Campaign Clicker: Walkthrough & Achievements 100%

Here is a full walkthrough to get all achievements in Campaign Clicker.



  • In the current version of the game, it is possible to get unlimited boosts upgrade by clicking on the yellow arrow in the circle that is up above the hammer symbol on the right and advancing through all the text. This upgrade goes through campaigns.
  • Use your unlimited boosts upgrade to add 2 hours of a double multiplier by clicking on the sign with exclamation in the top right. After getting your first multiplier, you can click again on the now 2x symbol to add more time to this multiplier.
  • You get a Fly Eagle Special at the beginning of each campaign. Also in the top right to be activated. All your clicks will get a x1000 value for 60 seconds. Use it wisely like when you have high finger value and to combo with the Four Click Multiplier Bonus. You can easily get a landslide with this combo.

Completing Your First Campaign

You get this achievement when you finish the 24 hours of the first campaign.
Remembering that it’s an idle game so time also decreases offline.

Tough Day!
Complete your first Campaign

Landslide Wins

When you reach 322,014,999 votes from the U.S. population, you can do a landslide to win the campaign before the total campaign time runs out. In the left menu, go to the third option, the blue one with a person with a medal, and click on the button to accept landslide.

Get 1 Landslide win

Get 10 Landslide wins

Get 100 Landslide wins

Unlocking Candidates

There are four candidates unlocks related to achievements.

From one of the requirements, the Vote Coins are earned every time you complete a period. They are multipliers so I recommend to leave them as last achievements.

  • Use 100 Vote Coins to unlock this candidate.

    The man with no name
    Unlock Mayor Eastwood
  • Use 1000 Vote Coins to unlock this candidate.

    King Of Camelot, JFK
    Unlock John F. Kennedy

On the other hand, the votes required are the totals and the game application must be restarted to unlock them.

  • Get 9,999,999,999 votes in one period.

    Nixon’s the One
    Unlock Richard Nixon
  • Get 99,999,999,999 votes in one period.

    Unlock the Guvernator


Red balloons carrying chests will fly across your screen and after clicking them, mostly being active bonus events. There are two related to achievements.

  • Invest in Education: every click earns you more than the last!
    The achievement is for clicking 1000 times on the book.

Invest in education 1000 times
  • Attack the National Debt: Each bag explosion earns you a 1000x click!
    The achievement is for destroying 1000 dollar bags. Some need just one click, others more.

Destroy Debt
Destroy 1000 dollars of the national debt

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