C14 Dating: Cave Mini Games Solutions

Simple guide with solutions to all “Cave” mini games to save you some time in your grind for stats. Puzzles from tutorial are not included, since game basically solves them for you or you can just skip tutorial altogether without any consequences.



  1. Speleothems

  2. Wet screen aka tamisage

  3. Faunal remains

  4. Coordinates

  5. Stone tool aka silex

  6. Cave bear (what else)

  7. Prepared core

  8. Trowel

  9. Context

  10. Cave painting

  11. Water

  12. Fire

  13. Flora remains

  14. Hafting

  15. Horse

  16. Cave hyena

  17. Assemblage

  18. ??? (1 of 4)

  19. ??? (2 of 4)

  20. ??? (3 of 4)

  21. ??? (4 of 4)

Misc stuff

Just a few things I figured out.

  • I’m pretty sure that your stress level doesn’t really matter. It only affects number of hints for Cave mini game and number of objects to clean in Lab mini game (which is a plus, really), so don’t worry about it too much.
  • Official guide recommends to use “Socialise” to raise your empathy and culture, but why would you use anything else when volunteering exists? It takes up 2 slots, but raises ALL stats by ~6 WITHOUT raising stress if successful. If you save scum, you can max out your stats by week 2, if not – by week 5-6 unless you’re really unlucky.
  • Also, official guide says that you need to raise all of your stats by ~75 to get Best Alone ending/Achievement/CG, but you also can’t have too much affection points with anyone. So pick every wrong option ever.

By hijiki

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