Cattails: Wildwood Story – Fastest Mews Guide

A single, short method of obtaining mews. This is the best mews making method.


How to Make Mews Fast

Step 1 – Complete Mine 1 (Reach Floor 100)
This unlocks Mine 2

Step 2 – Reach Floor 75 in Mine 2
Floor 75 is where the money making happens, so you need this checkpoint!

Step 3 – Enter Floor 75 of Mine 2 Repeatedly
Enter the mine, kill any adders, destroy chests, break rocks that sparkle (they always contain gems). Once you’ve done that, leave the mine! Then, enter floor 75 again and repeat.

Step 4 – Sell
You can either sell everything to Ember for Mews, or sell it to a mole for ~x3 the Mole Cash.

Bring a buddy that can break rocks for you! This saves you a slight amount of hunger.

Bring a buddy that is lucky! This allows you to get better gems and way more money.

Bring 3 rock-breaking skills (Wild Slash, Tiger’s Breathe, Lion’s Roar), this allows you to save hunger and break rocks faster!

Bring the “Hunter’s Gamble” skill, this allows you to kill adders for 2 instead of 1, which is +40 (unless you’re bad and miss a lot).

Why is this good?

Floor 75 of Mine 2 is guaranteed to be a Temple Floor.

Temple floors have only a single enemy (the Adder), but that sells for 40 mews!

Temple floors have a super high rate of chests, which means you can get tons of gems easily!

Since you aren’t really fighting any enemies nor breaking too many rocks, you don’t need many hunger and healing items to do this method, you just grind.

Rate of Earnings

From my tests, there isn’t really a difference between difficulties (because you’re not fighting or anything).
It is important to note that harder difficulties will require you to bring some food.

5 test runs – 10m each
impawwsible or kitten difficulty (doesn’t change the amount really)
2230 Mole Cash
1065 Mews

Post how much you get in the comments so everyone can see how good this is.

Side Note: This is way better than Catnip farming and hunting

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