Bawdy Traditions Walkthrough with All Maps

Here is a full walkthrough with all maps in Bawdy Traditions.

Note: This walkthrough was created by Dark Anu. the latest version of the game is 0.7.3b.


Bawdy Traditions Walkthrough

Green apples
Guys southeast
East lake
When husband leaves her alone …
1. Go to the bar
2. Talk to the photographer for a photo session
3. Go to the hot springs
4. Talk to the photographer for a new photo session
5. Talk to Alexa
6. When Johan returns talk to the photographer for a new photo session
7. Walk in direction of hot springs but this time you will find a angry old man, talk to him… his son is a drunk guy in southeast of town, talk with him, go to grocery “General goods” and click on the wooden box then return this to the old angry dad.

1. Go to police station and talk with the prisioner.
2. Go to cloth store and talk to merchant after that go to fitting room.
3. Return to Inn and go to bed, wait until the night (yes)… go out and talk with the group near the park (down of the poster) after that go to Inn and Sleep. So, in the next day go to grocery “General goods” and by some liquors. Return to Inn and wait until the night (yes)… go out and talk the group again.
4. Walk into the festival place (west of hot springs) talk with the guy two times, return to Inn and go to sleep.
5. When Johan wake up talk with Leyna and go to festival.

1. In the festival you can choose two options eat fruit or not (if you eat more corruption and Leyna will have sex with stragers or not eat less corruption.)
2. Cassino/lottery (Automatic)
3. Enter in the park (Center of festival)
4. Go to the tent food next to the entrance to the festival.
if Leyna eat fruit then scene with Worker’s Son
else kick Guy away
5. Go to massage parlor (above of the casino)
if Leyna eat fruit then scene with David
else Johan can choose go see Leyna or not (“See her” is a best choice!)
6. When Johan leaves her alone… Go to Photographer and talk about new photoshoot.
7. Go to grocery “General goods” and talk to woman.
8. Go to the bar and talk with bartender
9. Go to the Hot springs and talk to woman about job she will talk about the flower in the festival place (same place where you eat fruit or not)
10. Take all flowers and return to Hot springs (Alexa scene!)
11. After work go outside and you will see Johan in middle of road (automatic)… go to festival place with him.
12. Inside the festval worker will talk about the ritual… the old man will offer you an infusion made with the fruit
Drink ( Open Blowjob scene )
Pretend to drink ( Open Handjob scene )
13. Now you need to find the young man… He is in the park the right side of the house with dragon statue.
Two choices:
Help him:
If Leyna drink infusion then blowjob scene.
else Handjob
end scene.
14. Return to Inn
15. Talk to the group of guys (The same as the liquor quest)
If Leyna Help young guy (Blowjob/Handjob) then he will blackmail her… (Group blowjob scene).
else Johan comes back and… (Penis competition scene).
16. Near the tree talk with Alexa and her husband… Alexa will suggest play a game of hide and seek. Leyna go hide in middle of trees but prisoner appears…
If Leyna fight back she will scape
else Leyna surrender then prisioner will fuck Leyna ( Sex Scene ).


1. After Prisioner Scene she goes to the park to meet Johan, Alexa and her husband… after some alcohol with a villager they go to river/lake… ( Intercrural Scene).
2. Next morning… Go to hotsprings with Johan (Auto)
3. Talk to the photographer:
(I). Do it:
Intervene: Soft and Hard scene (prone fuck)
Say nothing: Hardcore scene / facial
4. Johan gets angry because realizes he’s losing his wife … (WARNING IMPORTANT CHOICE!)
(I). I can’t take the pressure:
Johan think about Leyna and other guy during sex…
(II). NONSENSE! I’ll do my best:
Johan fuck his wife like a horse!
5. Go to the Bar for a beer… and play True or Dare.
(I). Choice Alexa or Leyna:
Different dialogue!
(II). Choice STOP! or …….
Johan gets angry…
If ……… :
Paralyzed Johan watches his wife give a deepthroat for a strange guy….


After this go to hotsprings! Leyna will remember the last time she work in the hotsprings…
Go back to the bar and talk to barman for a waitress job.
Johan and alexa scene:
(I). Go with alexa:
Johan fuck this hot skinny girl…
(II). No
Johan go back to the Inn
As Leyna go to the bar again and talk to barman
(I) I will work like this:
agree to work with exposed breasts the exposure makes Leyna horny then she accept sit on the lap of the young villager
(II) No, I can’t do it:
disagree to work with exposed breasts then she refuse sit on the lap of the young villager but he has a dirty plan.
(a). Keep still
Leyna keep looking at dick hard
(b). nope
She left…
As Johan go to the bar looking for Leyna, but leyna is not here. Johen decides stay for a beer and a villager start talk to him.
Go back to the Inn.
After Leyna solo scene, as Johan go to Inn and talk to Innkeeper about a package.
Go out and meet Leyna the barman will appear and say for Leyna work as waitress at festival.
In the festival click on the tent next to Leyna ( sparkles):
(a). Resist
Kick his balls
(b). it feels so good
Anal scene


Go to exit festival for change clothes:
(a). Go with current clothing.
Guys will fuck Leyna in the party
(b). Change clothes.
Layna will dance very drunk and top less
Alexa and Johan:
(a). Fuck Alexa
Alexa ride Johan
(b). I can’t do it
In the map with the sword go left, Johan will meet Leyna and Alexa on the square bench.
Go to the River/Lake… (Enter)
Go to the photographer (Okay let’s do it)
(a). Say nothing
threesome cockold scene
(b). Hey
Johan stops everything, Leyna is his wife!!!
If you choose (a) Johan will be mad with Leyna because she had fun with the villagers.
If you choose (b) Johan will be mad with the guys.


Bawdy Traditions All Maps

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