Black Book: Walkthrough & Guide

Guide covering basics, skill order, my deck builds, and walkthrough with choices.



The guide is written on the Znatka (normal) difficulty. Higher difficulties will increase enemy damage, health enemy status and roubles award.

Before getting started, you will want to first make sure “Add new words to the storage bypassing the deck” is checked. If it is not, newly acquired words will be added to you current deck and will likely mess up your build. Go to Settings > Game. Make sure “Add new words to the storage bypassing the deck” is checked.

Note, that fighting more enemies grants more roubles and XP. In general, you will want to choose battle as an option to gain more experience. Be careful with choosing always battle as you may lose out on encyclopedia / bailichka if those were awarded for choosing another option (only relevant if you were trying to get everything in one run).

If you are looking to get the achievements related to Encyclopedia entries or Bailichka or Songs. There will be the relevant icon next to the name of the location. If you miss it, just reload.

About sin. In general, you will want to limit sin to the 200s overall as it may make the final battle (assuming you don’t agree with Satan at the end) a little harder. Otherwise, sin amount has little affect on the game. To limit sin, you will want to obtain ‘Meaningless Jobs” skill and decrease success rate of chort. Consider getting items that reduce torment of chorts so you don’t have to send them on jobs.

If you are looking to get all the achievements, you will need to do at least two runs. One with less than 130 sin and one with more.

Skill build order (feel free to flip things around if you would like): Rush additional orders and keys. Meaningless jobs and reducing sin from chorts. Additional item slots. Additional black zagovor damage. Additional white zagovor damage. Once you get to hell, feel free to reset skills to focus on white zagovor damage.

Items. In general, keep the Jewlery Box and Pike tooth far into the game to help soften up enemies. Consider adding item to reduce chort torment. Once you pivot to curse build, add item to increase curses. Once you pivot to white zagovor build, add items to increase ward, increase defense, and keep defense.

Level 20 is max level.

Cheese strategy: Restart the battle (via menu) to get a more favorable deck (example: restarting to get George the Father x2 to get 8+ Bless).

Sometimes clicking on things multiple times will open up additional observations.

Once you get to the last chapter, you will lose chorts. Respec your skills once you have a chance as the chort related skills will be useless (if you had those skills in the first place).

You will want to speak with all allies to open up additional quest lines for them to grow more powerful.
Nikolay – Base: 5 damage. Upgraded: 5 damage x2
Levonty – Base: waste 3. Upgraded: Waste 3, Decomposure 3
Proshka – Base: Defense 5. Upgraded: Defense 10, Ward 5
Ded Egor – Base: Curse 4, Upgraded: Curse 5 / Damage 5

Deck and Build Order

Deck Basics. At the beginning, you will have slots to play: 2 orders – 1 key. You will draw 5 orders 2 keys per turn. You will want to rush skills to add additional draws of orders and keys (max 7 orders, 4 keys). Later, you will gain skill to add additional order and key slots. When building a deck, you will want to have the minimum amount (13) to ensure you consistently get zagovors that you want. In the last half, you will have access Babushka Adamushka order which will not only burn the card (reducing your deck size) but also allowing you to pick the zagovor you want.

George the Father x2
Avoil x2
Kila x2
Skorchit x3
Key-Tongue x3 OR substitute one Key tongue for Koldun Fiend
Amen x1
*You will be using this build for awhile. Consider substituting Skorchit with more Kila.

Curse Build 1
Curse x3
Khokhor x2
Moon Brothers x2
Mikhail Voyevoda x2
Koldun Fiend x1
Sea Depth x1
Key-Tongue x2

Curse Build 2
Curse x3
Mikhail Voyevoda x2
Babushka Adamushka x4
Sea Depth x1
Bone Curse x1
Koldun Fiend x1
Key-Tongue x1

White Order Build 1
Avoil x3
Hope to Faithful x1
Babushka Adamushka x4
Judea x2
Lend Help, Nicholas x1
Sky High x1
Amen x1
Circle x1
* Use Proshka as the ally to maximize defense/damage. First turn, build up defense with hope to faithful, avoil along with Sky High to keep defense. Couple this with item that adds Keep Defense. Subsequent turns, alternate with Amen and Lend Help, Nicholas.

White Order Build 2
Wind-luka x1
Avoil x2
Hope to Faithful x1
Babushka Adamushka x4
Judea x2
Lend Help, Nicholas x1
Sky High x1
Amen x1
Circle x1
*One first turn, add Wind-Luka last to add extra defense to commonly used zagovor along with Sky High for keep defense. At this point of the game, you will have two key slots, use Amen and Lend Help, Nicholas to snow ball defense (>1000 defense after a few turns).

Curse/Waste Combo Build
Babushka Adamushka x3
Mikhail Voyevoda x2
Korkusha x2
Curse x2
Sea Depth x1
Bone Curse x1
Koldun Fiend x1
Herod Bones x1
*Potentially helpful for koldun battles. Use Curse and bone curse first to weaken, then alternate between waste (korkusha/herod bones and curse/sea depth).

Money Making Build
Korkoteya x2
Mikhail Voyevoda x2
Khokhor x2
Curse x3
Bone Curse x1
Key-Tongue x1
Koldun Fiend x1
Sea Depth x1
*The goal is weaken enemies with curse while shielding with Mikhail Voyevoda. Use Korkoteya to finish off enemies for additional roubles.

Begin Walkthrough

I have put down most of the choice outcomes (It is likely I missed some). Choose whatever path you would like. If you mess up or want to see result of picking another choice, simply load a previous save or ‘Autosave’. Tip, if you need to change builds, you can select the icon on the left prior to a fight and change it; once the fight starts, you are locked in until you either load or lose (select book binding option).

Road to the Crossroads. After the introduction, we are at the grave of Vasilisa’s beloved. Examine all points. When ready, head To the Crossroads. Pick up herb on the right. Move forward. Pick up herb near the scarecrow.

Prologue. Initiation of a Koldun

Mikhail’s Crossroads. Meet Vasilisa’s grandfather, Egor. Pick up two herbs and candles. Speak with Egor. Make a circle to begin the ceremony. Pick either dialogue option. This is the first battle of the game. First turn, use Urazi. Second turn, use Avedaelai. Use Urazi, Urazi, and Raba. Last turn, use any attack. After the battle, head to Gates of Hell.

How to Become a Witch. After the fight, step into the maw and examine the black rift to meet a demon who will make you a witch. Explore all dialogue options. Question how chorts, Vasilisa will take. If you answer:
As many as possible – + 1 sin
One – no sin

Regardless of answer, she will get three chorts.

Deal with the Miller’s Chorts

Old Egor’s Izba. Examine all points and speak with Egor. See visitors. Tell the miller that “Demons” are responsible for his problems. Gain + XP.

Mogilevsky’s Mansion. Listen. Meet peasant that will ask for a curse. Choose 1) Agree: +1 sin, +5 roubles. 2) Decline: Nothing. Move on. 3) Curse the peasant instead: +1 sin. Move on.

Kusheva Village. Approach. Meet Aksinya. Answer that they “Forgot to cross tableware” (+ 50 XP). Choose 1) I will help you: +3 roubles. Explore the izba for new encyclopedia. Approach the samovar to begin battle. Fight two demons. 2) I don’t have time for this: +1 sin. Move on.

Old River Bed. Choose 1) Come closer: Battle. 2) Draw a circle: for +25 XP and begin Battle. Fight one demon. 3) Walk around: Move on.

Kamgort Woods. Choose 1) Greet the beggar: Meet a beggar who will ask for money. Choose: A) Give alms for the poor: Lose -2 roubles. Gain Adam’s Head herb. Note that you help her, she will appear later with more. B) Refuse: +1 sin. 2) Leave the location: Move on.

Bigichi Forest. Choose 1) Steal the gifts: +3 sin. +5 roubles. 2) Tamper with the charter: +3 sin. +50 XP. 3) Leave: Move on.

Penesherskaya Ravine. Encounter a snake nest. Wait for the snake to return. Take the herb to gain Break Herb.

Kachevo Lake. Encounter figures by a lake. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. 2) Read a prayer: Move on with a fight. 3) Come closer: Battle. 4) Walk around: Battle. Choose battle to fight with two demons.

Near Nizovka River. See an owl. Choose 1) Follow the owl: Take the finger. Gain Devil’s Finger item. 2) Protective zagovor: Gain +100 XP. Move on. 3) Go back: Move on.

Gorodishensky Ravine. Meet two peasants who try to push her into a ravine. Choose 1) Laugh it off: Wake up at bottom of ravine but do not lose health. Move on. 2) Hit the peasant: Battle. 3) Run away: Battle. Fight two demons. One will deal 15 damage in three turns. If you do not kill fast enough, use protective zagovors to prevent death.

Chud’ Forest. Encounter a group of chorts. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. 2) Check the debris: Gain +3 roubles 3) Hide: Move on. If you choose battle, fight two demons. One demon will attack with remove positive status.

Old Mill. Look around. Go to the right and pick up two herbs. Inspect the Tail pole. Inspect to gain new encyclopedia. If you choose to climb into the mill from the right, you will lose health. Go to the left to pick up Old Axe item and herb. Enter the mill. If you picked up a Break herb from before, you can use this to open the door. Otherwise, use the Old Axe item, you will lose the item. Once inside the mill, head to the second floor. You will find the Miller’s money on a shelf. If you take money, gain + 1 sin. Head to the third floor. At the top floor, pick up herb. Peer outside to meet the Thirteenth Brother. Answer that he was “Lured by a sacrifice.” You can choose to take him on as a chort or not. Either option will lead to a battle. If you refuse, you will not gain him as a chort after the battle (ideal if goal is to limit sin).

Defeat the Thirteenth Brother
He will attack with multiple attacks, defend, or use “Demon Seals” where you will not be able to use a random page. Make sure to use defensive zagovors to limit his damage. When he is not attacking, use attack zagovors.

After the fight, you may have leveled up. As noted at the beginning, for an easier time, you will want to rush the Order and Key skills under “Devil’s Knowledge.” Choose Orders 1 first.

Chapter 1. How Kidnap from a Banya – Talk with the demoness in the banya

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with Egor. Examine the pester with chorts. If you do not send the chorts on tasks, they will ‘torment’ her. What each chort does, will be evident if you hover mouse over them. Gain money, possibly items, and sin by sending them on tasks; the potential reward will be listed at each location. Note that chorts may not be successful in their tasks. The success rate can be increased or decreased with skills. Sin and money/rewards can also be increased or decreased with certain skills. Speak with visitors. Gain Antique Mortar item from Miller. You will encounter peasant that asked to curse relative. If you previously agreed, gain + roubles. Meet Nikolay. Answer “Banniks” as the thing that grabbed him. When ready, move on.

The Forest Grove by our Izba. Encounter a chort in the road. Choose 1) Let him finish the song: Gain +100 XP. Then battle. 2) Attack: Battle. 3) Walk around: Move on. Fight with two demons. One demon will deal 15 damage after three turns; deal with this demon first. The main demon will summon either a demon with basic damage or one who defends. If you attack first without listening to the song, fight one demon with basic attacks with will summon another basic attack demon.

Rusalka’s Backwater. Encounter a ball of snakes. Choose 1) Disperse snakes with brushwood: Lose -3 health. Battle. Fight one snake. 2) Read a snake defending zagovor: Battle. Fight one snake. 3) Nikolay help: Gain Adam’s Head herb. Battle with two enemies. 4) Walk around the snakes: Move on without combat.

Mikhail’s Crossroads. You encounter a demon. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. 2) Greet the demon: He wants help with a question. 1) Agree: 2) Disagree: Battle. 3) Walk away: Lose -1 health. Battle. Greet the demon and agree to help. Answer his question with “Fruit” and “Day”. Gain roubles, XP, and new zagovor. If you ask Nikolay for help, he will tell you the answer. If you get an answer wrong, you will have to fight the demon. Battle, fight two demons.

Traveling Herbalist. Purchase herbs.

Yezova Village. Encounter an old house. Choose 1) Step inside to lose -5 health. Choose either option (call out or read a prayer) to gain Piece of Clay item. 2) Inspect from the outside: Nothing. 3) Leave the location: Move on.

Trinity Church. Greet the Abbe. Choose 1) Read a prayer: Health restored. 2) Buy: purchase items. You typically can purchase the Prosphora item which reduces chort torment by 1.

Curved Ravine. A fireball flies away. Choose 1) Read a prayer: Move on. 2) Defensive zagovor: Move on. 3) Run away: Lose -1 health. Move on.

Bridge to the banyas. Encounter a figure. Choose 1) Come closer: Gain +50 XP. Move on. 2) Walk around: Move on.

Orlov Kurya. Encounter demon offering tea. Choose 1) Attack: 2) Agree: Lose -3 health. Move on. 3) Nikolay Help: Battle. 4) Continue journey: Battle. If you agree, you will lose health; move on. Attack to battle. Fight two demons. The left will defend the right. Right has a 3 turn attack timer.

Kotjil Lake. Choose 1) Inspect the pits: Lose -3 health. At the bottom, choose 1) Take the offering: +1 sin, +4 roubles and Battle. Fight ethereal demon, you cannot damage with physical attacks (waste attacks still damage). This trait wears off with time. 2) Inspect the Golbets: Gain new encyclopedia. 2) Leave the location: Move on.

Zapolsky Farmstead. Get closer. Agree to join in song to gain New Song.

Small banya by the riverbank. Pick up herb by banya and wooden pier. Examine all points and speak with Nikolai. The evil spirit attacked Nikolay, answer “Didn’t ask permission” for +75 XP. Step inside when ready.

Inside the Banya. Examine all points. Speak with Nikolay. Draw a circle, stoke the fire, and read the zagovor. Speak with Nikolay again. It does not matter which option you choose, he will be warned not to leave the circle. Meet Bath Bride. She will claim to be an ordinary girl, answer “Changeling.” Agree to help her and return to Egor’s Izba.

Chapter 1. How Kidnap from a Banya – Find a cross that a demon wore

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with Egor. Answer “With the changeling-chort” as the demon needed to open the aspen seal. There will be options on the items to obtain. Choose the cross first. After choosing, receive Deck of Cards item from Nikolay. Speak with allies. Once ready, move on.

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. See visitors. Gain Deck of Cards item. Once ready, move on.

Fair. See herbalist, book merchant, peddler, durak.

Turchan Road. Encounter a brigand. Choose 1) Talk: He will threaten. Choose A) Give all the money: Lose all roubles. Move on. B) Fight him: Battle. C) Nikolay’s help: +5 roubles, new zogvor. 2) Prepare to fight: Battle. Fight one enemy. Will use basic attacks and “Steal” attack which takes roubles.

Northern Forest. Gain Adam’s Head herb. Move on.

House near the Tarakanovka River. Step inside and find a body of a musician. Choose 1) Take the money: +3 sin. +5 roubles. 2) Inform the nearby village: +5 roubles. 3) Inform the village and give the money for funeral: -1 sin.

Alimov Forest. Encounter demons skinning a body. Choose 1) Interfere: Battle. 2) Walk around: +1 sin. 3) Watch them work: Battle. If you choose to interfere or watch, battle. Fight two demons. After the battle, a new location will appear.

Old Cemetery. Choose 1) Gather cemetery soil: Gain Cemetery Soil item. Gain + 1 sin. 2) Look at the crosses: New encyclopedia. 3): Read a prayer: Health Restored. When ready, move on.

Eastern Bridge. Encounter demon driving a sinner. Choose 1) Fight for the sinner: Battle. Fight two demons. 2) Walk around them: Move on.

Stephen’s Stone. Choose 1) Drink the dew: Restore health. 2) Take the offerings: Gain +2 sin, +3 roubles.

Lyulvin Swamps. Encounter a ghost of a calf. 1) Hit the calf: Gain +5 roubles. Battle. Fight two demons. 2) Protective zagovor: Move on without a fight. 3) Run away: Move on.

Yanidor. Greet with Evdokia. Choose 1) Want to help. 2) Her cross. Choosing either options. Now choose: 1) Convince: Move on. 2) Intimidate: +4 sin. Move on.

Church of Transfiguration. Pick up three herbs. Examine all points before going inside. Once inside, pick up the herb. Examine all points before the Iconostasis to begin encounter with Proshka. Enter the gates to wake up Akulina, the ikotnitsa. Choose 1) Calm her down: Progress. 2) Frighten her and grab the cross: +10 sin. Progress. Exhaust all dialogue options before choosing to Exorcise Ikota. To anger the chort, choose “Icons”. Speak with Proshka. Agree to fight him for the cross.

How to defeat Proshka
Proshka will use “Get Inside.” When this is active, killing the enemy will result in Akulina’s death and game over. Between regular attacks, he will use ward for defense and bless for increased damage. Focus on attacking when he is not using an attack and defend when he is attacking. Once his health is low, be careful not to further damage if “Get Inside” is active. After the fight, Proshka will join you as a susedko. Return home.

Chapter 1. How Kidnap from a Banya – Get a name from the Menologies

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with the allies and visitors. Move out when ready.

Old Egor’s Izba. Battle, fight two demons with basic attack.

Peddler. Purchase items if needed.

Rusalka Backwaters. Take the herb: Gain Prikrysh Herb. Move on.

Mikhail’s Crossroads. Choose to either 1) Take Offerings: +1 sin, +5 roubles. 2) Make offering: -2 roubles New encyclopedia. Health restored.

Broken Cart. Take the Jewlery Box: Gain Jewlery Box item. Move on.

Bank of the Kolva. Encounter two demons arguing. Choose 1) Attack: -1 sin. Battle. Fight two demons. One has poison attack. 2) Talk: Decide to either Attack or Outsmart. If Outsmart, choose “Count leaves on a tree” or “Race to Perm” for +50XP. Choose “Curse the passerby” for +50 XP, +2 sin. Choosing Race to Vilgort will be wrong. Gain +30 roubles, + 200 XP, +zagovor following correct choice.

Kolva Bridge. Two cart drivers are arguing with chorts on their shoulders. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. Fight two demons. 2) Interfere: Move on. No fight. 3) Help: Move on.

Lopatskoye Lake. Encounter demons trying to steal from a sleeping peasant. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. Fight two demons. 2) Wake the peasant up: Gain +2 roubles, + 50 XP. No fight. Move on. 3) Leave the Area: +1 sin. Move on. 3) Nikolay Help: Battle.

Eastern Woods. Look around. Two kolduns are arguing. Choose 1) Attack Kolduns: Battle. Fight two demons. 2) Buy Samovar: Lose -5 roubles. Battle. Fight one demon. 3) Nikolay Help: Battle. Fight one demon. 4) Leave the location: Move on.

Old barns. Notice demonic presence. Choose 1) Greet the demons: Enter the barn. +200 XP. Refuse: Move on. 2) Attack: -1 health. Move on. 3) Run away: -1 health. Move on.

Cemetery near Retkin Village. Call out peasant digging. Choose 1)Talk him out of it. Get Adam’s Head herb, lose -1 sin. 2) Help dig: +1 sin. Get Adam’s Head herb. 3) Beat him up: Battle. Fight one enemy. Gain +2 roubles, +25 XP. 4) Say goodbye: Move on.

Trinity Church. Speak with Father Efrem. To make him reconsider, choose “Christian soul”. Choose any name. The priest wants your help. Choose 1) Go to the field: Move on to next encounter* 2) Trick him and go home: +5 sin. Lose out on rewards.

*Field Near Vilgort: Option if chose to Go to the field. Speak with demon Andreiko. Answer “Koldun” to who summoned the chort. He will make an offer: Agree or Refuse. If you agree, +5 sin and gain another chort. Refuse: Battle.

How to beat Andreiko
He will attack multiple times per turn or summon other demons who have poison attack. After the fight, gain item that increases waste damage.

Chapter 1. How Kidnap from a Banya – Get a belt from the Spinner

Book Merchant. Purchase new zagovor if needed.

Abachkin Forest. Choose 1) Take the cross: Gain Dead Man’s Cross, +1 sin. 2) Bury the deceased: -1 sin. 3) Go on your way: Move on.

Salman Marshes. Encounter devil playing with a snake. Choose 1) Wait: Battle. 2) Attack: Battle. 4) Go back: Move on. If you do not attack him, you will fight one demon and one snake (poison damage).

Ust-Urolka Village. Notice a worried peasant. Choose 1) Offer help: Gain +5 roubles. 2) Scare the whole village: +1 sin. 3) Continue journey: Move on.

Ploskoy Ravine. See a whirlwind. Choose 1) Throw a knife: Gain +5 roubles. Battle. 2) Step aside: Move on. 3) Read a prayer: Battle. 4) Help: Battle. Fight two demons.

Old Idol. Gain new encyclopedia. Move on.

Road to Pyatneg. Encounter girl with cursed spindle. Choose 1)Help the girl: Lose -1 sin. 2) Don’t Interfere: +1 sin.

Vilisov Woods. Find hanging corpse of a girl. Choose 1) Go tell about the body in Pyanteg: Lose -1 sin. Gain +100 XP. 2) Summon the spirit: Battle. Fight two demons. 3) Continue journey: +1 sin. Move on.

Pyanteg Village. Come closer. Meet Fedka. Listen to song to gain New Song.

Geltov Settlements. Meet peasant moving field edge. He will ask you to curse villagers causing trouble. Choose 1) Curse the Petrov men: +3 sin. Gain +5 roubles. 2) Trick the peasant: +1 sin. 3) Attack: +50 XP. Choose to Rob peasant or leave. Choosing rob: +2 sin. +5 roubles. 4) Leave: Move on.

Tashkov Ravine. Gain Adam’s Head herb. Move on.

The Spinner’s Hut. Pick up herb x2 from sides of building. Speak with Egor. Speak with Human skull. The White Head will pose riddles. If you refuse: Battle. Fight one enemy with ethereal which runs out over time. Note that if you choose this option, you will lose Levonty ally. For the riddle, choose “Cemetery”. After the first riddle, choose Continue riddling to continue. Choose answers: “Funeral”, “Needle and Thread”, “Shadow”, and “Sky and Stars”. Gain + XP for each correct answer. If you answer all the riddles correctly, the skull will ask to come with you; agree to take him as an ally. Once inside, meet the Spinner. Tell her you need a belt. She asks why would she give you a belt, answer “Compliment the belts”. Then answer “torture the demons”. The spinner will give out the belt. Note that if you answer wrong, she will still give you the belt. Return to Egor’s Izba.

Chapter 1. How Kidnap from a Banya – Nikolay Quest: Find Nikolay’s missing friend – PUZZLE BATTLE (3)

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. Speak with visitors to begin task with Nikolay which will pause the main quest. If you refuse an ally’s special task, you will lose out on rewards and upgrade of their ability.

Pantina Village. Encounter izba. Choose 1) Follow Nikolay: New encyclopedia. Choose search the izba. Banish the chort to lose -1 sin. 2) Wait: Move on.

Road to Kayib. Meet Book Keeper to purchase Zagovors.

Ust-Kayib. Encounter chorts at Egor’s herb stash. PUZZLE BATTLE. You have two turns to defeat one demon. Face single demon with ‘warlock’ which blocks damage if all black cards.
First turn: Avdelai, Avdelai, Koldun Fiend to remove ‘warlock’.
Second turn: Kila, Kila, Ruda.
After the battle, receive several herbs (Bolotivik, Cuckoo Tears, Royal Eyes).

Bujdom. Encounter the holy fool. Move on.

Kishkonogov Sloboda. Visit the shop to buy items. Question the villagers to gain new task / location.

Dog Creek. Inspect the creek and Take the figurine to gain Golden Goddess item. Begin PUZZLE BATTLE. Fight three demons in one turn.
Use Perepoloh. Use Ubeitsa on middle demon. Use Ruda on right demon.

Kasjan’s Swamp. Choose either option – Go after it. Move on.

Creaky WoodsPUZZLE BATTLE. You have two turns. The Changeling will deal waste damage and has ward.
Turn one: use Imperishable Phelonion, Kila, Koldun Fiend. Nikolay to attack.
Turn two: use Kila, Kila, Ruda.

After the fight, speak with the holy fool. Answer “Changeling” for + 200 XP. Nikolay is upset. Choose 1) Kill the holy fool: +50 sin. 2) Refuse: -1 sin. Return to the izba.

Chapter 1. How Kidnap from a Banya – Rescue the Changeling

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with visitors. When ready, move on.

Old Egor’s Izba. Gain Adam’s Head herb.

Orlov Grove. Take the herb: Gain Tirlich herb.

Rusalka Backwaters. Notice tracks. 1) Investigate the tracks. Battle. Fight two demons. 2) Leave the location: 3) Remove curse from the tracks: +8 roubles, +300 XP, zagovor.

Mikhail’s Crossroads. Nothing is here. Move on.

Road in Bonev Grove. Encounter a peasant on a cart. Choose 1) Greet the cart: Greet the cart. Choose Good heavens, where is that? for battle. If you choose any other option, move on. Fight three demons. Only the middle demon will harm you with poison attack. 2) Move aside: Move on.

Road to Vilgort. Notice chorts in ambush. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. Fight two demons. 2) Nikolay help: Battle. Fight one demon. 4) Leave the location: Move on.

Peddlers in Yezova Village. Herbalist, Book Merchant, Peddler.

Kulyashov Farmstead. Gain +5 roubles. Move on.

Old Banyas. Greet the bride. Go under the shelf to move on.

Under the Shelf. Pick up herb on the left of the door. Examine the door. On the small wheel, select the stove sign. Select fire on the middle one. Select bath basin on the third wheel. Door will open and enter battle. Fight two demons who attack with waste.

Bath Demon Lair. After the fight, speak with the bannik, Obderiha. She will want you to choose one of three girls; choose the one on the right. She will then want you to select the correct dowry chest; choose the middle chest. If you choose wrong, you will enter battle. Enter battle with Obderiha.

How to defeat Obderiha
Master. Summons. Minions attack with waste. Main attack removes positive status x1 as well as damages you. After the fight, the girl is freed. Return home.

Chapter 1. How Kidnap from a Banya – Destroy the Changeling Demon

Old Egor’s Izba. Explore all dialogue options. Speak with allies. When ready, move on.
Book Merchant. Purchase zagovors if needed.

Abachkin Woods. Encounter a baby. Choose 1) Bring him to the village: -1 sin, + 150 XP 2) Steal the gifts: +3 sin, +5 roubles. 3) Take the gifts and bring the child back: +3 sin, +5 roubles, + 150 XP.

Cold Creek. Herbalist.

Old Church. Choose 1) Leave the location: Move on. 2) Investigate the church: Fight! Fight two demons. One demon has recitation attack in three turns.

Small Settlement. Inspect the izba for new encyclopedia.

Poroshin Baths. Get closer and gain New Song.

Solikamsk Road. Encounter highwaymen. Choose 1) Prepare to fight: Fight two brigands. They will use steal attack which takes roubles. After fight, +6 roubles, +200 XP. 2) Nikolay Help: Ask help from Nikolay for +5 roubles and +50 XP.

Cemetery of Zabolotnaya Village. Examine the cemetery and the grave. Battle. Fight two demons. One will defend and the other has poison attack.

Pokcha Village. Find the changeling chort. Speak with changling bride’s mother. How can you make the changeling show its true form, answer “Throw over your shoulder”. Battle.

How to defeat a changeling evil
The enemy will summon changelings. They will either defend or attack with basic attacks.

Second Seal. Speak with large demon after the fight. The second seal is broken.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Get to the Plant – Diplomat Achievement

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. Speak with visitors. Move on when ready.

Post Station. Pick up herb x2 near the large gate. Kill Magpie to get Dead Magpie item. Enter gate. Pick up herb on left. Speak with the two men and inspect the agitated horse. Speak with Susedko. Choose 1) Horse color: Susedko is upset about the color. See below. 2) Repel the demon with a magpie (if picked up item): Demon flees. Horse is calm. Lose out on achievement. 3) Attack: 4) Go Back.
Diplomat Achievement – Reach agreement with susedko. Horse needs to be “Gray”. Return to the susedko after speaking with Samson to get rubles, XP, and card. If you select the wrong color, the susedko will be angry and battle. Fight one susedko.
We ask Proshka for help and drive the demon away. Return to the men and move on.

Road to Ust-Borov. We encounter a peasant. Choose 1) Call out: Greet. 2) Hide: Gives options to continue hiding, Greet or Attack. If continue hiding, move on. 3) Draw a circle: Greet. 4) Attack: +1 sin. Move on. Once speaking with peasant, choose:
1) Introduce yourself: He will tell you to cross yourself. Choose A) Cross yourself: Progress. B) Refuse: Peasant flees. Move on.
2) Intimidate: Peasant flees. Move on.

Black Riverbank. Choose 1) Read prayer: gain Devil’s Comb item. 2) Read zagavor to fight 2 demons. Note, drowner does waste damage. Win fight for rubles, XP, card, and comb item. 3) Go back: Move on.

Grim Forest. Book merchant.

Kokarin Woods. Encounter a whirlwind. Choose 1) Attack: Move on. 2) Run Away: Lose -5 roubles. Move on. 3) Follow: Move on. 4) Proshka Help: Advises to follow.

Logovo Village. Speak with Alexander and sick woman. Choose “Fiery Snake” as the demon responsible. Explore dialogue options and ambush the chort for battle. Either fight immediately or talk to learn more before the fight.

How to defeat a Fiery Snake
Enemy has special ability ‘rage.’ Attacks with suppression then waste then normal attacks with big damage if bless from rage is high enough. If you cannot deal enough damage to kill the demon by the second turn, consider adding Koldun Fiend to your deck to remove rage.

Telegraph line. Encounter peasants. Offer help to gain an additional task. If you choose ‘Say Goodbye’ who lose out on further paths.

Broken Telegraph Line. Pick up three herbs. Inspect all points.

Nignee Moshevo Village. Tell them about the tracks for + 50 XP. Return to Telegraph Line. Speak with the men again and gain +3 roubles.

Ust-Borov Village. Listen to the song to learn New Song. Prepare to fight. Fight three demons; one demon has Recitation time attack (3 turns).

Ust-Borov Plant. Speak with Pahom. Rest for the night.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Drive off the evil spirits at the saltworks

Factory Izba. Speak with allies. See visitors.

Ust-Borov Plant Office. Speak with Pahom. Move on.

Pump Tower. Get closer to speak with a mechanic. What is the wooden tower used for, answer “Salt extraction”. Explore all dialogue options and move on.

Salt Chest. Pick up herb x2 to the right of the men. Explore all options (click on each item multiple times) and speak with the men. 1) Claw marks: +100 XP. 2) Piece of a shirt: +100 XP.

Salt Pan. Speak with the salt brewer. Move on.

Storehouse. Choose 1) Draw a circle: +50 XP. Battle. 2) Step inside: Battle. to gain +50 XP. Fight two demons. After the fight, speak with the susedko, explore all dialogue options. Choose 1) Kill the spirit: 2) Leave the spirit alone. There is no difference between the two.

Banyas. Surrounded by banniks. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. Fight three demons with waste attack. 2) Talk: Choose to trick them or tell them the truth. Trick: +2 sin, +5 roubles. 3)Flee: Lose -3 health.

Kama Riverbank. There is a figure on the river. Choose 1) Attack: Peasant runs away. Move on. 2) Call out: Speak with peasant. 3) Come closer: Speak with peasant. Speak with him and explore dialogue options. He will sell some items. Consider buying the Devil’s Hoof item for curse immunity.

Salt Box. Pick up Break herb. Explore all points and speak with Pahom. What spirits are to blame, answer “Mermaid”.

Inside the Salt Chest. Encounter rusalka. Choose to attack or talk. Both options will lead to battle.

How to defeat rusalka
The rusalka will summon drowners. Focus on the rusalka. After the fight, return home.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Find the Entrance to Vodyanoi Domain

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak to allies. See visitors. When ready, move on.

Book Merchant.

Upper Onyl. Choose 1) Question the peasants: Gain + 100 XP. 2) Question the spirits: Nothing. Move on. 3) Hurry to the lake: Gain Adam’s Head herb. Move on.

Pine Grove. Choose 1) Ask leshy’s permission: Lose -3 health. Battle. 2) Draw a circle: Battle. Fight three demons; one has recitation time attack in 3 turns; one has curse attack. 3) Go around: Lose -5 health.

Verhne-Chugrumsk Swamp. Take the stone: Gain Thunder Arrow item.

Skete. Speak with the priest. Choose 1) Drink some tea: Restore health. 2) Request: Agree to his request for an additional task*. 3) About the hermit: New encyclopedia. Explore all dialogue options.

*Hunter’s Camp. Pick up x3 herbs. Take pouch for +5 roubles. Examine all points; examine Tracks to the right to find traces of a demon and gain an additional task.

*Warehouse. Pick up break herb. Look inside Climb the hut for battle with Heretnik. *Make sure you have Koldun Fiend in your deck prior to the battle. A curse build would be beneficial here.

How to defeat the Heretnik
Enemy has ethereal trait. Use Koldun Fiend to remove the positive status from the enemy.

Hell’s Swamp. Notice two figures. Choose 1) Come closer: Meet the rusalka and battle. Fight demon and drowner. Drowner has large waste attack. 2) Go around: Move on.

Hell’s Lake. Find a fishing camp. Pick up herb x2. Consider taking fisherman wallet +3 sin, +10 rubles. After talking with the fisherman, climb into the boat to proceed. She will be attacked by a giant fish.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Get to the Cave – Old Spirits Achievement

Sandy Bottom. Speak with rusalka, explore all options. Move on.

Seaweed Thicket. Prepare to fight. Fight one demon, one drowner. Drowner has decomposure attack.

Sandy Bottom. Pick up the shell: Gain River Shell item.

Underwater Village. 1) Talk to the spirits: +7 roubles. 2) Attack spirits: +50 XP. 3) Speed up: nothing, continue on. 4) Ask Proshka for help: +50 XP.

Cemetery. 1) Track the chorts: Battle. Fight three demons. 2) Take the offerings: +3 sin, +3 roubles. 3) Leave the location: Move on.

Drowner Circle. Pick up Peter’s Cross herb next to the mermaid. Complete the puzzle by following idol pattern – gain +35 rubles and Old Spirits achievement. Speak with the mermaid and agree to help her for an additional task. If you choose time go to without exploring this option, you will lose out on additional task.

Fishermen Nets. Encounter two drowners. Choose 1) Call out: Speak with the drowners. New encyclopedia. Select trick and answer that the Permian name for a vodyanoy is “Vakul”. +100 XP. 2) Attack: Battle. Fight two drowners who attack with waste attack and large damage. Gain +33 roubles, +300 XP. 4) Walk around: Move on.

Sunken Sleigh. Pick up Adam’s Head herb. Examine the chest and take everything. Talk with the rusalka and show her all the objects to find out that the name of the mermaid is Evdokia and she is the daughter of Pahom. New bailichka.

Underwater Crawlspace. Encounter a giant pike fish. Battle.

How to beat the pike
The enemy has a lot of health. It will start with a regeneration move and begin a 3 turn timer for 50 attack damage. Use curse build to limit damage. Consider Koldun fiend to remove regeneration. After fight, gain Pike’s Tooth item.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Go to the Vodyanoi’s Chambers

Underwater Camp. Speak with allies. When ready, move on.

The Underwater Thicket. Encounter a swarm of eels and shepherds. Choose 1) Call out: There will be no fight and then move on. 2) Attack: Battle. Fight 2 demon and 1 drowner.

Cave Cemetery. Explore Uyezd cemetery to review many graves if you wish. When finished, speak with the Mermaid. Explore all dialogue options for an additional task.

Salt Cave. Collect the Peter’s Cross herb. Speak with the Mermaid and explore all dialogue options. Move forward down the hall. Examine all points and choose Into the cave to move on.

Inside the Cave. See a huge altar. Choose 1) Throw some coins: A drawing appears. Choose Take the mask or Don’t take the mask. Take the mask: Gain Silver Mask item. Don’t take the mask: Move on. 2) Pray: Lose -5 health and Move on.

Palace Gates. Encounter two drowners who won’t let you pass. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. Fight two drowners. They attack with waste and large damage attack. Gain +35 roubles, +300 XP. 2) Persuade: Answer “River” to the riddle. Gain +100 XP.

By the Throne Room. Battle. Fight three demons.

Gatehouse. Encounter a peasant. Speak with the peasant. Choose 1) Offer help: Gain +25 XP. Move on. 2) Leave the area: +5 sin. Move on. and offer help.

The Vodyanoi’s Chambers. Speak with the drowners. Examine Treasure and choose to Take the coins or not; it ultimately does not matter if you take the coins as they will turn worthless upon moving past the chapter. If you take, there will be a negative effect near the end of the game. Speak with the Mermaid when ready. The Mermaid will tell you to put back the treasure if you took some. Encounter Vakul. Explore all dialogue options. When questioned, answer “Sacrifice” as reason a glove was thrown into the water. Answer “Seven” for next question. Gain +150 XP for each correct answer. If you choose Attack, nothing will happen. Choose Vodyanoi’s task to move on. He will offer you 1) Gold: Gold will turn into fish scales. or 2) Scales: Gain +50 roubles. Return to Old Egor’s Izba.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Levonty’s Quest: Teach Levonty to fly – PUZZLE BATTLE (3)

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. When ready, see visitors. If you have Levonty and spoken to him, he will offer a quest. Refuse and lose out on upgrading companion and side quest.

Bolshaya Ochga Village. Encounter a peasant girl. 1) Help the girl: Gain additional task. 2) Refuse: Gain +3 sin. Move on.

Plank Road. Hear whisper. Choose 1) Listen to the whisper: Gain +100 XP. 2) Draw a circle: Nothing happens. Move on.

Black Swamps. Hear whisper. Choose 1) Follow the whisper: Lose -3 health. 2) Protective zagovor: PUZZLE BATTLE.
Turn one: Use Chur”, “George the Father”, “Gryja” and “Ruda” on the right enemy. Active ally ability on right enemy.
Turn two: Use three “Gryja” cards on right enemy. Use one “Ruda” on left enemy. Ally waste should take care of the right enemy. After battle, gain an additional +300 XP.

Turchanka Village. Encounter chorts playing cards. Choose to fight and enter PUZZLE BATTLE with 3 demons or play cards.
Turn one: Use Witches mouth, lock. Use Levonty waste on middle imp
Turn two: Use Kila on first imp, kila on second imp, kila on third imp, ruda on second imp.

Bondug Village. Choose 1) About Levonty: Nothing. Return to choices. 2) Explore the village: Gain additional task. 3) Peddler: Purchase items.

Bonukinka River. Encounter a grave. Choose 1) Dig up the grave: Gain Sinner’s Finger Phalanx item. 2) Leave the location: Move on.

Levonty’s Izba. Speak with Levonty and explore all dialogue options before “Let’s do this” to begin PUZZLE BATTLE. A kladnik, golden calf appears.
Turn one: Use “Rouble”, “Rouble”, and “Golden Coffers”. Use ally ability.
Turn two: Use “Avoil”, “Judea” and “Ruda”.
After the battle, choose 1) Give him to Levonty: +200 roubles. Gain upgraded Ally. 2) Break into coins: +200 roubles. 3) Let go: Lose -1 sin. Note, choosing option two or three, you will not have upgraded ally. There will be small dialogue changes and ending with those options. Return home.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Force Bandits to Make Sacrifices

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. When ready, move on.

Fair. Herbalist. Book Merchant. Peddler. Durak.

Akhmatova Ravine. Begin battle with 3 demons. One has ethereal. Consider curse build with Koldun Fiend.

Saltanovo Village. Encounter conflict with Fedka and merchant. Choose 1) Help the accordion player: +1 sin. 2) Help the merchant: -1 sin. 3) Don’t interfere: Speak with the peasant. Inquire about the pothouse. Offer help to gain additional task and new encyclopedia.

Barnyard. Encounter ovinniks stuffing children into stoves. Choose
1) Talk. You are given further options: 1) Take the icons: +5 sin. Gain Stolen Icons item. Remaining choices remain. 2) Attack: Battle 3) Outsmart: Choose “Pester” as your answer. +100 XP. Gain +25 roubles, +150 XP. 4) Flee: +50 sin. Move on.
2) Attack: Battle. Fight two demons who open with paralysis attack. you may earn more with +39 roubles and +350 XP
4) Flee: +50 sin. Move on.

Saltanovka Wood. Encounter beekeeper. Talk to him. Explore dialogue options to gain new bailichka.He sells limited herb items.

Nekrasovo Village. Choose:
1) Find drowner’s wife: Encounter wife of drowner we met earlier to Vakul encounter. Choose 1) Give money -25 roubles: -1 sin. Gain Adam’s Head herb. Choose again. 2) Give money -10 roubles: Gain Adam’s Head herb. Choose again. 3) Say goodbye: +50 sin. Move on.
2) Ask about the pothouse: Gain additional task. Choose again.
3) Leave the location: Move on.

Nekrasov Baths. Get closer: Gain New song.

Forest Clearing. Come across a frozen logging site. Examine all options (gain +5 roubles) and Leave the location to move on.

Saltanovka Bank. Encounter a figure. Choose 1) Attack: 2) Call out: 3) Move around. Choose any option to speak with Fedka. Explore all dialogue options and Say goodbye. Encounter peasants looking for a man. Choose 1) Give money -5 roubles: -1 sin. -5 roubles. 2) Say goodbye: Move on.

Settlement. Notice a fat barrel rolling. Choose 1) Read a black zagovor: Battle. 2) Call out to the barrel: Battle. 3) Follow: Move on. 4) Walk around: Move on. Fight two demons.

Pothouse. Collect Breakherb, Adam’s Head herb, Odolen herb. Either Speak with bouncer or approach peasant in the back.
Bouncer: If you beat him at cards, you will be let in. Any other option, he will turn you away.
Approach back door and either open with a Break herb or get key after speaking with peasant in the back. To get the key, speak with the peasant. Offer help option is available after talking about the dead bandits.

Inside the pothouse. Pick up Mash item x2. Speak with Fedka and examine all points. When finished, approach the bench and ‘wait.’ The musician will be strung up by demons. You can either attack Mikolka immediately or ask questions, either option will lead to a timed battle (4 turns).

How to defeat Mikolka
He will bless and/or heal allies. Consider having Koldun Fiend in deck to remove positive effects.
On defeating Mikolka, there are 3 options: 1) Make offerings: they will replace the bandits giving offerings to Vakul. +7 sins. 2) Take the chort: he will be added to your chorts. 3) Kill the chort: -1 sin. When finished, return to Egor’s Izba.
**If you kill the chort Mikolka, you miss Proshka’s task.**
**Whether you kill the chort or leave him, it does not change options with Vakul later. There is a small dialogue change.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Proshka’s task – Learn of Proshka’s past – PUZZLE BATTLE (1)

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. When ready, see visitors. Proshka will offer a quest. If you decline, you lose upgrading the ally and optional quest.

Road to Yanidor. Choose 1) Hide: Lose -1 health. Move on. 2) Prepare to fight: PUZZLE BATTLE.
Turn 1: Kila, Kila, Lazarus
Turn 2: Kila, Kila, Koldun Fiend

Crossroads. Talk to Proshka. What else tied Proshka to this place: choose “Funerals”. Gain +100 XP. Choose 1) Dig up: gain Chud Goddess item 2) Refuse: -1 sin.

Eastern Bridge. Options 1) Attack: End encounter without fight / get nothing. 2) Proshka’s help: End encounter without fight / get nothing. 3) Flee: Move on.

Herbalist near the Stone. To be purchase various herbs.

Lulvin Swamps. Automatically gain +50 XP.

Church of Transfiguration. Pick up herb x2. Speak with Proshka. Enter building when ready. Inspect the Planks and enter a crawlspace. Inspect the Crack in the Idol and head back through exit. Remove the mask from the angel sculpture on the left and climb back into the crawlspace. Insert the mask onto the column and find out about Proshka. Return to grandfather’s izba.

Chapter 2. How to Visit a Vodyanoi – Talk to the Vodyanoi – Earn Own Way Achievement – Dead Friend Achievement

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. See visitors. When ready, move on.

Fedorovo Village. Encounter an argument. 1) Learn what is wrong. There is something wrong with the axe. Choose 1) Inspect the saw: Choose to offer help for an additional task. 2) Remove curse: Learn there is no curse. Choose again.

Gainskoye. Encounter a procession. What are these peasants planning: Choose the option “Moving”. +100 XP. Choose 1) Offer help: -1 sin, +15 roubles. 2) Steal the sacrifice: Gain item Rooster’s Feet, gain +3 sin.

Settlement. Encounter drowners from Vakul. Choose 1) Talk: 2) Attack: Battle. Fight two drowners. They attack with decomposure.

Smithy. Speak with the Blacksmith. Choose 1) Offer help: 2) Say goodbye: Move on. Battle. Face 3 demons: After the battle, gain +15 rubles.

Wine Shop. He sells small amount of usable items.

Godya. -1 sin without any action.

Watermill. Speak with Pahom and explore all dialogue options for new bailichka. Pick up 2 boards. Pick herb x2. Head to the river shore. Pick up herb. Speak with the mermaid and go inside the mill. Pick up Watermill water item from lower left. Speak with Pahom to start the mill and wait for Vakul.
It does not matter if you left the chort, Mikolka, or killed him, Vakul will offer you choices:
1) Break seal – Earn Own Way achievement.
2) Free the Mermaid: She will break the seal for you and earn Dead Friend achievement.
3) Both rusalka and seal: Pay 100 rubles.
4) Attack: Battle.
Etheral, Master abilities. His first attack may include a curse attack with poison or straight damage. Subsequent attacks are either regular attacks, removing negative status, or large damage with 2 turn recitation time. He may summon a drowner with a waste attack. Using a curse build will neuter his attack damage. Defeat him to earn +25 roubles, +1200 XP, and Hand for a Saint item. The rusalka will break the seal.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Visit the Grave

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with allies. Move on when ready.

Yard. Pick up herb x 3. Speak to Proshka. Speak with Egor. When ready, move on to the Field. Pick up herb x2 on right side. Set off.

Road to the Grave. Keep walking forward. Gain New Song. Move forward.

Near the Grave. Move on and return to Egor’s Izba.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Catch a Cemetery Chort
Garden Next to Izba. Encounter chorts arguing. Choose 1) Chase chorts away: +5 roubles. 2) Observe for bailichka.

Mikhail’s Crossroads. Egor stops. Choose 1) Come closer: Speak with Egor. Move on. 2) Hurry him onward: Move on.

Fair. Herbalist. Book Merchant. Peddler.

Vilgort. Speak with the Abbe. Explore all options and Let’s do this.

Vilgort Cemetery. Pick up herb x3. Enter the chapel. Examine all points and speak with Egor. Examine the tracks and exit the chapel. Once outside, examine the shroud for another clue. Go back into the chapel and speak with Egor. Finding the 2 clues (tracks and shroud nets 200 XP). Exit the chapel and head to the cemetery center. Examine the coffin and head down. Meet Prokopy and enter battle with Enough.

How to defeat Prokopy
This is the first battle with a koldun. The one with the fewer zagovors goes first.
Turn one, use “Headless”, “Ognevitsa” and “Blood Burn”.
Turn two, use “Headless”, “Dead Man” and “Firm Knife”, and also use the attack of Grandfather Yegor.
Turn three, use “Breakbone”, “Headless” and “Herod’s bones”. The “Strong Knife” card will already be active in the zagavor.
Turn four, end the turn without playing a card to end the battle.
Dispose of the restless dead? Answer “Hammer an aspen stake.” +100 XP. Make sure to take the staff for a new item, Prokopy’s Staff. We return to the izba.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Remove the Beer Curse

Old Egor’s Izba. See visitors. Nikolay and the bride will invite Vasailisa to the wedding. Move on when ready.

Near the Kolva. Encounter chort. Choose 1) Prepare to Fight: Fight two demons. 3) Walk around it: Move on without battle. 4) Ask for help: End encounter without battle. Get nothing.

Pokcha Road. 1) Call out to spirit: +50 XP. 2) Come closer: Battle with two demons. 3) Draw circle: +50 XP

Northern Settlement. Examine all points, speak to Alexander. Speak with the sick woman. Choose “Fisherman” and “Gifts.”

A firey snake will appear, which will summon several more demons. We can stay in the hut to save the patient or chase the fire snake. Stay and fight 3 demons. Chase after for an additional task*.

*Bondugov Fields. Prepare to fight. Fight three demons. Two with basic attacks and Fiery snake with rage. Consider curse build with Koldun Fiend to remove rage. After battle, +48 roubles, +1075 XP. The Fire Snake offers to join you. Choose 1) Take him in: Gain new chort. Move on. 2) Kill: -1 sin. Move on. 3) Let him go: +5 sin. Move on.

Kimselka River. Choose options: 1) Attack: Battle with two drowners. 2) Talk: Drowners hide; options loop back.

Zabolotnaya Fair. Herbailst, Book salesman, Peddler, Durak.

Zabolotins Barnyards. Learn a new song.

Pokcha Village. Speak with the peasants. Visit merchant for limited goods. Visit church for healing. Head to brewers. Speak with the peasant brewer.

Brewing by the River. Pick up herb x2. If you examine the cauldron, you can Thrust hand in cauldron to lose -3 health. Pick up dry grass to right of boiler and firewood to the left. First add grass, then firewood, then light fire. First attempt to light fire fails, pick up more logs and start fire again. The beer slurry will come out and attack.

How to beat beer slurry
Beer slurry begins with ‘keep’ defense and immunity to waste. It will use cards to increase its defense and ‘fierce waste’ attack which deals 6 waste and increases in damage each turn or decomposure attack. Remove negative effects from yourself with either cards or herbs. Focus on inflicting large damage. Consider using Break herb to remove defense. Return to Egor’s izba.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Guard the Wedding

Old Egor’s izba. Receive visitors. Heal for -1 sin or Refuse to heal the peasant for +1 sin.

Bride’s Courtyard. Pick up herb x2. Arrange the birch sticks and decorate the banya with ribbons. Examine the barrel and call out to the child. Tell the child that she was appointed “Matchmaker.”

Banya. Enter battle immediately. Face three demons.

Arrival of the Bridal Procession. Gain song. Examine all points and speak with everyone.

Noisy Room. Speak with Samson. Play durak if you wish.

Room in the Attic. Encounter a susedko. 1) Attack: Face one enemy with paralysis attack. 2) Greet: Gain Bailichka

Room. Speak with the big man. If you bet without using Adam’s Head, you will lose -3 health. Use Adam’s Head option to gain +5 roubles. When finished, select continue with the feast. Select 1) Generous gift: -1 sin. 2) Traditional gift: Continue. 3) No gift: Choose curse the braidsmaid or continue. Curse for +1 sin. Return to Egor’s Izba. See the visitor and set off.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Protect the Bridal Procession – Susanin Achievement

Farewell to Beauty. Take the ribbon and leave location.

The Procession is Gathering. Inspect either haystack to find the children. Inspect all areas and speak to the children again. Fedka enters with the options: 1) Open the gates: Continue on. 2) Demand the Ransom: +5 roubles.

Departure of the Bridal Procession. Speak with Fedka: 1) Agree: -1 sin. 2) Argue: Move on . 1) Agree: -1 sin. 2) Disagree: Move on.

Cold Creek Ford. 1) Abandon the Guests: +2 sin. Move on. 2) Hop off and help: Battle. 3) Take them in your cart: +1 sin. Some guests get left behind. Battle involves three demons. Two demons have poison attack. Finish battle for -1 sin.

Near the Crooked Forest. Susanin ACHIEVEMENT: Turn left. Turn Right. Turn Right. Choosing the wrong direction may lead to an herb or loss of health.

Mikhail’s Crossing. Turn left towards bells for +100 XP. Turn right towards sounds of axe or Go straight towards wailing to choose the wrong direction and move on.

Trinity Church in Vilgort. Encounter Alexander who wants the Black Book. Either explore the dialogue options and/or fight.

Battle with Alexander
Koldun fight. Alexander either summons demons (basic attack or damage absorption) or attacks with damage.

Near the Broken Procession. Alexander will turn some of the inhabitants into wolves and destroy some of the carts. Pick up Adam’s Head herb. Speak with Akulina and use Adam’s Head herb. Speak with the peasant girl in the back and use Adam’s Head herb for -1 sin. Speak with Akulina’s mother, the bridge, and Egor. Return to the izba.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Find the Hunter

Speaking with Egor. She wants to go after Alexander but Egor disagrees. Choose 1) Agree: Move on. 2) Insist: Gain additional task on map.

Pokcha Village. Options to 1) Talk: Convince or attack. Convince them by telling them they are “Punishing the innocents”. Gain +100 XP. -1 sin. +5 roubles. Attack: Battle. 2) Attack: Battle. 3) Walk Around: +3 sin. Move on. 4) Help: Battle.
Fight. Face 3 villagers with basic attack. Win for roubles, XP, and card. Move on.

Cherdyn High Road. Fight with Chort Swarm. Fight continues until the swarm counter is zero. Ultimately face six demons.

Knizhikh Village. Eavesdrop on the two demons. Continue listening for Bailichika and fight. Two demons; one has ethereal.

Kelpnikov Road. Options 1) Come closer: Nothing. Move on. 2) Draw circle: +50 XP. Move on. 3) Speed up: -1 health. Move on.

Misty Bank. Examine the accordion to receive Wolf Fang item. Follow the tracks -3 health and move on.

Aleshkino Village. Talk to the old man. Inspect the well: You see the burning eyes of a demon. Call out: Encounter Polevoi spirit. *Offer to help to gain additional task. Attack: Face one demon with paralysis attack. Choosing this option, you will lose additional task. Pray in the chapel to restore health.

*Aleshkin Fields (Optional Task). Play cards or fight. Face three demons; one with poison attack. Gain additional +50 roubles.

Anfilov Drop. Go down. 1) Pray: Health restore. 2) Dig graves: +1 sin. Fight one demon, one ethereal, one drowner (waste attack). Win for roubles, XP, and card.

Cherdyn. There are two herbalists, one peddler, and one zagavor merchant. Speak with the two women and offer them help. The herb that opens locks is “Break herb.” Banish the chorts on the drunk for -1 sin. Speak with the newspaper salesman to purchase news paper for 1 rouble; some additional story. Speak with Mister Fairbanks. Choose from 1) Curse Fairbanks: +1 sin. Move on. 2) Offer money: Lose -5 roubles. Move on.

Hunter’s Hut. Speak with Airat. Choose “Peter’s Cross” herb as good for a curse. Receive Hawk Feather item. Begin battle with three wolves. After battle, remove the curse from the wolves for -1 sin.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Track the Guests

Airat’s Izba. After the encounter, you stay in Airat’s hut. Once finished, move on.

Abandoned Village. Select all options and leave.

Pine Wood. Choose 1) After the shadow: Lose -3 health. 2) Draw a circle: +XP 3) Consult Airat: Move on. 4) Help: move on.

Chud Riverbank. Choose 1) Don’t interfere: +1 sin. +1 roubles. 2) Help the Fisherman: Battle wolf swarm with six total wolves. Win fight to earn +5 roubles.

Eastern Swamp. Pursue the shadow to enter battle with one demon and two wolves.

Hunter’s Izba. Choose 1) Look inside: Consider taking supplies for +1 sin, +3 roubles. 2) Follow the tracks: Optional task added. 3) Search for herbs: Obtain Cuckoo Tears herb.

Misty Ravine. Choose 1) Greet koldun: Negotiate with him and pay 15 roubles. Lift curse on wedding guest. 2) Attack: Battle koldun who summons snake enemies. Win to gain roubles, XP, and card. Curse is lifted from guest.

Polud Mountain. Choosing either option1) Attack 2) Sneak after them will lead to same options: Attack or Talk. If you talk, remind Petka that he is not a wolf by choosing “Flute” for XP. Any further options will eventually lead to battle. The enemy will either summon a wolf, bless for additional damage, or attack. The enemy has special ability ‘pack leader’ where he will not take damage if there is a wolf. After the battle, use the Cuckoo’s Tears to free Petka.

Chapter 3. How Kolduns Curse Weddings – Save the Guests

Forest Camp. After the battle, pause at a camp at the Foot of Polud. Speak with everyone. When ready, move out.

There is a book merchant to the left.

At the Foot of Polud. Enter battle with one wolf and two demons. One demon will cast defensive spells, slumber on ally, and attack.

Blood Trail. Study the pine tree to receive Mooseman item. Study the tracks to receive an additional task.

Wolf Feast. If you wait, you will end encounter having lost one of the transformed bridesmaids. Interfere to enter battle with wolf swarm. You will ultimately face 3 wolves and a black wolf. Do not kill the black wolf otherwise the werewolf will die and lose transformed bridesmaid. After finishing battle, use Cuckoo’s Tears herb to transform the werewolf.

Somber Forest. 1) Stop hunter: -3 health. Move on. 2) Don’t interfere: Move on.

Vishera’s Tears. Choose
1) Talk: Either Promise a sacrifice: +5 sin. Optional path added.* OR Lie: +1 sin. Rusalka will attack.
2) Attack: Battle.
3) Play Cards / 4) Attack: Battle.

Battle with Polud Rusalka
The Rusalka will summon drowners who will either attack for waste damage or apply defense. The rusalka will heal for >30 health if damaged.

*Nameless Cave (Optional path if promised sacrifice). 1) Study the bones: Nothing. 2) Inspect the pester: Find Deadman’s Spindle item.

Bluff Above the Vale. Pick up Cuckoo’s Tears herb on left and right side of the road. Examine all points. Move forward and pick up a Cuckoo’s Tears herb to the right. Move forward to leave the forest. Airat will ask if you are ready to take on the leshy: 1) Ready: 2) Doubts. Choosing either option will lead to the next choice: 1) Burn the forest or 2) Don’t burn the forest. (Either option doesn’t seem to matter). Pick up Cuckoo’s Tears herb to the right.
Leave the area to encounter another werewolf. Address the werewolf as “Fedka”. What did he like doing in life, answer “Music”. Fedka has lost a “Fang”. Note, an incorrect answer will lead to a battle. Fight two wolves and one black werewolf. After the encounter you can choose to Perform ritual (return Fedka to human form) or Let it die. After the encounter, Airat will set fire to the forest.

Werewolf lair. Choose 1) Attack: Enter battle. 2) Talk: Explore all options and Nikolay will return to human form. The fourth seal will be opened.

Battle with wolf shepherd. Face 3 enemies. One black werewolf (do not kill), wolf shepherd, and wolf. Wolf shepherd has ‘pack leader’ perk where he cannot be damaged if there are wolves. The black werewolf will attack with basic attacks. Wolf will attack with basic attacks. Wolf shepherd will either attack with multiple attacks, bless allies, heal allies, or heal himself. Consider using Koldun Fiend to remove the pack leader trait.

Chapter 4. How a Leshy Walks in the Forest – Find Your Way Out

Cold Fog. Vasilisa will lose sight of Nikolai and remain completely alone.

Trees in the Fog. 1) Walk Around: Move on. 2) Come closer: Battle. Face 3 demons.

Strange Rift. Battle. Face 2 demons. One demon attacks with renunciation which damages if you use defense.

Foggy Forest. 1) Call out: Move on. 2) Come closer: +XP

Murky Figures. Gain encyclopedia entry.

Silhouettes in the Dark. Battle with two branches. Attack with regular damage and spike damage.

Intertwining Branches. Nothing. Move on.

Dark Woods. Lose -4 health.

Old Firs. New bailichka. Move on.

Broken Fir. Nothing. Move on.

Strange Trees. 1) Follow figure: Battle. 2) Run away – move on. Battle – Face one demon and one branch. Spike attacks beware.

Impenetrable Fog. Pick up herb x2. Choose 1) After the demon: Move on. 2) Walk around: Move on. To find the way, “Turn clothes inside out”. Take the Blue Boots item. Head to the village in the forest.

Village in the Forest. Speak with Efim and move on.

Chapter 4. How a Leshy Walks in the Forest – Disenchant Galina

Nemzya. Speak with the visitors and move on when ready.

Overgrown forest. Leave or fight. Battle 3 demons.

Uivolador Fields. Inspect the stump. Take the Christ Egg item.

Foggy Forest. Follow the path for battle. Fight one demon and one wolf. Demon attacks with Renunciation that does damage if you use defensive spell.

Visyasti. Follow the animals. Leave. If you follow them beyond the fogs +1 sin.

Musty Road. Face three demons. One demon deals large damage and has vampirism. It will later attack with vampirism or renunciation.

Deep Tracks. Track the demons. Battle with two demons with vampirism and renunciation attacks.

Dug-in Cart. Examine all points and move on.

Marya’s Crosses. Pick up Cuckoo’s Tears herb x2. Examine the globets. Take the mushrooms and place vodka and bread. Make a circle. Begin the ritual. Read the zagovor. Meet a raven. Speak to him and move on.

Chapter 4. How a Leshy Walks in the Forest – Reach the Leshiy’s Tree

Nemzya. Meet with the visitors. If you curse the visitor, +2 sin. Don’t tell them about the raven. If you tell about the raven, +25 sin. When finished, move on.

Burned wood. Inspect the ashes. Battle. Face three demons; one has bless attack.

Karnysha Forest. Choose 1) To the opening: Health restored. Encyclopedia. 2) Go through the forest: -5 health. Encyclopedia entry.

The Vilva Bank. 1) Swim to the bank: -1 health. Return to options. 2) Look for a boat: New encyclopedia entry. Move on.

Bad Place. Inspect the ravine. New bailichka. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. Face two demons with Bydmon attack. 2) Talk: +20 roubles.

Shot Birch. Inspect the birch. Get Offering to the Leshy item. Move on.

Kul-pu. Pick up herb x2. Distangle the zagovors. Begin 3 battles. First, face one demon with vampirism and renunciation attack. Second, face two branches with spike attacks. Third, face one large demon with multiple attack. After the battle, move forward to find Galina. Pick up herb x3. Examine all points and speak with Galina.

Chapter 4. How a Leshy Walks in the Forest – Find the Leshiy – Detective Achievement

Adapted from steam guide by SummersBee

Return to Nemyza. Begin “Detective” ACHIEVEMENT. Vasilisa needs to collect evidence and accuse who the leshy is.

Hunter’s house. Choose (About villagers) Marfa; (Facts)Offering to leshy

Herbalist. (About villagers) Anisia; (Facts) Neighbour. Can purchase herbs.

Bails of Hay. (Facts) Marfa at night; (Facts) leshy

Abandoned Huts. (Facts) Marfa at night; (Facts) Anisia. Can play durak. *You do not win anything if you win.

Galina’s Izba. (New fact) Search the yard

Forest Outskirts. (New fact) Heavy tracks; Inspect outskirts of forest. Choose take a walk in the forest for a battle. Face two demons; one with healing attack and the other with bydmom.

Galina’s Izba. At leshy’s; (Facts) Evil spirits in izba; (Facts) Daughter-in-law; (Facts)Husband

Herbalist. (Facts) Piece of cloth

Marfa’s house. (About villagers) Filimon the Shepherd; (Facts) Night walks; (New fact) Cloth piece. She will make an offer: 1) Take the Money: +3 sin. +20 roubles. 2) Refuse: -1 sin.

Hunter’s house. (Facts)tracks in forest; (Facts) Galina and Anisia

Abandoned huts. (Facts) Girl and hunter

Anisia’s mansion. (About villagers) Shepherd ; (Facts) Gift to shepherd; (Facts)Daughter-in-law. Do not Accuse.

Abandoned Huts. Gain New Song

Anisia’s mansion. (New fact) Find the susedko. 1) Fight: Battle. Face 3 demons. One attacks with Paralysis. 2) Flee: Move on.

Bails of Hay. (New fact) Look closer at shepherd; (Facts) Recently in Nemzya

Anisia’s mansion. Accuse

Village Gathering. Accuse the “Shepherd“ of being the leshy. Gain +XP.

Chapter 4. How a Leshy Walks in the Forest – Catch the Shepherd

Leshiy Discovered!. Efim speaks to you. Hear him out to gain an additional task.

Lunvolador Hills. Battle. Fight two demons; one with vampirism and renunciation attack.

Hunter’s Stash. Find Scouraged Icon item.

Loud Forests. What is this raven: Answer “Leshy”.

Guzzle Field. 1) To evil spirits: Battle. Fight three demons. One demon will add defense. 2) Draw a circle: Lose -3 health. 3) After the man: Additional task added.*

*The Pudva Bank. 1) To the other shore: Lose -3 health. *Gain additional location. 2) Go back: +240 XP. Do not gain another location if you choose this option.

*The Pudva Sketes. 1) Attack: Battle. Fight 3 demons. One large with multiple attacks. Also adds large defense with keep. *Gain more reward compared to option 3 but do not get Abandoned Church location. 2) Play cards 3) Help with the zagovor: +20 roubles, +240 XP and choose card. Opens 2 additional locations: Abandoned Church and Swampy Woods.* 4) Follow the figure: Continue to next location.

**Abandoned Church: Go up the stairs. Choose 1) Inspect the shepherd: New encyclopedia. Continue making choices. 2) Take the charter: Gain Shepherd’s Charter item. Continue choices. Battle. Fight two demons. 3) Take the coins: 4) Leave location

*Swampy Woods. Follow the figure to lose -5 health.

*Tall Fir Trees. 1) Prepare to fight: Battle. Fight 3 demons. Two with vampirism. Large damage on two of them. 2) Flee: Lose -5 health.

*Impenetrable Fog. 1) Approach: Lose -10 health. New bailichka. 2) Attack: New bailichka .3) Call out: Nothing. Recycle choices. 4) Leave location: Nothing. Move on.

Kul-pu. Speak with Filimon. Attack or Hear him out. If you help the shepherd, you will lose the raven as an ally.

Battle with Filimon
There are two phases to the fight. On the first phase, he will summon other demons. The summoned demons will attack with renunciation. On the second phase, he will increase his armor +100 and ward and will summon branches with spike damage. He will also use curse and aliment attacks. Focus on either curse/spike immunity or use herbs. Consider using koldun fiend to remove positive effects. Note that ward will not be removed with Koldun Fiend.

Chapter 4. How a Leshy Walks in the Forest – Wake the Leshy Up

Forest Camp. There is a rest period after the fight. There is a book merchant available to the right.

Dry Viam. Look around and tie the birches.

Ignatiev Creek. Inspect the ribbons. Follow the ribbons to battle. Fight three demons. One has bydmom, one heals, and one attacks with Black Crown.

Creek Mouth. 1) Inspect the body: New bailichka 2) Bury: -1 sin. -5 health. 3) Look into the stove: Nothing. Move on.

Chud’ Fields. Battle. Fight three demons. One attacks with black crown, one attacks with ally heal, one attacks with white crown.

Pu-En. Pick up Adam’s Head herb on left and right. Examine all points before Idol Spell. Rotate the pieces to make the shape of a person.

Vorys-sin. Pick up Adam’s Head herb. Examine all points before speaking to Karnysh. Agree to take him on to gain another ally. Break the seal.

Lonely island. Pick up herb x3. Move forward to the black book. Speak with the devil and be transported back to Egor’s izba.

Chapter 5. Guard the Wedding

Old Egor’s Izba. Speak with Egor. Receive Monastery Thread item. Speak with the visitors. Receive Petka’s Flute item. When ready, head out.

Riverbank. Prepare to Fight. Battle with 3 demons.

Road to Ezova. Talk to the old man. +XP.

Market. Herbalist, Book Merchant, Peddler, Durak.

Ezova Village. Speak with the koldun. Choose 1) Buy the bag: -40 roubles. +1 sin. Gain Bag of Demons item. 2) Decline: Move on.

Bridge Over the Kolva. Choose 1) Attack: Battle. 2) Walk the bridge: -3 health. Battle. 3) Get around: -5 health. Move on. For the battle, fight three demons. Two demons will attack with basic attacks or damage absorption.

Old Baths. Choose 1) Burn the banya: Battle. Time battle for three turns against chort swarm; fight total six enemies. Fight three demons with waste attack. 2) Close the door: Nothing. Move on.

Vilgort Drying Barns. Choose
1) Get rid of the ovinniks: Battle
2) Enter the ovin: More options A) Talk: Why are they unhappy with the peasant women, choose “Prayer” for +XP B) Get rid of the ovinniks: Battle 3) Play cards. If you choose to talk and answer Prayer you are given option to 1) Agree 2) Attack: Battle. 3) Play cards.
*If Battle, fight three demons. One has damage absorption. One attacks with paralysis.

Nikolay’s Wedding. Collect 4 herbs. Speak with Terentyi. Speak with beggar. Enter the church. Examine church donations. If you steal them +5 sin, +25 roubles. Speak with everyone in the church before speaking with Egor. The wedding ceremony will begin and we meet Alexander. Choose to 1) Agree 2) Refuse. Either option leads to Battle.

Battle with Alexander a second time
Koldun fight. He begins with Ward. He will summon demons that have basic large attack and damage absorption. Alexander will attack with basic attacks, defense, bless, and heal. Note, defense attack removes all negative status.

Chapter 5. Find the Church Towel

Return to Egor’s izba. Speak with allies. See visitors. Answer “Kikimora” as the creature that weaves at night.

Anbor Forest. Talk to gain new bailichka. Go searching for battle. Fight three demons. One will attack with white crown. One will heal.

Herbalist. Sells herbs.

Anbor Village. Speak with Marja. 1) Help Marja: New task added.* 2) Leave Marja: +3 sin.

*Carpenter House. Only opens if help Marja. Look around and speak with the carpenters.

* Marja’s Izba. Choose 1) Keep the doll to yourself: Gain Little Doll item. Battle. 2) Burn the doll: -1 sin. Battle.

Battle with kikimora
Enemy is permanently ethereal. Immune to curse, suppression. Casts ward. One of the attacks will remove positive status (defense, ward, etc). Use waste build to defeat.

Kozyr River. Talk to the woman. 1) Collect some earth: Gain Corner Dust item. 2) Leave the location: Move on. 3) Chase away the witch: -1 sin.

Pyanteg Road. Battle. Fight three demons; One has bydmom . One will attack with remove all status. One will defend and heal.

Obuhov Trees. Go after the figure for new bailichka.

Pyanteg Village. 1) Question about the deacon: Move on. 2) Shop: Limited herb selection. 3) Iliya church: Restore health.

Pyanteg Baths. New song.

Epiphany Church. Pick up herb x2. Enter the church to speak with the priest. 1) Read a prayer: 2) Break herb. Either option progresses. Note that a break herb is not used. Once inside, inspect all points to include to the right to examine a ladder and put it under the icon. Inspect the icon again. Speak with the deacon and encounter a demon. 1) Agree: Deacon is pushed out of the circle and killed by the demon. Gain Hell-Drawn Demon chort. Gain Church Towel item. +10 sin. 2) Refuse: Battle. Fight three enemies. Main demon is a master and will attack with prayer and bless. Main demon will gain large damage with prayer and bless; will also multiple attack. Minions will defend main demon and attack with basic attacks. Killing the minion will spawn a demon. After the battle, gain Church Towel item.

Chapter 5. Find the Church Knife

Return to Egor’s Izba. Choose knife next. Speak with allies and visitors. Meet Sergey, collector of folklore. If you agree, you gain +5 roubles. Either option will add an optional task. Move on when ready.

Cherdyn Outskirts. Battle. Fight two demons. One fights with black crown attack.

Prokopy Street. Choose 1) Chase away the chort: -1 sin. Move on. 2) Enter the pothouse: Gain Human Fang item.

Sobornaya Street. Come closer. Choose 1) Help the peasant: -1 sin. Move on. 2) Help the chort: +3 sin. Move on.

Assumption Church. Health restored. Move on.

Guest House. Encounter Sergey and priest in an argument. Choose 1) Convince the priest: How to convince the priest, choose “Superstitions” for +XP. 2) Curse the priest: +1 sin. 3) Help the priest: -1 sin. 4) Say goodbye: Move on. *Note that with every option except for saying goodbye leads to the following choice: Then choose 1) Tell about evil spirits: + roubles. New encyclopedia

Market. Herbalist. Book Merchant. Peddler. Durak.

Merchant House. 1) Offer Help: Now choose 1) Prepare to fight! Or 2) Inspect the body: -1 health. New bailichka. Battle. 2) Leave the area: +1 sin. / For the battle, fight three demons. Two demons will defend and attack with slumber. Middle will bless and attack with basic damage and waste attack. Gain additional +roubles after the battle.

Cherdyn Yard. Encounter dvorovoi. Choose 1) -10 roubles to request an invitation: +150 XP. Pick from three zagovor. 2) Prepare to fight! 3) Play cards: 4) Back away: -3 health. Move on. / Battle: Fight one demon with paralysis attack and basic attack. Gain +roubles, +XP, and new zagovor. *This will give more reward compared to choice 1.

Uyezd Police Station. Pick up herb. Inspect all points and Enter the Police Station. Speak with the policeman. Explore all options and go back. Speak with the Church Caretaker. Gain new encyclopedia. Explore all options and go back. You can choose to bribe the policeman OR go back outside and inspect the Storage again.
If Bribe: 1) Small bribe -50 roubles: +1 sin. Does not help. 2) Average bribe -100 roubles: +1 sin. Does not help. 3) Large bribe -150 roubles: +1 sin. The policeman will leave key for you at night. Move on with caretaker.
If go to storage: Call out to the evil spirits. 1) Make them: Battle. Fight three demons. One with basic attack, one with paralysis attack, one with damage absorption and basic attack. You will have more rewards with this option. 2) Outsmart: Present riddle with “Deceased” as answer. Gain +300 XP. Either option, the demons will show you a passage to free the caretaker at night.

Speak with the caretaker and choose 1) Take away the knife: Battle. Fight caretaker who has little health and little damage. After winning fight, the caretaker dies. +50 sin. Gain +1 rouble, small XP, and new zagovor. Gain Church Knife item. 2) To the cemetery: Move on.

Town Graveyard. Move forward and pick up herb on left and right. Take the shovel and head left. Pick up herb before the grave. Speak with the caretaker. Draw a circle to battle.

Battle the Witch Daughter.
Koldun fight. Casts curse attack and/or double curse. Once cursed, it will attack with Sea Depth (attack damage x3 curse level) and defend itself. It will also attack with large damage and waste 20. If you are immune to curse/waste damage, it will attack with a multiple attack, large damage recitation (2 turn clock).
After the battle: 1) Leave the keeper: Move on. 2) Save the keeper: -1 sin. Move on. After battle, return to Egor’s izba.

Chapter 5. Karnysh’s Quest – PUZZLE BATTLE (2)

Old Egor’s izba. Once ready, receive visitors to first speak with Karnysh to begin Karnysh question. Or refuse to lose this option.

Simonova Village. Choose 1) Talk to the peasants: Gain optional task. 2) Chapel: New bailichka. 3) Visit Shop: Purchase items. Once finished, move on.

Birch bank. Speak with Karnysh. Move on.

Field Outskirts. Choose 1) Fight: Nothing. Move on. 2) Approach: Answer “Eyebrows”. Gain new bailichka. 3) Leave the location: Move on.

Near Tsidovka River. Choose any options to Gain optional task

Abandoned Well. Choose 1) Draw a circle: PUZZLE BATTLE 2) Inspect the well: PUZZLE BATTLE.
Turn one: Use “George the Brave”, “Pious Words” and “Bellower”. Use Karnysh ability
Turn two: Use “George the Father”, “Urazi” and “Once and Forever”.
After the battle, gain +50 roubles and new bailichka.

Swampy Outskirts. Choose 1) Continue straight: Move on. 2) Walk Around: -3 health. Move on. 3) Help: Move on.

Karnysh’s Forest. 1) Talk: Meet the drowner pair from before and they will present an offer. 1) Agree: +5 sin. Gain +300 roubles. Karnysh flies away and lose ally. 2) Refuse: PUZZLE BATTLE. 2) Prepare to fight: PUZZLE BATTLE. Enter PUZZLE BATTLE with two drowners; three turn limit.
First turn: Headless, George the Father, Bellower, Lazarus. Use Karnysh’s ability.
Second turn: Urazi x2 the left drowner, Ruda the right drowner, and Lazarus.
Third turn: Urazi x2, Ruda x2.
After the fight, Karnysh assumes leshy form. Return to Egor’s Izba.

Chapter 5. Make candles using the fat from the bodies of those who died from the fever.

Egor’s Izba. Speak with the visitors. When ready move on.

Road to Nyrob. 1) Prepare to fight: 2) Leave location: Move on. Face chort swarm, face six total demons. There are demons with poison damage, one that removes positive status, and one with damage absorption.

Milkcap Forest. Get closer. 1) Let the dog go: 2) Leave the dog. Choose either option and move on.

Big Field Village. 1) Talk to the peasants: New encyclopedia. 2) Shop: Purchase items. When ready move on.

Field Pochinok. Speak with the farmer and gain additional task.

Pochinok Field. Leave an offering. 1) Attack: The “demon” splits in two. Choose to talk or finish him. Choose finish him for +3 sin. Gain +5 roubles from the peasant. 2) Talk: Option will be either to attack or disenchant. If choose attack, see previous result. If choose disenchant, choose “Peasant”. Gain + XP. They will present an offer: Agree or Refuse. If you agree, gain +5 roubles. If you refuse, they will present the stolen plow and give a second offer. If you agree, gain roubles from the pair and from the peasant. If you refuse, gain +25 roubles. 3) Flee: +1 sin. Move on.

Iskor Village. 1) Inspect the village: Nothing happens, go back to original choices. 2) Visit the church: Choose to battle. Fight three demons. One with poison attack. One with curse attack. One with damage absorption. 3) Shop: Nothing happens, go back to original choices 4) Leave the location: Move on.

Iskor Market. 1) Prepare to fight: Battle. Fight three demons. One with bydmom. One will remove positive status. 2) Leave location: Move on.

Iskorka River. New Bailichka. 1) Attack the chort 2) Talk: Either convince the chort or attack. Convince him by answering “Not his chorts”. Gain +150 XP. Gain Luvezelko chort. If choose to attack, Battle. Fight three demons. Left one will heal all. Middle with use defense and slumber. Right will use black crown. Note, if you choose to battle, you will lose ability to gain this chort.

Paramedic Station. Pick up herb x3. Go inside the izba and speak with the nurse. Exit and head to the barn to gather some droppings. Head back inside the izba and interact the decoction.
Right bottle left option.
Left bottle left option.
Center bottle right option
Left bottle left option
Right bottle left option
Left bottle left option
Gain +XP on finishing. Give decoction to the sick patient. Encounter Lihoradka. Option to Talk or Attack. If Talk option, 1) Attack: Same as Drive fever out option. 2) Leave the fever: Note that if you ‘wait for the night’ without healing the sick, gain +50 sin. Gain Fever Candles and avoid fight. 3) Drive the fever out: Mock her and she will leave. Choose to either go after her or leave the fever alone. If you go after her, choose “Iskor” as city she would run to. If you leave the fever alone, gain +50 sin. Gain Fever Candles and avoid fight.

Note that if you ‘wait for the night’ without healing the sick, gain +50 sin. Gain Fever Candles and avoid fight.

Narrow Street. Prepare to battle. Fight three demons. Two have bydmom.

Iskor Hillfort. Battle with Lihoradka.

Battle with Lihoradka
She is a master, has imperishable, and damage absorption. She will attack with waste and decomposure. She will also attack that will remove immunity to waste. She will attack with rot ( adds poison) and undead (healing attack causes damage). Win fight for -1 sin. Gain Fever Candles item. Return to Egor’s izba.

Chapter 5. Find the Fern Flower

Old Egor’s izba. See visitors. When ready, head out.

Woods Near the Izba. 1) Prepare to fight: Battle. Face three demons. Left will attack with curse. Middle with damage absorption. Right with poison attack. 2) Leave the location: Move on.

Road to Uphill Slope. Pick up the three herbs. Move on.

Fires Near the Kolva. Speak with everyone. If you have too many sins, the priest will be unable to remove any. Receive Kupala Wreath item from the bride. Move on. Choose 1) To the river: She will float a wreath which will sink. 2) Leave the location: Move on.

Western Woods. Encounter chorts. 1) Sneak through: +1 sin. +100 XP. 2) Prepare to fight: Battle. Fight three demons. Left and right with curse attack. Middle with poison attack. 3) Set the peasants up: +5 sins. Move on.

How the Fern Blooms. Interact with the candle, towel, and draw circle. Interact with the fern.

Starry Night. Walk towards the fern flower. Battle. The Fern Flower first starts with “Doom” attack which kills you in 12 turns. Attacks with waste and decomposure. Time and fire attack with boost to bless and prayer. After winning the battle, break seal.

Forest Rain. Surrounded by chorts looking to take the Fern Flower. 1) Fight: Fight two demons. Left will attack with remove all status. Right with damage absorption. 2) Run: -1 health. Choose again 1) Run further: Move on. 2) Look back: -10 health. Recycle to choose Run further.

Bolts of lightning on the Field Fringes. Choose 1) Prepare to fight: Fight chort swarm with five demons. Left will attack with remove all status. Middle with damage absorption 2) Continue to run: Move on.

Storm in the Field. Battle whirlwind. Master and summon spirits. If summon, will produce up to 2 demons who have bless attack or basic/fierce attack. May use defense on itself. Recitation time attack in two turns dealing 100+ damage. Despite winning the battle, Vasilisa will be taken down by the whirlwind.

Chapter 6. How Kolduns Die – Break Free – BATTLE PUZZLE (3)

Dungeon. Vasilisa will be in a dungeon placed by Alexander. She has lost the book to the Spiiner.

Prison. Examine door and use the Fern Flower. Pick up herb. Examine all points and examine door again. Choose to read zagovor. The source of Alexander’s sorcery, answer “Oven fork”.

Passage. Choose
1) Attack: PUZZLE BATTLE. There is only one turn to defeat two demons. Use Perepoloh attacking both. Use Key tongue and Koldun fiend on the left demon. Use Kila on the right demon.
2) Sneak Past: Move on.
3) Help: Move on.

Wine cellar. Look around. Take the bottle to gain Witching Bottle item.

Storage. Encounter susedkos. Choose 1
) Talk: Gain new encyclopedia.
2) Prepare to fight: BATTLE Puzzle. There is only one turn to defeat one susedko demon. Use Gryia, Gryia, Koldun Fiend.
3) Leave the location: Move on.

Old Warehouse. Face toothed swan. Choose
1) Prepare to fight: BATTLE PUZZLE. Swan attacks with doom in 3 turns.
Turn one: Nava, Kila, Ruda.
Turn two: Nava still in play, Urazi, Urazi, In Father’s Name.
Turn three: Urazi, Avoli, In Father’s Name, Igla.
2) Talk: Choose A duel. Language of the knowers, choose “Riddles”. +250 XP. You’ve spent a lot of time with this item, choose “Book”. +250 XP. A swimming, non-flying swan, choose “Steamship”. +250XP. By everyone consumed, choose “Breasts”. +250 XP.
3) Slip by: Swan grabs you. Only option is to talk.
Depending on version, this may be another solution.
Urazi, Urazi, Lock
Urazi, Avoli, Lock, Lock
Nava, Avoli, Lock, Lock, Lock
Nava, Kila, Lock, Lock, Lock, Ruda
After the battle, gain +100 roubles, +1000XP, zagovor. If you want to fight, talk with the swan first to gain Bailichka.

Chapter 6. How Kolduns Die – Get Back the Herbs and Artifacts – PUZZLE BATTLE (3)

Entrance Room. Encounter servant chort. Choose 1) Talk: You will be offered food. Decline or Try it out (health restored). Speak further to gain new Encyclopedia. 2) Attack: Demon hides. Move on. 3) Run away: -1 health. Move on.

Atrium. Chorts are tending plants. 1) Attack: Demons depart. Move on. 2) Talk: +100 XP. 3) Examine herbs: Gain herb. 4) Leave the location: Move on.

Library. 1) Examine the shelves: New encyclopedia. 2) Examine the bear: New option opens, Cut the bear. Cut the bear for BATTLE PUZZLE. There is one turn to fight two demons. Turn one, use Moon Brothers, Key Tongue on left demon. Use Moon Brothers and Judea on right demon. Use In Father’s Name and Sky High.

Gallery. Look around. There is nothing here.

Corridor. Prepare to fight. PUZZLE BATTLE. There is one turn to fight three demons. Use Snake-head on the left demon. Use Ubeitsa on middle demon. Use Worms on the right demon. Use Perepoloh and tomashikha.

Alexander’s Office. Alexander paces but cannot see you. Choose
1) Look around: Examine the points in the room. Taking your items in the bag will lead to confrontation with Alexander.
2) Talk: Reveal that Egor has betrayed you. Choose to either Attack or Persuade. If attack, see option
3. If Persuade, choose “Spinner”. +250 XP. Choosing this option, he will show up later.
Turn one: Chur, Serpent’s Sting
Turn two: Kain, Kain, Prizor the Sticky, Firm Knife
After the battle, gain + 60 roubles, +1000 XP, Zagavor. Option to Kill Alexander or Forgive. If you choose to kill, +20 sin. If you choose to forgive, -1 sin.

Chapter 6. How Kolduns Die – Get Back the Black Book – BATTLE PUZZLE (1)

After the spinner!. Speak with your allies. When ready, move on.

Book Merchant. Zagovors for sale.

Pyanteg. Choose 1) About the spinner: Lore 2) Shop: Sells items. Once finished move on.

The Spinner’s Izba. There are guards, Choose 1) Sneak past: New encyclopedia. Talk option is available. 2) Attack: +3 sin. Move on. 3) Help: Learn that guards are familiar and include Akulina. Cycle back to original choices. 4) Talk: Speak with the three. Gain new encyclopedia. Move on. Once inside, lose -5 health.

Underground path. Nothing. Move on.

Loom. Open the cocoon. Choose 1) Release the demon: Free demon. There will be a reward later. Gain herb. 2) Examine the loom: New encyclopedia. 3) Leave location. Move on. Choosing this option, you lose out on reward later.

Dusty Corner. There are cocoons. Choose 1) First Cocoon: Nothing. 2) Second Cocoon: Gain +35 roubles. 3) Third Cocoon: Nothing.

Impassable Webbing. Webbing blocks the way. Choose 1) Squeeze through: Lose -5 health. Move on. 2) Fern flower: Pass through. 3) Use the Break Herb: Pass through. Lose 1 Break herb.

Burned Threads. Threads are hanging. Choose 1) Examine the room: Nothing. 2) Examine the threads: A Spinner needs many different threads, choose “Divination”. Move on when finished.

Narrow Walkway. Chorts are in the way. Choose to Fight/Play cards or sneak past. If sneak, move on without a fight. PUZZLE BATTLE. One turn to defeat one demon. Use Curse, Curse, Khokhor, Sea Depth, Ruda.

Old Spinner. Choose 1) Examine the spinning-wheel: New encyclopedia. 2) Examine the symbols: Nothing. 3) Examine the izba: Nothing.

Take the Black Book!. There is a giant spider watching. Move between the rocks when the red glowing eyes are not looking at you. Once you pass the narrow path, you will be in a large room with the spider and spinner on the other side. Move behind the large pillars when the spider is not looking. Get to the Spinner to get the Black Book back. She will make multiple offers to you: She will first offer to go with you. She will then offer to join forces with you. She will again offer to join with you. You will want to decline as agreement will get you killed by the giant spider. Alexander will later confront the Spinner and he will then be struck down by the giant spider.

Battle with Spinner
There will be three targets. All will be immune to herb effects. They will attack with reduced defense, ailment, and poorly versed (reduces value of effects by 20). Spinner will attack with multiple attack that causes poison. She may attack with old trick which removes positive status. After the fight, Alexander will offer his help. Choose to invite him or say goodbye. If you invite, he will be available as an option to break the last seal later. Gain Spiderweb Belt item.

Chapter 6. How Kolduns Die – Find Old Egor

Old Egor’s Izba. Egor is not home. Gain Kupala Salve item. Speak with your allies; they will not come with you.

Lonely Grave. New bailichka.

Herbalist. Purchase herbs.

Field. Confront Egor. He wants the book. Enter battle. This fight will have three phases.

Egor phase 1 fight. Koldun. Immunity to waste. Herbs do not have an affect. Cunning, cannot see his moves. He will attack with spell disease where defense left over will damage you. He will primarily use a defense zagovor and multiple strike damage. To easily defeat, use curse build. First lay on curse x3 and bone curse to double curse. You can ignore the spell disease as you will not need shields now. Then use double curse and sea depth to quickly end the fight.

Above Vilgort. Learn of Egor’s further betrayal. Egor phase 2 fight. Koldun. Immunity to waste. Untouchable, positive status cannot be removed. Immunity to curse. Warlock, receives no damage if all zagovors are black. He will attack either: damage equal to sum of left over defense or damage equal to sum of status or multiple large damage attack. Success with Pavlushka (to remove shields), Ogneyastra, Omur River, and Bellower.

Mikhail’s Crossroads. See Egor’s true form. Egor phase 3 fight. Ward, Spikes, Hefty (limits max damage to 30). He has lost koldun trait. He will attack with multiple attack and regeneration. Success with the anti-grandpa build: Babushka Adamushka, Mikhail Voyevoda, Korkusha, Curse, Sea Depth, Bone Curse, Koldun Fiend, Herod Bones. Curse to lower his damage and Koldun Fiend to remove his positive status. Stack curse and waste. Damage will be limited to 30 max.

After defeating Egor, break the seventh seal. Choose 1) Throw the book 2) Push Alexander 3) Push Old Egor. Throwing Alexander or Egor in will affect the ending. Throw the book in and Vasilisa will fall in, breaking the seal.

Chapter 7. How Sinners Suffer in Hell – Make a Wish Come True – Andromalius

Hell Gate. Meet Prince Sitri. New Encyclopedia. Note, Chorts are not available in hell; remove any items or skills (when able). Speak to the visitors. Agree to help the demon for an additional task. If you saved the demon from the loom, he will give roubles and an additional task.

Gates of Hell. Choose 1) Attack: Pass through. Move on. 2) Talk: Voice will tell you to come closer. Approach and you are worthy to pass.

Hairwide Bridge. Chorts approach. 1) Prepare to fight: Battle. 2) Talk: Gain new encyclopedia. Gain option to move on or battle. 3) Run away: -5 health. Battle. Fight three demons. Fight begins as a single enemy that will have basic attack. Once health is low enough, they will split apart into three demons. They will attack, defend, use spikes.

Iron Cart. Prepare to fight. Fight three demons. Two are horses which cast waste. Middle demon will use bless attack. After battle, gain new bailichka.

Sisyphus Mountain. Meet demon. Choose 1) Talk: Demon offers an item. Take item to gain Devil’s Banner item. 2) Look into the abyss: Health restored. Move on.

Tar pits. Prepare to fight. Fight three demons. One will attack with waste.

Cossack Guest. Choose 1) Talk: Nothing happens, cycle choices. 2) Attack the demons: Battle. Fight three demons. Middle demon will have fierce attacks and ward. Right demon will bless attack. After battle, gain roubles, new bailichka.

Chort’s Fair. Herbalist. Book merchant. Peddler. Durak.

Evil Palace. Encounter chest with gold roubles. Take money or ignore it. If you take, +1 sin, +500 roubles. Ignore to move on. Speak Andromalius to gain two encyclopedia entries. In order to pass, choose
1) Toll House: He will review the sins that you have committed. You will die if you committed too many.
2) Bribe: Give all roubles.
3) Attack: Battle. Fight Andomalius alone initially. He will attack giving you 100 roubles. He will then summon demons. He will also attack with ‘golden armor’ where he gains defense equal to amount of roubles.

Chapter 7. How Sinners Suffer in Hell – Make a Wish Come True – Death

Chamber of Death. Speak with Prince Sitri for additional lore. See visitors. One demon will ask what kolduns give away before dying, answer “Chorts”. +XP.

Demon Pit. Come closer. Prepare to fight. Fight two demons with waste attack. After attacking they will ‘reload’ granting heal and defense.

Chort’s Cauldrons. Inspect the grotto. Encounter tortured sinners. New encyclopedia. Choose 1) Torture sinners: +30 sin. Gain Sinner’s Eye item. 2) Decline: Move on. 3) Prepare to fight: Battle. Fight three demons. Middle demon will have fierce attacks and ward. Right demon will bless attack. After fight, -1 sin.

Evil Kennels. Approach.
1) Talk: New bailichka. After speaking, choose 1) Attack: Battle or 2) Persuade: Convince them to stop, choose “Martyrs”. +XP.
2) Prepare to fight: Battle. Fight three demons. Two will attack with waste, one will bless or defend allies. After fight, lose -1 sin. If you want to battle, talk first otherwise you will lose bailichka.
Forgotten Palace. Discuss with Prince Sitri. Agree or Disagree. It does not matter which you pick.
Fire Lake. Come closer. New bailichka. Either Attack the demons or leave area. If attack, battle. Fight three demons. Two have bydmom.

Temple of Death. Speak with Death. New bailichka. Choose
1) Toll House: If you failed to save any of the main characters, you will die. +1000 XP.
2) Attack: Battle. Death has unremovable ethereal. Will attack with either multiple attack, Black Death (kill you if you do not have defense). Win fight to gain +182 roubles, +2500 XP. Anti death build: Ward of the Faithful x2, Curse x2, Wind-luka, Withering x4, key tongue x2, bone curse x1, herod bones x1.

Chapter 7. How Sinners Suffer in Hell – Make a Wish Come True – Satan – Righteous/Koldun/Mistress of Hell Achievement

Respite. Say good bye to Prince Sitri.

Sinner’s Forest. Run towards the hanging man and then through the group of sinners.

Throne of Hell. Run forward to meet Satan. New bailichka. Satan will offer. Accept or decline. Accept to go directly to battle. *Choose Accept for union with Satan. There is no achievement with this and game will end without second battle. If you decline, dialogue will lead to battle.

Battle with Satan
*Note, endings depend on how many sins that you have. If you have less than 130 sins, you will be able to choose destroy the book (Achievement for Righteous – Vasilisa will throw the Black Book into the lava and destroy the underworld. We reach the girl’s beloved and watch in the credits, as the couple sits under a tree together ) or Escape Hell (Achievement Koldun – Vasilisa will get inside the book and put another seal on it. In the end credits, Vasilisa will be sitting under a tree with a book in her hands). If you have more than 130 sins, you will have the option to Take the throne (Achievement – Mistress of Hell) or Escape Hell.

There are two phases. First phase, he has traits koldun, warlock (does not receive damage if zagovor is all black), Untouchable (positive status cannot be removed). He will summon demons. Attack with fire barrier which will add spikes and defense. Basic attack with defense. Purgatory attack which removes firm words. Summoned demon will ward.

Lord of Hell. Run towards the altar to trigger battle. If agreed to Satan’s before offer, the game will end. Second phase. Traits of cursed (herbs have no effect) and regeneration (gain 30 health each round). Attacks with Sinner’s Due (Bless and Ward equal to total sins). To Satan’s Joy (restore health equal to sins). If you have a lot of sins, Satan will be able to heal for large health and deal large damage.

Once Satan is defeated. Choose 1) Take the throne or 2) Escape hell. If you have less than 130 sins, your choices will be Destroy the book or Escape hell.
Once the choice has been made, you will be introduced to the outcome of all the characters which differ depending on some of your previous choices and ending. If you want the different ending, reload and fight battle again. Note that you will have to do two runs to get all the endings (‘normal’ playthrough and ‘minimal sin (less than 130)’ playthrough.

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