Bejeweled 2 Deluxe: All The Unlockable Modes

Yes, this game actually has unlockable modes! Here’s the one guide on Steam that details how to access them.


Twilight Mode
Twilight Mode is identical to Classic Mode, except that the gems alternate between falling down and up with each successful move.

This mode is unlocked by reaching Level 18 in Classic Mode.

Hyper Mode
Hyper Mode is, as you might guess, a faster-paced version of Action Mode where the timer ticks down twice as fast and each successful match increases the point multiplier.

This mode is unlocked by reaching Level 9 in Action Mode.

Cognito Mode
Cognito Mode reprises all of the boards in Puzzle Mode, but now adds a scoring system. Using any hints will forfeit your points for that round.

This mode is unlocked by beating all 80 boards in Puzzle Mode.

Finity Mode
Finity Mode is similar to Action Mode, but tosses in the bombs and rocks from Puzzle Mode as pieces that can drop into the board.

This mode is unlocked by reaching Level 280 in Endless Mode.

Original Mode
Original Mode is, as you might expect, a plain vanilla experience similar to its prequel with no gimmicks or special pieces. It can be accessed at any time by moving your cursor clockwise around the four game mode buttons eight times.

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