Bread & Fred: Memories Achievement Guide

Memories Achievement, all photos and locations


Started Area

At this area you will find 3 Photos. This firsts is not difficulty to find, and normaly, you obtain it during the regular game.

1º Photo

This first is extremely easy to find and will appear exacty in front of you.

2º Photo

This is extremelly sad because there’s no other way to obtain it unless fall down.

3º Photo

Fishy Mines

This area is huge, and you will find 4 photos here. 2 you will normaly see while you are playing, but 2 of them are in a hidden wall.

4º Photo

5º Photo – Hidden

This photo is located in a secret wall in 129m going all the way to the left. Pass through the wall to find the secret room. Honestly, this is the most amazing area in this game.

6º Photo

At first time, I try to get it from below, but all you need to do is continue your way up and find the elevator, just like the picture.

7º Photo – Hidden

Other secret wall, just like the other one, and all you have to do is go all the way to left at 194m.

Windy Winds

This area can cause some problems because the wind, and have 1 secret wall here.

8º Photo

9º Photo

10º Photo – Hidden

Another secret wall is located at 382m. This is extremely fun to get,there will be wind the entire time, but the chalenger is fun.

Last Breath

This is the final area and you will find just 2 photos here.

11º Photo

12º Photo

And finally, the last one.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to my friend Bink, who play this game with me and suffered alongside me to obtain all these photos.

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