DO NOT go through it yet. Instead walk close enough for the door to open, and stay right there.

What you want to do next takes a bit of timing. You need to back up so that way the door will begin to close, then go forward as it closes so it will open and show you a black void on the other side of the door instead of whatever room there is.

It does not matter is the door sucks you in and kills you or if it won’t let you enter at all, just stay right next to the door (if it kills you, it will spawn you next to the still black door, so don’t worry). The first step of this glitch is complete.

Step 2 – Quitting and Resuming
This step, while self-explanatory, still is just as important as the others. All you need to is:
Press Esc.
Click the grey button labeled QUIT.
Click the green button labeled YES.
Click the text labeled RESUME.
You’re done. Now we can see the result in action.

Step 3 – The Result
So, depending on where you are in your campaign stage, different things will happen.
If the next room you go to should spawn huggables, it will be completely cleared when you enter. No turrets, huggables, nothing. You can go right on to the next if you wish!

If the next room you are in is a boss room, you can walk in and out at will, allowing for some interesting results, such as spawning multiple Mechabearzerkers. I’ll leave you to have fun with that.

Keep in mind that you will need to perform the Void Door Glitch every time you wish the skip a room, so if you need to do it multiple times, keep that in mind. Make sure you get that timing down!

By Pizza Fueled Nightmare

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