Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer: How to Fix “Lost Connection to Host” Error

Possible fixes for an issue where players try connecting to a server just for it to lose connection.


How to Fix “Lost Connection to Host” Error

Possible fix #1
I personally have found that trying multiple times to connect to a server eventually works. Sometimes it works after 3 tries, sometimes 5, sometimes once. It’s really unpredictable, and it has nothing to do with how many players are on the server or playing Black Ops as a whole.

Possible fix #2
Although this is really generic, your anti-virus or firewall could be messing with the game. Make sure both Private and Public connections are selected on Black Ops – Multiplayer in Windows Defender Firewall.

Possible fix #3
Try flushing your DNS

Open Windows Start

Type cmd, and run it as administrator

Type: ipconfig/flushdns

This has been reported to work for some users, so I highly recommend trying this.

Possible fix #4
Try tweaking your config file

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