Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: All Collectables Locations

Locations of all collectibles: outfits, graffiti, music, skateboards, skates, bikes



  • Blocky
  • Vibrations
  • Infinity
    in a hidden room, slide behind a couch
  • Stacked Symbols
  • Condensed Milk
    above ramps
  • Light Switch
    On the roof reachable by jumping from ramps on billboard
  • Morning Glow
  • Terrence
  • Devon
    bike garage


  • Zona Leste
    Story reward (Franks)
  • Vom’b
    Story reward (Franks)
  • Messenger Mural
    Story reward (Franks)
  • Pico Pow
    Jump through the window
  • JD Vila Formosa
    Boost through glass
  • Buttercup
    Inside robopost near start of the level
  • Headphones on helmet on
    Slide inside to get it
  • Gamex Upa Abl
    Between billboards after snakes
  • Next To Me
  • Precious Thing
    Follow train into the tunnel to get into train depot
  • Bounce Upon a Time
    Inside robopost
  • Operator
    Inside robopost (basketball court)
  • Get Enuf
    Jump over the wall right behind basketball court and slide under to get to billboard
  • Red Autumn
  • Red Winter
    Jump over the fence
  • Rave Autumn
    Bike door at the start of the level
  • Lazer Accuracy
    Find a small alley to the right of the court
  • Sylk
    Slide under
  • Death Boogie
    Follow train tracks
  • Taiga
    In stacked vending machines in bazaar, jump to the left from billboards after riding snake
  • Just Swell
    Skateboard on fire hydrant or jump from police turret to get up here, behind billboard
  • Strawberry Missiles
    Manual with skates


  • skate or di3
    Ramps near square
  • Ppora
    Follow the rail above ramps or jump from roof on the left
  • MegaHood
  • Shogun
    Boost through glass near robopost, check the trash
  • color BOMB
  • Feel the Funk
    Inside robopost
  • Plume
    Inside robopost
  • Tryce Autumn
  • Tryce Winter
    Can be reached from highest point or rails starting near Pyramid exit
  • Maceo
    Under the stairs
  • Ice Cold Killers
  • Red Industry
    On the lower roofs
  • Glaciers
    Behind painting
  • Sweet Royale


  • Spawningseason
    Jump down from the top square
  • Fate
    On top of the bus
  • Telebinge
    Ramps near tower
  • Bomb Beats
    Inside robopost, behind entrance
  • Fang It Up
    Behind a bike door
  • Spraypaintpanic!
    Story reward
  • B-boy love
    Story reward
  • Freaks
    Story reward
  • Sunshine Popping Mixtape
    Slide under a door on the top square and get to the top
  • watchyaback
    Follow rails from planet plaza to canal
  • Scrapped On The Way Out
    Small island in area blocked by oldhead near canal
  • hwbouths
    Pier in area blocked by oldhead near canal
  • Refuse
    Manual with skates near tower
  • Hair Dun Nails Dun
    In the trash, jump the ramp behind an UFO
  • Bel Winter
    Inside the tower, close to entrance
  • Mesh Autumn
    Jump from the tower to rooftops
  • Mesh Winter
    Inside robopost in area blocked by oldhead near canal
  • Rave Winter
  • Mantra
    Finish Mesh quest
    Finish Mesh quest
  • Sharpshooters
    Manual with skates on the roof
  • ck
    Control room in area blocked by oldhead near canal
  • Orange Blasters
    Lower level, lots of glass, boost through
  • Mech Adversary
    Lower level, slide into area blocked by oldhead


  • Web Spitter
  • Noisy Ninja
  • Tius
  • Raver funk
    Inbetween billboards, theater part of the mall
  • Second Sight
    Story reward
  • Moai Marathon
    Story reward
  • Campaign Trail
    Story reward
  • Deep Dive
    Story reward
  • Om33
    Slide under the door, theater part of the mall
  • Thick Candy
    In the vending machine, slide under gate, top floor, fish part of the mall
  • Anime Break
    Follow the corridor to the left of the cylinders, entrance of the mall
  • I wanna kno
    Drop down in the spiral room past the theater part of the mall
  • House Cats Mixtape
    Follow the path blocked (tree) by oldhead, go right, skateboard on fire hydrant or boost jump
  • Two Days Off
    Inside robopost, fish part of the mall
  • State of Mind
    Inside robopost, go through path blocked by oldhead in fish part of the mall, race dot exe
  • Da People
    Manual with skates in one of the cylinders, entrance of the mall
  • Spectres
    Police turret jump
  • Bel Autumn
    Inside robopost
  • Shine Autumn
    Uside down rail on the third floor
  • Mr. Taupe
    Top floor, fish part of the mall
  • Gum
    On the way to theater part of the mall
  • oyo
    Behind bike doors in fish part of the mall


  • Boom
    Jump on billboards to drop down from the roof
  • Bomb Croc
  • Wild Rush
    While on foot trick and then jump to get on the roof
  • Devil 68
  • Bomb Burner
    Story reward
  • Lauder
    Story reward
  • Pirate’s Life 4 Me
    Story reward
  • You can say hi
    Get on the ladder in tubes, ride wind turbine blades
  • Big City Life
    The very top
  • Trinitron
    Inside robopost (bottom)
  • Breaking Machine Mixtape
    Inside robopost (top)
  • Chromebies
    Manual with skates, near robopost elevator
  • Chuckin Up
    Police turret jump
  • Vinyl Autumn
  • Vinyl Winter
    Skateboard on fire hydrant in the maze
  • Rise Autumn
    After riding ladder in the pipes look for the side pipe while falling
  • Rise Winter
    In the trash
  • Shine Winter
  • Ceremony
  • Rigid No.6
    Bike door
  • XXX
    Jump into the smoking pipe


  • Teddy 4
  • Voodooboy
  • Bomb Universe
    Drop down from the rail
  • Street Classic
    Story reward
  • Record.Head
    Story reward
  • Bigshinybomb
    Story reward
  • End 2 End
    Inside robopost
  • Motorcycle Gang
    In the trash
  • Funk Express
    Jump from the ramp
  • Beastmode Hip Hop Mixtape
    Climb the building near taxi sign
  • In the pocket
  • Jack Da Funk
    In the trash
  • Iridium
    In the vending machine
  • Solace Autumn
  • Solace Winter
    Skateboard on fire hydrant to get to the rail
  • Coil Autumn
  • Coil Winter
  • Felix Autumn
    Manual with skates
  • Felix Winter
    Above helipad
  • Terraza
    Go over rails and drop down in starting area
  • Steel Wheeler
    Jump vent to rail nearby
  • Dedication
    Jum from highway

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