Celeste: How to Obtain Winged Golden Strawberry in 1A

This is a detailed guide to obtaining the hidden Winged Golden Strawberry in Chapter 1A. It includes several line-up tricks dedicated to help player increase their success rates in several difficult jumps during the challenge.



Disclaimer: This guide is made based on my research and experience. I’m not a very good player nor tutor so the effectiveness and correctness of this guide might vary. If you spot any possible improvements on this guide, please kindly leave a comment to share you thoughts/tips.

Winged Golden Strawberry is one of the most hidden collectibles in Celeste. Unlike other Golden Strawberries, you are not required to complete the chapter without dying. However, you have to complete Chapter 1A without using Dash in order to obtain it. This challenge requires a few very difficult tricks in order to success, which some might even look impossible at first glance. This guide is dedicated to make your life easier by introducing several setups that makes these difficult tricks doable consistently.

Before we start, here’s a list of several advance movements that will be utilized.

  • Coyote Time: Coyote Time is a mechanic where the player can jump in the air after falling of a platform within 5 frames. It is helpful for getting a slightly further jump
  • Cornerboost: A cornerboost is performed when the player climb-jumps off the top few pixels of a wall with the right timing. This gives the player slightly more momentum and jumps further/higher compared to a normal climb-jump. It also allows you to jump from the corner of spiked platforms.

  • Neutral Jump: A neutral jump is when player performs a wall jump without inputting the directions or holding down the grab button. A Neutral Jump cause the player to jump away from the wall at a distance shorter than a wall kick, but it does not consume stamina like the latter. Steering back to the wall after performing a neutral jump at the right timing will allow player to travel vertically up without stamina. Neutral jumps allows climbing up walls even when player ran out of stamina.
    Learning how to chain neutral jumps is crucial for this challenge.

    First two are neutral jumps while third is a normal wall kick, notice the difference in distance.
  • Spike Jump: A spike jump is when the player performs a wall kick/neutral jump on a corner cover with spikes.


【Room 1】

It’s a good place to practice coyote jump but it is not required to complete this room.

【Room 2】

Grab the wall at 1, when slightly below the corner, perform a climb-jump and immediately press jump to perform a cornerboost. When done correctly you will gain enough height to land on the right platform.

【Room 3】

Wall jump from 1 to 2. At 3, hold Grab and jump towards 4, then perform a cornerboost. When done correctly you will be able to grab onto 5.

【Room 4, 5】
Nothing worth mentioning.


【Room 1】

The first seemingly impossible jump. There are two routes to jump across the wide spiked platforms. First is by performing an almost pixel perfect corner boost by jumping off from the top left platform. Second route is easier but requires remapping controls if you only have 1 key for Jump. Controllers should have 2 jump buttons by default, but you can rebind them so you could mash them comfortably.

Hold Right and Grab, run and jump from 1 to 2, the closer towards top the better. When Madeline touched the wall, Immediately press two jump buttons in quick succession without releasing Right and Grab. When done correctly, you will jump higher than usual, just enough to cross the spikes and grab onto 3. While holding Grab, descend and grab onto 4, perform a cornerboost to land on 5.

Alternatively, you can also perform a cornerboost at the top of the screen platforms.

【Room 2】

Another room difficult to do without intel, but very easy once you know the tricks.
Climb up to 1 until Madeline hits her head on the ceiling. Hold Right without releasing Grab, then press two Jump buttons in quick succession. When done correctly, you will gain just the right amount of height to barely land on 2.

【Room 3, 4, 5】
Nothing worth mentioning.

【Room 6】

Performs a coyote jump from 1 to grab onto 2. Line up Madeline to the wall as shown.

While holding Grab, perform a cornerboost, slightly hold Right so Madeline will fall slightly to the right of the corner at 3. Still holding Grab, press Jump right before Madeline falls onto the same level of that corner then hold Right. When done correctly, Madeline will barely grab onto the falling platform at 4. Climb up the platform, jump to 5 then proceed the rest.


【Room 1】
Nothing worth mentioning

【Room 2】

Hold Right and Grab, jump from 1 to 2. Just when Madeline is about to land on the corner, press Jump. When done correctly, you can reach 3. Performs a few chained neutral jumps to climb up the right wall onto the wooden platform.

While standing close to the wall at 5, jump up and performs another neutral jump. When done correctly, you can see Madeline’s foot will be 1 pixel to the left the wooden platform’s edge. Hold GrabLeft and Jump at the same time, jump right before landing onto the corner at 6. When done correctly, you will land on 7. Jump to the left walls and descend to 8. Release Grab so you fall down, then hold Grab immediately, and press Jump right before you hit the corner at 9, hold Left to reach the left wall, then proceed the rest.

【Room 3】

Climb-jump from 1 to 2. then from 2 to grab the falling platform. Hold Grab and Left at the same time then jump right at the edge of the falling platform. Press Jump right before landing on the corner at 4.
Alternatively, you can jump from the falling platform to 3, descend while holding Grab to grab onto 4, perform a cornerboost to reach 5.

【Room 4】

Perform a coyote jump from 1 to reach 2, proceed the rest then line up Madeline at 3.

Hold Right then jump. Press Jump again just before landing on the corner at 4 to reach 5.

【Room 5】

Grab onto the traffic block and don’t move to save stamina. Perform a boosted wall jump, and you will barely land on 2. Perform a series of chained neutral jumps, then line up Madeline at 3.

While still holding Grab, hold Left and jump to perform a wall kick. Right before you reach the maximum jump height, hold Right and you should be able to barely grab onto 4. Perform a boosted climb-jump to reach the platforms above.

Perform a coyote jump at 5, and there’s the end.

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