Blockland: All Console Commands 2021

Here are all console commands in 2021 for Blockland game.


Objects and ways to get objects

1. Objects
| groundplane
2. Find client
| findclientbyname(“NAME”)
| findclientbybl_id(“BL_ID”)
3. Client’s special
| [Find client].player – controling client’s object
| [Find client].client – controlling client’s chat

Some basic:

In end every command in end writing “;” or command gonna no work

Console and events

There lot’s of events, right?

Console can use events because
events it function…

Hold on this:

[Find client].[client’s special].[Event name]([Parametres]);

Sometimes, if we be using no “”, we can get some glitches

because without “” we can’t place 2+ parametres.
lot’s of events, usaged list in registering
can be glitched in using with console,
so edit them by using numbers.

Let’s see, how is working setplayerscale in console:

[Find client].[client’s special].SetPlayerScale(5 5 5);

ugh, it mading us 1D, because console can’t get what means another two numbers
so we can do:

[Find client].[client’s special].SetPlayerScale(“5 5 5”);

and now it worked!

Message commands

There three ways to messaging to players:


But every way got same special!

but let’s we start with messageAll

MessageAll it wroking easily, it messaging all, what writed in box #2

first our command it be:

messageAll(”, “Hello world”);

welp it red…
if you dont know soem about message events, hold on!

<color:[COLOR CODE]> – Next words will be recolored into color under [COLOR CODE]
if you gonna write <color:ffffff>, next words will be recolored into white.

<font:[FONT NAME]:[SIZE (1-100)]> – next words be using font [FONT NAME] with size [SIZE (1-100)]

now let’s talk about box #1

it will be using callbricks and these callbricks be using sound
for start, use messageAll(‘MsgError’, “<color:ffffff>Hello world”);
MsgError it callbrick.

now let’s about next – messageClient

messageClient([Find Client].client, ”, “Hello World”);

Now box #1 it client, box #2 – same callbrick and box #3 – message

announce it just easy way to use messageAll, just without callbrick


now let’s talk about SPECIAL

into message you can add some like: “<color:ffffff>” @ [Find client].name
it be showing client’s name

plus you can do [Find client].blid
and it be works same, just showing
bl id

you can see other parametres by using it…


ugh, what we can talk here?

you can do

groundplane.delete(); to delete groundplane and all known about him


[Find client].delete(); to delete all known about this client, lol


there lots of commands!
too bad, i know only
two 🙁

1 – Energy level
| [Find client].[Client’s special].getEnergyLevel();
| [Find client].[Client’s special].setEnergyLevel(NUMBER);
2 – Scale
| [Find client].[Client’s special].getScale();
| [Find client].[Client’s special].setScale(NUMBER SPC NUMBER SPC NUMBER);


i dont remember, lol

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