Burn Me Alive: Tips with Optional Spoiler

Warning: Reading this guide will affect the gameplay result, please understand the risk before continue:

Agree those terms in-order to proceed:
1. I’m playing solo, I have no friends to discuss how to proceed
2. Reference tips for quick replay, because lack of checkpoint save
3. Puzzle spoilers will spoil the challenges
4. Cut short in your gameplay hours


  • Game world timeline: 1977
  • Henry Gray is the main character
  • His wife & son are dead in a terrible fire
  • He live alone in same cemetery with his dead family
  • Require to examine clearly what to pick up and interact
  • “Run” will unlock until reach a certain stage of story progress
  • Save your bullet = The zombie cannot be kill until the game give hint to fight it
  • Death penalty = Redo the puzzle from the beginning
  • Lack of checkpoint save = Redo the puzzle from the beginning
Story progress
Wake up in the mid-night

Objective: Find out why the dog barking

  1. You are now in a DIY cottage in cemetery
  2. You need to find a key to open a door to meet your dog
  3. Someone had leave a note on wall, where the hand-print with blood
Stranger mission

Objective: Find out what is what

  1. Barn = The locked door right at the cemetery
  2. What Henry wants = Meet his family again
  3. Dead pictures = Large photo hanging in the bedroom
  4. Riddle = Look at each photo & discover the next step
  5. Nothing discover = leave the area and revisit again to discover the key
  6. Take the key & head up to unlock the Barn
Ritual in a Barn

Objective: Conduct a ritual

  1. Grab the old book from a broken coffin
  2. Remember to find 3 candles
  3. Grab the first candle on the shelf next the bed
  4. Wait until the door open, which under the stair
  5. Enter it to discover a sitting mannequin
  6. Examine the photo with gramophone lady
  7. Enjoy the gramophone music play & return back to sitting mannequin
  8. Stay together with the mannequin until she place a candle on the chair
  9. Wait until the mannequin disappear, but actually she placed a candle behind you
  10. Collected all 3 candles, then wait for the aggressive zombie
  11. Eventually, it will stop attacking and open the door for you
  12. Return to the barn and place 3 candles on the altar
Bowl of water

Objective: Solve water problem

  1. Return back to the basin at the beginning area
  2. Look for “something” to release the water
  3. Return to the Barn and place the bowl on the altar
  4. The next step is to “Stop the Time in the water”
  5. Find a small clock that able to fit into the bowl
  6. Return back to the beginning area to find it
Must do what you being told

Objective: Make a sacrifice

  1. The game was bugged and could not trigger anything to proceed
  2. Exit will restart all over again the entire ritual
  3. Go back to ????? trigger ??? to gain a pistol
  4. Kill your dog
  5. Place on the altar
  6. Use a knife to complete the procedure
The last page is missing

Objective: Discover your self

  1. Head downstair and examine the hanging photo
  2. Follow the glowing globe to the cemetery
  3. Open the tomb where the statue stand
  4. Take the last page from the corpse
  5. The running zombie will stop until your reach the altar
  6. Find a gasoline container in the barn, pour it on the dog
  7. Use the lighter you found on the TV

Objective: ???

  1. Unlock the red chest with the code “357”
  2. Unlock the green chest with the code “113”
  3. Unlock the yellow chest with the code “2314***”
  4. Discover the clickable numbers land on the page
  5. Click “21” in order to proceed

Objective: ???

  1. The barn now is on fire
  2. Go further in the cemetery
  3. Fight the zombie
  4. Check on your family grave

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