Bunny Park: 100% Achievement Guide

Bunny Park is a thoroughly enjoyable clicker/AFK game in which you manage a park through expansions and caring for bunnies!


Lonely Bunny

Finish the tutorial

Note: your first bunny should arrive once you complete the tutorial at the start of the game, keep in mind you may not receive this achievement immediately but it’ll come, just be patient!

Bunny Party

Have 5 bunnies move into your park!

There are different ways of achieve this but I’ll list what has worked best for me below in these steps, (these will essentially support you in boosting different ratings):

  • Place Multiple Gardens (+Cute)
    I don’t recommend investing in singular fruits or vegetables to feed your bunnies; they are one time consumables and aren’t worth purchasing early on. Investing and placing gardens around your park will keep your bunnies happy and help with cute ratings!
  • Pet your bunnies! (+Cozy)
    Happy bunnies, happy life. Petting your bunnies will help with cozy ratings but do not pet sleeping bunnies, this will anger them and result in them being a bit angry and not dig for coins.
  • Clean up! (+Cute)
    Each new expansion to the park comes with debris left around, clearing it will give some small amounts of money and less clutter, meaning more area for your bunnies to dig! This will slightly boost your cute rating but not by a whole lot.
  • Decorate! (+Cute)
    Start decorating your land with anything you want! I recommend gardens for multipurpose usage and flowers as a cheap way of boosting your cute ratings!

Helpful Bot-terfly

Purchase a bot-terfly to help with automation!

Tip: Don’t save up for great or pet bots early-game, I recommend investing in some mini-cleanup bots first and eventually mini coin bots once your popularity rating improves.

Debris Finder/Gatherer/Collector

Clean up your park!

Tip: Invest in Bot-terflies, you can easily auomate progress for these achievements and earn money along the way!

  • Debris Finder
    Clean up 10 pieces of debris
  • Debris Gatherer
    Clean up 100 pieces of debris
  • Debris Collector
    Clean up 1,000 piece of debris

Beginner/Stylish/Ace Decorator

Decorate your park! The type of items you place don’t matter so make it your own.

Tip: Flowers are a great cheap and easy option to plant around your park

Park Manager

Purchase each park expansion!


  • 1,000
  • 2,000
  • 2,500
  • 5,000
  • 7,500
  • 10,000
  • 15,000
  • 17,500
  • 20,000

Bunny Cuddles

Pet 500 bunnies!

Tip: Invest in a Cozy Pet Bot for 12,500 (when your park is around 2-2.5 popularity rating) to automate progress for this achievement, of course DON’T pet the sleeping bunnies! (- cozy)

Bunny Fluffle

Find all 25 Bunnies!

Tip: All bunnies have different tastes in decor and food!; try to cater to them all by following the steps below (Improving these ratings will overall help you to progress further in the game!):

  • Place at least one type of each different garden
  • Improve your park ratings:
    Popularity: Based off of how many bunnies are already in the park
    Cozy: Based off of how much food you provide for your bunnies and how much you pet them
    Cute: Based off of the items you decorate your park with (they don’t need to be expensive!)

Extra: Seasonal related fruit and vegetables DO NOT attract different bunnies, there are currently NO bunnies with any liking for seasonal foods so if you wish to purchase them, they will work for aesthetics and will feed bunnies but will not attract any specific bunnies!

Seasonal Achievements

Spring Blossom/Tropical Summer/Cozy Autumn/Winter Wonderland
Place a seasonal decoration from each season!Tip: The game bases these seasons off of your system’s time; you can change your system’s time in your computer’s settings.

🔒 Quack Quack 🔒

Purchase a duck in the Spring for 7,500 (Ducklings do not count!)

🔒 Pom Pom 🔒

Purchase a Winter Hat for 250 during the Winter and get a bunny to wear it

Tip: Place the hat in the walking route of a bunny so it can find it easily

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