Car Trader Simulator: How To Make Money (Fast And Easy)

In this guide, You will learn how to make huge profits (From stolen vehicles)


The Beginning & Map

For starters, let’s say you start a new game. Take a look around the map and get your surrounds (if you haven’t already) You should know that you start with the player base (1) one garage (2) and there is also a car dealership nearby as well (3) Keep all of these in mind.

Player Base, Car Dealership, Employees, And Equipment

To get started, Hire some employees. For this guide, I recommend hiring, one driver and mechanic, as well as two thief. Then give your employees equipment, for this I recommend, Six Bed Tow Truck (Driver) Full garage equipment (Mechanic) and a Trailer (Thief). Last, send your employees to the one and only garage on the map. Next, remember the Car Dealership? Buy the Dealership (3), this is important because the Dealership sells you cars between 90 and 110% of their values, thus means more profit. And a side note repair cars to increases their value to their max.

Neighborhoods, Roads Types, And Grand Thief Auto

So, now that you have everything set up, let’s talk about neighborhoods and Road types.

Road types
As you can tell, there are three different road types, Highways (1), Streets (2), and back-roads (3)Highways are the fastest (1) for all employees to drive on and back-roads being the slowest(3), keep this in mind when stealing cars.

When looking for cars to steal, keep the neighborhood in mind. Back-road neighborhoods have little to no police in them, making them a great place for your theif’s to roam in. So far, I found two great place you can have your theif’s patrol in when on the lookout for cars, plus the “neighborhoods” are right next to your garage, thus meaning your theif’s can and will have a fast getaway from the police.
Also here’s a tip, To set a patrol pattern (Red Line) for you theif’s to follow, one, hold your “Shift” key, Two, left click to set a point, Three, let go of your “Shift” key, Done! Now your theif will patrol in the same pattern over and over again until you tell them otherwise.

Grand Thief Auto
Now lets get into stealing cars, know IRL as, Grand Thief Auto.
Your theif’s are making there round in the neighborhoods, you sit and wait, and ping! your theif has spotted a car (Red Car Flag) you know what happens next… I know you do, Grand Thief Auto Time!
Click on your theif and then click the car flag, they will then drive over to the car and then start the thief. remember the trailer I told you to buy? I hope you did, because it will come in handy. watch you theif and be ready to send them to the garage as soon as they are ready to roll because your going to gain heat. Also note that, Everytime you steal a car, you lose two lawfulness but you can always gain it back with ads that you pay for (In The Ads Tab) unless you just like being a theif.

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