Bloody Rally Show: 100% Achievement Guide

A full guide of how to unlock all of the achievements of Bloody Rally Show.
Avoid my mistakes and get started with the hunt for 100% with minimal frustration!



Bloody Rally Show has some achievements that don’t specifically state a requirement even though a bunch of them state that you have to do them in the Campaign. There are more that follow this rule without mentioning it. In the guide this will be explained.

There are two main challenges with this game when going for the 100% and its one RNG achievement and the distance not being correctly calculated in the game making the big grind twice as long roughly.

Campaign Part 1

Most achievements are only unlockable through the Campaign, some aren’t obvious.

Full Season
Complete a Campaign
Completing a campaign if I recall correctly only means being top 3 at the end of a Season.

Complete 5 Campaigns

Things Went South
Fail a Campaign
You fail a Campaign if you end up bellow 3rd place at the end of a season or if you get killed as a pedestrian and cant afford to be resurrected by medics.

Repay your debt to SOFACT
Repaying the debt requires more than one season to afford buying yourself out and is more expensive the higher the difficulty you play on so this is very straight forward.

Pure Gold
Finish Campaign Season in 1st place

Medium Rare
Finish Campaign Season in Top 3 with Normal Difficulty

I Like It Rough
Finish Campaign Season in Top 3 with Hard Difficulty

Finish Campaign Season in Top 3 in Hardcore Mode
You can try some run with all campaign options enabled if you like, but I recommend disabling weapons and director etc. Beat each required difficulty to get the most of the game and if its too hard you can always at the start disable ai balancing options and reduce their skill level to 0%.
This will make it much easier and is a cheap way to beat it, regardless till you get the highest tiered car you might still not finish first at all times.
As you will notice the ai struggles with corners but will have a big advantage with weapons and balancing options as they can easily get up to speed after resets and crashes which in the players case might make a 1st place be a last place instantly.

Important to know is that you start without a car in Hardcore Mode.
My recommendation is to make sure to get good pictures so that you have enough money for the car on the 5th event as you don’t want to be a pedestrian when the cars can have weapons.

There Is No “I” In “Team”
Win a Co-Op race in Campaign
I’m pretty sure the description is wrong for this one.
As I recall it you need to do a Co-Op campaign and atleast one of the players needs to finish top 3 at the end of the Season. I did this with 2 controller split-screen. It basically took twice the time.
Since it was among the first achievements I got I can’t test it but it might be possible to enter as pedestrian and get P2 killed and make sure they cant compete more and then get top 3 as P1. I’m not sure though, might be you have to pay for each other or some other mechanic. This is just some theory crafting of mine after 100% to make this more efficient. Obviously it would be better to do this together with another player.

Twisted Metal
Wreck a car in Campaign

Smoking Miracle
Win a Campaign race with a nearly wrecked car

Grease Monkey
Repair a nearly wrecked car in a Campaign race
Do an easy level campaign and enable weapons for every race.
You will not have any issue getting your car wrecked.
You can see your health bar at the very right at the top of the screen.
I got this naturally so just be low when you receive a weapon and hope its a wrench and keep your health low. Finish first for the other ach. while being really low, I don’t know the percentage but it shouldn’t be difficult to do.

On Foot
Participate in Campaign as a Pedestrian
Automatically unlocks in Hardcore Mode otherwise you “flip the map card” and select to compete as a pedestrian.

Take a high quality close up photo of a car in Pedestrian mode
Get close and take a picture, really easy.

Wonders of Medicine
Get resurrected by medics after dying in Pedestrian mode
Just get killed as a pedestrian when you have progressed some in a campaign.
its not very expensive, somewhere between 15-25K depending on difficulty so don’t die at the start of the campaign.

My most Notorious one is the RNG Ach. The GTA Event…

Grand Theft Auto
Get your car stolen

As shown I got quite desperate to get this one but finally managed to get it on Season 26 Week 5 Day 2 Hard difficulty. I did several campaigns on Hardcore at the same time trying to go for it with no success…
The Dev told me that it might not be possible to get the event on “easy” and I recall an old thread mentioning that its higher odds to encounter the event at a higher difficulty.
Anyways its a random event so you have to play with “missions turned on” when starting the campaign.
From other trackers I’ve seen two accounts with 8 and 16 hours respectively having the achievement meaning that you probably won’t need to spend a lot of time like me to get it.

This is what the mission looks like, where the tip is a dead give away of whats going to happen and the achievement popped a few moments after starting the map.

The loss reward isn’t getting your car stolen but in my case a car upgrade. So it wont matter if you win or lose, the car will still get stolen.

Campaign Part 2

Transcended Racer
Gain 100K XP

Earn 1 million in cash in a single Campaign
For the ultimate grind campaign to get Transcended Racer, the GTA Event and at the very end the 10000 KM I suggest creating a hard Campaign without ai balancing and allowing modded cars. Also disable all weapons, but allow missions as they give good XP and nitro. Set the Ai skill to zero and do so for each two added Ai cars for each new season. Preferably get my car at the end of this section by the distance achievements. Also try to kill all convenient pedestrians for big cash and probably better XP aswell.

Hit & Run
Hit someone with your car

Dexter Morgan
Hit 100 people with your car

Mega Maniac
Hit 1000 people with your car

How Do You Even?
Hit 10k people with your car

Mr. Mercedes
25x combo!
Unlike the grind for pedestrians this is actually quite hard and I have not done it many times.
To do this you you want to do it by going through a big crowd with a pretty fast car and then another right behind or on the opposite side of the road with a slide. The time window is short and typically it seems to be more pedestrians on the 5th map with the quest for each week.

You can of course make it really easy by enabling custom maps in the campaign and using a very densely populated map. I made one after getting the achievement and you can get even 100+ combos… Though I strongly recommend getting it without this.

Drift for 10 seconds in a Campaign race

Drift Master
Drift for 30 seconds in a Campaign race

Absolut Drift
Drift for 1 minute in a Campaign race
Drifting for ten seconds is pretty challenging, but 30 sec or 1 min I haven’t even been close to.
And yes it has to be in one single drift and you cant wiggle from side to side or off-road.
Some maps have broader roads where its easier but basically to drift this long you need to do a continuous donut. Slide around in a circle. I managed to do 90 sec without a problem.
To make it easier you can let the ai finish first etc. if they bother you.

Jump 50 meters

Evil Knievel
Jump 100 meters

Rocket Man
Jump 150 meters
Once you have the fastest car or even easier if you use my car you will fly way further than this, sometimes without even trying. Otherwise nitro into a conveniently placed ramp if needed.

1 KM
Drive 1 KM

5 KM
Drive 5 KM

10 KM
Drive 10 KM

Half Marathon
Drive 21 KM

Drive 42 KM

100 KM
Drive 100 KM

1000 KM
Drive 1000 KM

10000 KM
Drive 10000 KM

Once you have gotten the Campaign Related achievements on your “grind campaign” start at the first week of a new season and grind distance by turning your car and just driving outside the map. Put something on the forward key and something else on the shift key and then leave afk for a few hours. My game crashed after about 8 hours so I typically afk for up to 6 or 7 hours but usually shorter. I always turn of camera shake in the gameplay settings and reduce particles to 1% in the video settings. (my crash happened before I started doing this so it might be possible to afk longer).
I made a custom car which I like and maxes out the allowed 1000 speed index. As its appearance isn’t modified I won’t upload it given what the devs car modding guide said about upload gneric cars. Instead I’ll provide an Image bellow so you can copy my Car. It will go 250KM/h+ off road which is great for the grind.

Through a lot of testing I can confirm that the game doesn’t count distance accurately.
Finishing a map I get about half the distance of the map and driving off road afk with my 250KM/h I only get about half. This is the most effective way to grind as you skip all the load times and other “waste time”. Potentially you could do custom maps which I’ve tried and get better speeds but it still will barely be better with all other “waste time accounted”. Last option would be to follow the car modding guide and by pass the limit of 1000 speed index. This I however consider cheating as its unintended and cant be achieved directly in the game.
My car is available at level 37 and don’t forget to push reset and finish the map so the distance counts.


Create a car in Car Editor
Very self explanatory, if you decide to use my car you will get this naturally.
You can of course make your own if you like aswell.

Look What I’ve Made
Create your first custom track

Create 10 custom tracks

The Architect
Create 100 custom tracks
I am not fond of these types of achievements.
I made quite a few maps to more efficiently grind distance during the campaign and a crazy map as shown earlier with Pedestrians all over the place.
Before all this when I went for the achievement. I typically could only get 1 map or so per session.
After a bunch of testing I figured out how to make the tracker count the maps.
Always start by clicking “new” and then chose the generate tab and select “complete map” option either of the two types to the far left then save and once again click on new and repeat the process. Simply clicking save and generating new maps or renaming maps to create duplicates didn’t count in the tracker.


Max Damage
Destroy an opponent car

Destroy 100 opponent cars
While this can be done in the Campaign it is much easier and faster to do in quick battle.
I typically got over 10 kills per game so just get into the arena and make it count and you’ll be done in no time.

Reach the depth of space!
This can also be done in the Campaign but unlike distance and other ach. it works in quick race aswell. Just start a quick race or campaign race and drive to the side and continue till you see “space” and it will pop. You can continue into the void, if you use my grind method for distance you will get it regardless.

Grab Them By The Spoiler
Catch a car in main menu demo

At the menu grab a car when it appears. You can even kill pedestrians by moving the car into them if you want.

Party Time!
Finish a race with 4 players
This can be done in the campaign I read, but I did it in custom session with 3 controllers and keyboard. First time it didn’t work so I added a single ai and then it unlocked when I started.

Ultra Marathon
Finish a race with 100 laps
This is only possible in a custom session.
I selected the fastest car and one ai opponent and the track “The Loop”. Make sure to increase to 100 laps. Note again that only campaign tracks distance so it won’t count towards those achievements.

Final Words and Advice

Bloody Rally Show is very much about chaos.
Progressing in campaign adds more racers which aren’t removable and enabling all options for the campaign will inevitably end up being a constant mess. You get spun around you reset and get past the corner tot fast so you get force reset, car bump into you again, random corner cutting penalties and everything just becomes tedious to say the least.
As the distance tracking isn’t working properly I recommend saving it for last as I’ve stated before and doing a hard campaign with most options disabled and ai at 0% skill level and no scaling for them.
Even with these settings I have had encounters where I couldn’t win in particular I recall a map where I ended up never catching up to the first place ai and losing by 15 whole seconds which is insane. They can be dumb and they can make pretty insane plays. With the rubber banding they typically aren’t far away so crashing at the end can be pretty bad, but overall with these settings I found it pretty easy as the game warns you about when you change some of the options at the start of the campaign.
Driving is highly learnable and as some say in reviews the faster cars just feel worse and even if the last car is heavy and all I still think that the collision is the big issue of the game.
The Ai struggles a lot on some curvier maps but overall they don’t lose nearly as much as the player by getting spun around or crashed. They can almost instantly recover.
It might be worth actually making a new campaign if you haven’t gotten GTA achievement after 20+ Season as somewhere later on with so many cars the time is about the same as the early campaign with slower cars but much more frustrating with all the collisions.

Making your own longer maps with repeating straight sections over the long run isn’t worth it compared to afk. Doing 2 Seasons per day and grind till you get all but the distance achievements is the best way to approach the game. When I first saw the game and looked at the ach. I thought that 50h seemed reasonable to 100%. When I realised only campaign tracked this I thought maybe 75h.
After 30h I realized I wasn’t close to even 1000KM/h so I checked the tracker and realized it only gave about half of the distance from each map as said earlier in the guide.
With this and the track generation time, loading time, quick forwarding the ai to finish the lap I realized that it makes sense. I then did the best test to just let the car drive by itself for a few hours and then could easily check with the tracker that it only gave me about half the distance of what it should.

I think the game should be around 15h to 100% with most ach. being done around that time frame and it took me 140h.
It isn’t in my opinion very interesting in terms of replay-ability but offers interesting aspects through map creation and car modding if you are interested in that.
Even if the 10000 KM would be tracked correctly I think that 1000 KM would’ve been enough as the tracks are so short.
Settling for 45 or 46 if you get lucky with the GTA event and skipping the 10000 KM should also be considered if you can accept not reaching 100%

Good Luck With The 100%!

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