Best 15 Mods (15 Cars Included)

Some of the best and my personal favourite BeamNG Mods! Contains 15 Cars.

Made by a bored person




Since a lot of people ask for the cars I use in my screenshots I’ve decided to make a guide on the vehicles I use!

This guide contains 2 sections: The Official BeamNG Website mods and Modland mods. The guide is split into these 2 categories because Modland can contain harmful files in some mods so use at your own risk!

BeamNG Website Mods

Below contains all the mods on the official BeamNG website

1976 Ibishu Claria

Mod Link:

  • High quality mod
  • Various parts
  • 15 Configurations

“Great for long road trips!”

Ford Crown Victoria

Mod Link:

  • Great model
  • Perfect for police chases
  • 34 configurations


Hoonicorn V2

Mod link:

  • Driven by a legend
  • Great for drifting
  • Great for rally racing
  • 9 Configurations

“Driven by a legend”

Bugatti Chiron

Mod Link:

  • Very fast
  • High quality
  • 23 Configurations
  • Some parts

“I wonder which gentlemen owns this car?”

HelTom Fab SS3 DualSport Offroad Buggy

Mod Link:

  • Dev Quality Mod
  • PBR
  • Great for the Johnson Valley map
  • 7 Configurations

“Get one for $9.99! (terms and conditions apply)”
(this mod is free btw)

2022 Procyon Centauri

Mod Link:

  • Dev quality mod
  • One of the best SUV mods
  • 20 configurations
  • Adjustable air suspension
  • Great for offroad

“Take the kids to soccer practice”


Mod Links:
Both links needed for mod to function

  • An older BeamNG mod but still good
  • Fun to crash
  • Many configurations
  • Many parts
  • Wagon and sedan variants

“more of a boat than a car”

Gravil Durham

Mod Link:

  • Many different configurations
  • Truck, box truck and flatbed configurations
  • Great for hauling goods and vehicles
  • Tons of liveries to choose from
  • Working flatbed

“Great for hauling Pigeons™!”

Lego Car

Mod Link:

  • Breaks like a lego car
  • Tons of configurations
  • Tons of parts
  • Comes with lego trailer

“Batteries not included”


Below are all the modland vehicles.

⚠️Beware as modland mods could have harmful software! Use at your own risk⚠️

Dodge Challenger

Mod Link:

  • PBR
  • Built in radio
  • Fun to drive and drift
  • 10 configurations

“A modern boat”

Nissan 240SX

Mod Link:

  • 16 Configurations
  • Good Model
  • Great for drifting
  • Great for screenshots

“this car looks tired lol”

Porsche 911 992

Mod Link:

  • High quality mod
  • Tons of configurations
  • Great model
  • Fun to cruise and race in

“Great for racing through traffic and colliding into brick walls!”
Map Link:

Lamborghini Countach

Mod Link:

  • One of the best sounding mods that I know of
  • Great model
  • 17 Configurations
  • Decent amount of parts

“Cannonball run reference?!”

Subaru WRX STI

Mod Link:

  • PBR
  • 21 configurations
  • Many parts
  • Customizable body kit

“Great for waking everyone up in the morning!”

Dodge Charger

Mod Link:

  • 20 Configurations
  • PBR
  • Loud but decent engine sound

“Beware of robbers!”

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