Cheeky Chooks: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

Since I had very big problems playing Cheeky Chooks 100% and getting all Achievements and since there is no up-to-date guide, I would like to help here. In this guide you will find the solution for all achievements!

Chicken Achievements!

You only have to own 5 chickens, it can be done relatively quickly

What’s that like a million
You have to own 100 chickens, that can be done quickly

Savvy Henvestor
You can hatch a rare chicken when your farm has reached level 2, then you will get the rare eggs.

Super Savvy Henvestor
You can get a golden chicken when your farm has reached level 3, then you can hatch golden eggs (a level 3 farm costs 1 million)

For this you need to have 20 golden chickens. You can initiate this as soon as you have a farm level 3. Golden chickens are very demanding and therefore also consume more resources.

Spring Chickens
Unlock all Spring Chooks (The requirements for special chickens are further down in the guide)

Summer Cluckin
Unlock all summer Chooks (The requirements for special chickens are further down in the guide)

Autumnal Egguinox
Unlock all autumn Chooks (The requirements for special chickens are further down in the guide)

Frozen Yolks
Unlock all winter Chooks (The requirements for special chickens are further down in the guide)

An Egg for all Seasons
Unlock all Seasonal Chooks

The Legend Begins
To do this, you have to own a Legendary Chicken. As a rule, sooner or later you will unlock a legendary chicken at random. But further down in the guide are the requirements for each
legendary chicken.

Gotta Hatch Em All!
Discover every type of chook. I will explain all the chickens that you cannot hatch below.

Egg Handler
For this you have to sell 100k eggs. This also happens automatically while playing.

Keep on Cluckin’
You have to sell 150k eggs to the truck, which you should always do as soon as the truck arrives anyway!

Building Achievements

Chooken Wrangler
Your farm has to reach level 2, you can buy this extension for 10k. That goes relatively quickly

Chook Whisperer
As mentioned, you can build a level 3 farm for 1 million

Chicken Mayor
For a level 4 farm you need 10 million. That’s a lot of money, but you should get that together in the late game. It is very useful that you save your eggs and then sell them regularly at the Egg Truck for maximum profit.

(Secret) Aint no party like a bunch of chickens at a pool party. Because its an absurd concept, how would they even arrange that?
This achievement could be a bit more involved, but you should still get it. For this you need 3 buildings: the Pool, the Fountain and the Waterfall.

-To unlock waterfall you need to upgrade your farm to level 2.
-To unlock pool you need to raise happines of your chickens up to 100 (You get the quest with level
3 of your farm).
-To unlock fountain you need to obtain 20 gold chickens (Quest will be given to you on the 3 level of your farm).

One of a kind
For this you have to build a legendary building. The requirements are as follows:

– Mushroom Castle (Unlock spring legendary chicken)
– Starfish Bay (Unlock all summer objects)
– Chook Fort (Fully upgrade 3 chook camps)
– Ice Castle (Fully upgrade 2 igloos)

Epic Eggineering
Own Legendary Buildings for all Seasons. Look by “One of a kind” for the buildings.

All your Base belong to Chook
Own all the Seasonal items. If you do all the quests, you will get all the buildings without any problems.

Heard you have a degree in ChickEngineering?
For this you have to fully upgrade 100 objects. That consumes a lot of money, so you should just do it on the side when the opportunity presents itself. In the late game you can simply buy as many benchs as you need and then upgrade them.

Post Scarcity!
You just need a total of 1000 water and food resources. In the late game you can simply buy a lot of feeders.

You have to achieve 100% happiness. You can achieve this at any time by simply buying, placing and improving fun objects. It’s best to do this when you have just enough money left or in late game.

Speedrun Achievements

Sounds like a lie but whatever
Get to farm level 2 in under 15 minutes.

1) Finish the tutorial as soon as possible.
2) Buy 5 benches and upgrade them to the maximum.
3) Complete all quests that you can complete.
4) Build a second drinker.
5) Complete all quests that you can complete.
6) Build 5 wells and upgrade them to the maximum.
7) You should now have enough money to level your farm to level 2

Go for gold
Get a golden Chook within five minutes. This is pretty quick since all you need to have is one golden chicken and you don’t have to hatch it. You can combine it with the “Sounds like a lie but whatever” achievement.

1. Place a tree, blueberry bush and redberry bush
2. Go into missions and unlock the flower patch
3. Place 6 flower patches
4. The golden chook will appear at the entrance (When you cant click it, than you need first upgrade your food, water or houses).

Incredibly Rare
Do the same thing as in the “Sounds like a lie but whatever” achievement and then hatch a rare egg.

Timetravel Achievements

These are by far the most difficult achievements in the game and to get them you have to do the following:

(Secret) A Chook History of Time
You need the legendary chicken “Chiccan” for this achievement. So do the following:

Place a candle in each corner (you will unlock this when you place 6 Jack O’lanterns) and wait until midnight. Then the candles glow purple and you have to click them. The Chiccan will be with you the next morning. This will automatically unlock the “Popahkay’s Hut” building. You have to build and use this for 5k, then you have the achievements.

This achievement made me desperate until I finally came up with the solution. The game wants you to time travel in the first spring. This is a bit tricky and looks like this:

0) You can find the clue for the riddle in the book, which is on the premises of Popahkay’s Hut. There you will be told a story how to get the Chiccan.

1) You need a new farm, the best thing to do is to use your Speedrun farm, there you have at least some money.

2) You need 3 different chickens that have the same race. You call these “Po”, “Pah” and “Kay”. These chickens will then run away, which will unlock the candles.

3) Now you do the same as before to unlock the Chiccan and Popahkay’s hat. Now you are using the building and you have unlocked the achievements!

Other Achievements!

(Secret) Waste of Disk Space
Just start a new game in Adventure mode.

Weed whacker
Pull a hundred weeds. Its simple.

Don’t Gamble with em
Bust a hundred ghosts. Keep your eyes open at night and click on all the ghosts you see.
Hint: It happens when you summon the Popahkay that a large number of ghosts also spawn. If you end the game early and then start again, you can repeat the process until you have the achievement.

All Special and Legendary Chickens

Here I list all chickens that cannot be incubated and that you have to do something to unlock them


Ladybug (Gold) = Let a few days go by and then it will come automatically

Monarch (Gold) = Plant 5 flowers

Strawberry (Gold) = Play 5x the “Hat Minigame”

HoneyComb (Legendary) = Unlock all 9 spring chickens


Sunbird (Rare) = Place 3x Lemonade Dispenser

Bukini (Gold) = Breed 6x chickens

Ice Cream (Gold) = Buy a pool

Sunflower (Gold) = Buy all 8 water objects

Banana Split (Legendary) = Set the temperature to 10 degrees


Stripey (Rare) = Smash 300 pumpkins in the minigame (altogether)

Chook Crook (Gold) = Purchase 8 pumpkin parches

Corn (Gold) = Buy all autumn objekts

Spooky (Gold) = 100% happieness

Chickent (Legendary) = Buy 10x trees


Snowy (Rare) = Place 4x Alien Rider

Gift (Gold) = Set the temperature to 35 degrees

Uglier Sweater (Gold) = You need all 8 winter chickens

Permafrost (Legendary) = Place 4x pool

All other legendary chickens:

Chiccan = Explain in the Timetravel Achievements

Chookstrosity = Using a lot of electrical devices

Henferatu = Name your farm “12345678910”

Bokkaneer = Click 10x on the X by the building “Starfish Bay”

Logichook = Search in the Journal, find an egg symbol an click on it

Chicktanium = Place 20x drones

Sputchick = Name your farm “109876543210”

Chikchelin = Have a total of 1k food

Chickham = Destroy a total of 250 Weed

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