Century Age of Ashes: Display/Graphics Settings

Current Century: Age of Ashes is not supported by detailed graphics settings within the game.

Since it is in the development stage, detailed display/graphics settings will require manipulating the game settings file directly.

You can change detailed settings by opening the GameUserSettings.ini file in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Century\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor.

Essential Settings Description
  • sg.ViewDistanceQuality = 1~3
    : It is estimated as an option regarding the quality of objects at a distance . The lower the value, the lower the quality.
  • sg.ShadowQuality = 1~3
    : This is an option for shadow quality . Lower values ​​result in lower quality shadows. Due to the nature of the game, less attention is paid to details, so it is okay to lower the value.
  • sg.PostProcessQuality = 1~3
    Post-processing options.
  • sg.TextureQuality = 1~3
    : This is an option for texture quality . The lower the value, the lower the texture quality. Due to the nature of the game, little attention is paid to the details, so if you can tolerate the slightly squished texture in the main screen or MVP screen, you can lower the value.
  • sg.EffectsQuality = 1~3
    : This is an option for the effect quality . The lower the value, the lower the quality of the effect.
  • sg.FoliageQuality = 1~3
    : This is an option regarding the quality of vegetation . The lower the value, the lower the quality of the vegetation. As with the texture quality, the nature of the game requires less attention to detail, so lowering the value doesn’t matter.
  • sg.ShadingQuality = 1~3
    Shading quality options.
  • GammaCorrection =0.000000
    : This is an option to adjust the gamma value .
  • FrameRateLimit =0.000000
    : This option limits the frame rate . If 0, unlimited. It is recommended to set the value according to the Hertz value supported by the monitor. (Example: For a 144hz monitor, just enter the value as 144.000000.)

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