Borderlands 3: Vault Card Guide

This guide will tell you the fastest and easiest ways to fulfill the challenges on your vault cards.
The guide will be alphabetized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for!
The guide will be filled out as I see new and more challenges, as well as finding other ways to finish quickly.


What are Vault Cards?

Vault Cards are an addition to the game from the Season Pass 2. There are 2 separate cards, and only 1 can be active at a time, though swapping back and forth between the cards is fast and easy.
They have 3 daily challenges and 1 weekly challenge. By completing, or even partially completing a challenge, you receive experience on the active card, and, once the card levels up, you receive a chest.
The chest will usually drop keys associated with the vault card, which can be used to obtain the gear and skins on the Vault Card. The chest has a 4% chance to give you a Diamond key, used on Sanctuary 3 to get 4 items. (located under the Bridge)
As the cards level up, the experience required raises as well, however, odds stay the same.

If you do not have the Season Pass 2, but want it, I suggest Green Man Gaming. You’ll get a very good deal for it there.

Regular Mobs

Enforcers – Pandora – Slaughter Shaft
Goliaths – Pandora – Splinterlands – Where Road Dog spawns. He is a goliath and there are usually others in the same camp.
Hags – Pandora – Konrad’s Hold
Heavies – Athenas/Slaughterstar 3000
Jabbers – Promethia – Cistern of Slaughter
Maliwan Mechs – Eden-6 – Voracious Canopy – Farm GenIVIV a few times as she spawns mechs.
Nekrobugs – Nekrotafeyo – Desolation’s Edge
Nogs – Slaughterstar 3000
Overspheres – Precipice Anchor – Trial of Discipline
Psychos – Pandora – Slaughter Shaft
Rakk – Pandora – The Droughts
Ratch – Promethia – Meridian Metroplex/ Maliwan Takedown – Midnight’s Cairn
Saurians – Promethia – Cistern of Slaughter
Service Bots – Promethia – Lectra city/ Meridian Metroplex
Skags – Pandora – The Droughts
Spiderants – Pandora – Devils Razor (Near Antelope)
Varkids – Pandora – Konrad’s Hold/ Promethia – Cistern of Slaughter

Named Enemies

Arbalest – Promethia – Atlas HQ
Baron Noggin – Promethia – Meridian Metroplex –
Billy the Annointed – Eden-6 – Jakobs Estate – Theater
Boreman Nates – Promethia – Meridian Outskirts (Bridge on immediate left Outskirts FT)
Traunt – Athenas – End of the map, past the long bridge, just before Vault key
Troy Calypso – Pandora – The Great Vault
Tyreen Calypso – Pandora – Destroyer’s Rift
The Valkyries – Maliwan Takedown – Midnight’s Cairn

Raid Bosses

Defeat 7 Raid Bosses – Speed run strategy. Do Hemovorous on M6, kill only Hemovorous (leave Vermi alive), pick up any Company man, then fast travel back to the start of the map. Gate will be open and the arena resets. Repeat. FYI, Vermi doesn’t count as a raid boss. With a decent M10 build, this strategy on M6 takes about 30 minutes. Why M6? It’s the lowest before Vermi won’t spawn.

Hemovorous the Invincible – Pandora – Darkthirst Dominion
Scourge the Invincible Martyr – Guardian Takedown – Minos Prime
Wotan the Invincible – Maliwan Takedown – Midnight’s Cairn

Trials/ Circle of Slaughter

Cistern of Slaughter – Promethia – Meridian Metroplex(connector)
Slaughter Shaft – Pandora – Konrad’s Hold(Connector)
Slaughter Star 3000 – Sanctuary 3 – Slaughter Star 3000
Trial of Cunning – Sanctuary 3 – Ghostlight Beacon
Trial of Discipline – Sanctuary 3 – Precipice Anchor
Trial of Fervor – Sanctuary 3 – The Skydrowned Pulpit
Trial of Instinct – Sanctuary 3 – Wayward Tether
Trial of Supremacy – Sanctuary 3 – The Hall Obsidian
Trial of Survival – Sanctuary 3 – Gradient of Dawn

Kills with:

Elemental Damage – Anywhere, But Lectra City has decent mob density. Also, Trials/CoS.
Vehicle – Pandora – The Droughts
Weapon Manufacturer – Anywhere, but Lectra City has decent mob density. Also, Trials/CoS.
Weapon Type – Anywhere, But Lectra City has decent mob density. Also, Trials/CoS.

Faction/ Planet Specific

COV – Pandora – Slaughter Shaft
Maliwan – Athenas
Guardians – Pandora – Guardian Takedown
Pandora – Slaughter Shaft
Promethia – Cistern of Slaughter
Eden-6 –

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