Castaway of the Ardusta Sea: H-scenes Guide

A guide to unlock every scene for Recolection room. Game offers hints about them, but they are very vague.


H-scene guide

Seduction event (5 total).
Pretty straightforward. When discovered, use “try seduction” option. Works every time with standard enemies.

Without Seduction trait only two events are available, four with Seduction lvl 1, all five with Seduction lvl 2.

Defeat events (5 total)
Very straightforward. Initiate a fight and lose against standard pirates in cave or on pirate ship to eventualy get first three. Fourth one is tentacle rape, triggers when losing to black enemies while exploring underwater temple. Last one is defeat by final boss scene, but requires to acquire an item before starting a battle (without this item, losing to boss means death for Aisha and game over).

Other events – Aisha (9 total)
They are split into two sections: 4 on upper desk and 5 on lower.

Upper scenes (from left to right)

1. Available if Aisha is not a virgin or have Cute Charm trait.
After entering main part of cave (not the one where pirate ship is, the one after that), go left and up at first possibility (beware patroling pirate) there is a H-scene marked with pink heart waiting.

2. This one is a little tricky and very missable.
Requires to have at least one skill point available and Aisha CAN’T have Cute Charm skill unlocked yet. Lose a battle, then keep chosing “wait for better opportunity” option in prison cage untill Guard says something like “there is no point guarding here”. Now, and only now, go to Learn traits menu -> Seduction traits – > chose Protection trait. This will unlock Cute Charm skill and Seduce guard option will become available.

Unlocking Cute Charm skill before imprisonment locks player out of this scene.

3. Aisha can’t be a virgin, must wear anything but Diving suit and have Cute charm skill unlocked or at least 5 sexual experiences.
This event is in Pirate Ship’s brig. After entering pirate ship use stairs leading down twice. Eliminate guard by any means (Seduction, assassination, whatever, but he must be gone). A pink heart icon will appear.

4. Aisha must be discovered for the first time while exploring Pirate Ship.
Very simple. While discovered by standard enemy on pirate ship for the first time, use “Try seduction” option. This scene will unlock (can be done even for Virgin runs)

Bottom events (left to right)

1. Part of upper event 3, will unlock at the same time.
2. Unlocks when entering Crab cave in underworld for the first time. Interact with pink “!” mark.
3. Unlocks after getting Water breathing oinment in Captain’s room on pirate ship.
4. After clearing up Crab’s nest in underworld, follow the path from where boulder came. There will be a new entrance on the right. Interact with pink “!” mark
5. Requires working elevator and Whale coin.
Use elevator to travel to Middle cave, use whale coin to unlock metal bars at the bottom, go through new area on the way to the right (avoid detection by two pirate sentries). Use hole to “teleport” on other side of chasm and this event will unlock after interacting with hole in the wall there.

Other women events (7 total).
These scenes gave me headache as game is very, very vague about how to get them.
Getting three scene on the right side is easy: go to temple, lose a fight against black enemy, use Luck point (not required, but failing test here makes game impossible to complete) after tentacle rape scene and there will be a pink heart icon in front of cell to the right.

Now, four events on the left eluded me for days. This is how to get them (assuming game just started, but likely can be done at any time):
1. Unlock Seduction level 2 trait (not required, but more fun this way).
2. Make sure you have at least one hairpin available.
3. Make Aisha have a lot of sex. Seduce pirates, lose battles on purpose, whatever, build up her sexual encounter stats.
4. If only one hairpin left – save.
5. Go outside to north part of island and interact with event there – choose Rest option.
6. Go back to cave – a pink heart icon should appear at entrance to Jail area (where girls captured at the beginning of game are being held). If it doesn’t appear, that means Aisha is not lewd enough yet. Load save from step 4 and repeat step 3 more times, then steps 4 and 5

I unlocked that event after whoring Aisha to pretty much entire cave and pirate ship (including pink heart events).

Interactive bad end scenario.

Game has an interactive bad end scenario, where Aisha becomes a slave and game can’t be completed anymore.

Lazy way
Enter recollection room, use hole in the wall on the right, move all the way down.

Normal way.
Play till underwater temple. Lose batte to black enemy, when prompted chose a die roll for escape test. If successful, lose battle again. Repeat till test fails.

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