Capcom Fighting Collection: How to Unlock Hidden Characters in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

A quick guide to unlock the secret characters in the game through both methods, there’s relatively few in this game, but they’re quite unique for a Puzzle game.



Since you only use two buttons to play, there are only two colours available per character, and those are the only buttons you will use to select characters. Also the characters in this guide are organized by the order they can be selected through Easy Select for convinience.

Also, even though I mention scrolling down from specific characters, you can also just scroll left or right to find the remaining ones afterwards, i.e – if you highlight Devilot, just scroll right to find Akuma/Gouki and Dan

Devilot de DeathSatan IX

For Original Select: Press and hold the Start button. Press Down 13 times and wait for the timer to reach 10 seconds. Press a button right as it reaches 10.

For Easy Select: Press Down from Morrigan


For Original Select: Highlight Ryu and hold the start button. While holding it, press in the following order: Down, Left, Down, Left, Down , Left, Down, Left (continue holding it after pressing it). While still holding Start and Left, press any button.

For Easy Select: Press Down from Hsien-Ko/Lei Lei

Dan Hibiki

For Original Select: If you’re Player 1, highlight Morrigan; if you’re Player 2, Highlight Felicia. Then, press and hold the Start button, press Down 13 times and then press one of the two buttons to either use his default or his alternate colour.

For Easy Select: Scroll down from Donovan

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