Bronzebeard’s Tavern: How to Get Each Achievement

All achievements and how to get them!



Just punch a customer using Left Mouse Button


Refuel the Heart in basement by using a coal.


Just serve one customer.


Cook one dish, simple!


Profit 200$ in a single day, not claim, Profit!

Sous Chefy

Burn 1 dish.

The Prince of Gluttony

Meet the “Gobbler” for the first time/ His appear at second day!

The Bestest Dwarf…

Earn “employee of the day” in a server with two or more players. Just do more work than other players.

The King of Dwarves

Meet the “Dwarf King” for the first time. He appear on a 5 day!


Kill 1 skeleton. They appears when your “Heart” doesn’t receive coal.


Buy $350 worth of upgrades in a single day.

Petty Cash

Have $1000 in your bank balance at once.

Tavern Connoisseur

Fully unlock all customer races and renowned.

The Queen of Frost

Meet the “Druid” for the first time.


Fully upgrade the tavern. Just buy every upgrades.

The Velasco

Locate the mythical Velasco. This is a toy doll located near the miners on the top floor not far from your the tavern.

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