Castle in the Clouds: Easy Levels and Money Guide

Bounce your way to victory with this quick and easy method of getting OP while questioning your own life choices!

Step 1: JUST DO IT!

Hey you! Yes, you there! Feeling underpowered? Final boss getting you down? Is your busty bounty hunter struggling to deal that killing blow that separates her from a lifetime of riches? Well, have I got the cure for you! Feast your eyes upon this simple, late-game tactic that’s sure to put a spring back in her step!

In the titular final area known as the “Sky Castle,” you’ll come across a horizontal room (highlighted in the provided image below) slightly below the center of the main area on the map where a bulk of the rooms will be located.

Here you’ll find a long platform teeming with slime enemies from top to bottom, and at the very center on the bottom will be one with hearts above it, indicating you can perform an “H Scene” with it (if you’re in NSFW mode). When finished, it will increase your Lust/Rage and cause an exploding AOE attack that destroys all the remaining slimes around it, assuming you did your due diligence powering Lily’s attack. This is gonna be our strategy!

Once all the slimes are sufficiently turned into delicious Jell-O brand desserts, drop down the pit on the left side and immediately climb back up to have them respawn instantly. Head back to the heart slime, mash through the H Scene if playing in NSFW, clobba them there slimes again, rinse and repeat.

By performing this tactic, you’ll quickly earn levels, A.P. and money that will all go toward making Lily even more powerful and borderline broken when spent at the Inn. It also goes a long way toward knocking out some of the achievements, like reaching level 200 (which you’ll easily surpass) and buying all available weapons (outside of Excalibur). But most importantly, you should have no issues with the final boss, so long as you’re patient and have a few health potions on you!

There you have it, my friends. Spread the word about our fantastical new tactic that’s taken the world by storm probably! Now go save the world, ya knucklehead! … Oh, and remember to save before the final boss if you’re going for all 3 endings!

Feeling too lazy to read? Here’s a quick video guide for your viewing pleasure!

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