Car Detailing Simulator: All Achievements Guide

All achievements in the game with extra description on how to complete them.



This guide contains a lot of spoilers.

There are no missable (by story) achievements in the game.


Take photo

It starts here
Finish tutorial

Are you still here?
Long session, this is beeing online and in the game for over an hour I believe

Shred in your shed
Buy shed car, at the second garage there is a wall with a chain fence where you can buy cars if you click on it

That was just a warm-up
Finish game, reach reputation 15

Speedrun baby steps
Car 1 minute, accept and finish a car within one minute you can just turn it in while it is dirty

Get rich or die tryin’
Make money, reach 100.000 made in the game

Buy Toolkits

First tool kit
Buy one toolkit

Foam first, lunch second
Buy lights toolkit

Buy body toolkit

Shine bright like a diamond
Buy finish toolkit

Wheels of steel
Buy wheel toolkit

Man in the mirror
Buy window toolkit

Backstreet seats
Buy seat toolkit

Interior is important
Buy interior toolkit

Tools of trade
Buy all toolkits

Use Equipment

Power of pressure
Use pressure washer

Cleaning cloth cause cough
Use rag

Sprinkle rain
Use window spray

Dust buster
Use vacuum

Set the seat
Use seat spray

Light in the darkness
Use flashlight, click f

Round, round, baby
Use hand polisher

Baby brush
Use soft brush

Daddy brush
Use wide brush

Scrath like a DJ
Use sand paper

Dunk the trash
Use trash can

How thin is skin
Use paint meter

It’s all about the details
Use small brush

Burnish the tarnish
Use automatic polisher

Sponge no squarepants
Use sponge

Fix on Cars

Like a brand-new
Fix scratches

Fix the seat
Fix seat

Recycling’s magic trick
Fix trash

Good work, bodywork
Fix body, fix amount unknown

Let me in
Fix wheels, fix amount unknown

The wheel is clear
Fix wheels, fix amount unknown

Through the glass
Fix windows, fix amount unknown

Wash Cars

Good start
Wash 1 car

Detailing apprentice
Wash 10 cars

Detailing master
Wash 50 cars

Detailing god
Wash 100 cars

Wash 500 cars

Garage Upgrades

Garage gearhead
Buy garage upgrade

Garage makeover
Repair second garage after you buy it

Welcome home
Buy garage second garage

Pimp my garage
Buy all upgrades


Get 2 reputation

Get 5 reputation

Get 10 reputation

Get 15 reputation


Long time no see
Open memory click on one of the pictures from a car on the wall

Who cares anyway?
Return dirty, return a car without having cleaned it completly

Finders keepers
Find a unique while cleaning the inside of a car

Pressure washer enthusiast
Long use of the pressure wash tool

You have no idea what you are doing
Sell a car on the auction for the first and lowest price

Meet the detailing family
See the credits when you finish the game

Mom, look at me!
There is a small stairs in the shop which you can move and stand on

It’s showtime!
Buy the autosalon

Tune your PC
Pressure wash your pc in the shop

It’s too late to apologise

Wait, what was that?!
Complete the job where you clean the ufo it will pop up at jobs

Find turtle in a car while cleaning inside

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