Chorus: 100% Achievement Guide

All achievements in the game.



  • Number of achievements: 42
  • Number of missable achievements: 19
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1
  • Free-Roam After Story: No
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
  • Time to 100%: 20-30h

Achievements are quite straight forward and almost all should unlock naturally. There are only three Mastery achievements which require grinding. I suggest reading descriptions of all three Mastery achievements to make it a bit easier and less time consumig.

Missable achievements

Win a race

Shortly after finishing tutorial you can encounter Turin who will ask you to check on his kids. This will start a side mission in which you’ll have to participate in a race. It’s an easy race so winning shouldn’t be a problem.
It is the only race in the whole game, I’m not sure if there are any other opportunities to get this achievement.

Helping Hand
Finish 5 side missions

Self explanatory. This will come naturally.

Finish 35 side missions

This will come naturally, there are many more side missions in the game. You should unlock it about half-way through the game.

Use a repair drone while having less than 10% HP

You get repair drones early in the game, simply use them when you’ve got less than 10% health left. It will most likely come naturally, however you can get it early by constantly hitting a wall or rock.

Space Traveler
Visit 50 locations

This will come naturally, there are more than 50 locations in the game. Simply visit all locations marked with question marks on your map. I unlocked it in the first half of the game.

Voices from the Past
Find 25 memories

It will come naturally. The game is full of memories and story missions include a significant number of them. You can also find them in side missions and in the open world while scanning locations.

Controlled Demolition
Defeat an armored enemy with a Gatling gun

Armored enemies are the ones with a yellow health bar. You can do initial damage with a different weapon and finish it with the Gatling gun. There will be plenty of opportunities to get this.

The Great Destroyer
Kill 75 enemies while controlling a Spirit-class ship

You get to fly a Spirit-class ship in a few missions and you’ll definitely kill more than 75 enemies between them. However if you want to have it our of the way you can keep restarting your checkpoint until you get it.

Use the Rite of the Hunt to leap at an enemy and destroy it within 5 seconds

Simply leap behind an unarmored ship and kill it.

Kill 3 enemies in one drift

You’ll get ability to drift as part of the story. Simply kill three enemies in one drift. You can hold the drift button as long as required.

Born to Drift
Kill a total of 50 enemies while drifting

Easily done. You don’t need to actually drift through the whole fight, you just need to press a drift button before the kill.

It Was An Accident
Destroy 5 enemies by disrupting them with the Rite of the Storm

You get Rite of the Storm as part of the story. You need to disrupt enemies so they crash into a wall or rock. Whenever you see an enemy flying towards a wall or rock disrupt them and hope they’ll crash, Much easier done in tight corridors and caves so you might want to farm it there.

Two Birds
Use the Rite of the Star to spear two enemies in one go

You get Rite of the Star later in the story. You need to line up at least two enemies and spear through them. More details in description of the Mastery of Rites achievement.

Crash Test
Use the Rite of Control to smash two ships into each other

Rite of Control is the last rite you’ll receive and it will be near the end of the story. Simply grab an enemy ship and throw it towards another. The throw automatically targets another ship if there’s one close by, so it should be easy.

Radiation Area
Kill 3 enemies with a Tier 3 missile’s radiation cloud

Complete a side quest “Civilian Convoy: Distress Call” in Nimika to get a new weapon: Poison Spear. Use it to kill three enemies (they have to die from the poison cloud, not from the missile hit).
Note: this quest doesn’t appear right away, you need to progress the story a bit.

Overcharge your energy bar by using the Tier 3 laser weapon

Complete “Guardian Training Site: Request” in Nimika. It’s a series of small side quests at the end of which you’ll get a new weapon: Void Ray. Killing an enemy with it will spawn a purple cloud – simply fly through it while your energy rite bar is full.
Note: this quest doesn’t appear right away, you need to progress the story a bit.

At Least You Tried
Die in permadeath mode

Simply start a new game with permadeath mode enabled and die.

Mastery achievements

All three Mastery achievements require some farming. You’ll make a good progress in all categories by playing normally, but it won’t be enough to get to the max level.

The best way is to constantly restart checkpoint in missions where you found a good encounter for farming.

Mastery of Weapons
Achieve full mastery of weapons

You need to achieve level 5 in all three of your weapons:

  • Gatling Gun – kill 403 enemies with Gatling gun – this should come naturally
  • Laser Cannon – destroy 150 shields (blue bar) with your laser cannon – this might require some farming, although there will be quite a few shielded enemies later in the game
  • Missile Launcher – kill 100 armored enemies (yellow bar) with your missile launcher – this will probably require farming since armored enemies are less frequent

A good place to farm these masteries can be mission “Gateway to Freedom” in Stega Rim where you’re supposed to take over the citadel/jump gate. This mission has several phases with all three kinds of enemies.
Alternatively mission “Liberate Maka Haven” in Amarok also has both shielded and armored enemies.

Mastery of Combat
Achieve full mastery of combat

You need to achieve level 5 in these categories:

  • Destroyer – destroy 750 enemy ships – should come naturally
  • Reckless – restore your ship hull from pickups 40 times
  • Perfect Dodge – perform perfect 80 dodges
  • Defuse – destroy 400 mines
  • Drifting – destroy 300 enemies while drifting
  • Booster – destroy 400 enemies while boosting

RecklessDriftingBooster can be done anywhere.
Reckless – Health pickups are dropped by destroyed enemy ships when your health is low (below 50% I believe).
Defuse – It can be done during “Gateway to Freedom” mission in Stega Rim (Citadel). In the last phase there will be an elite vulture which will keep dropping mines as long as you don’t attack it. Alternatively in the mission where you need to kill the Pirate Queen, she will be dropping mines whenever you shoot her.
Perfect Dodge – This is when you’re targeted by an orange laser and you roll at the last moment. It can also be done during the Citadel mission or during “Trapped Troops” where you need to free captain Aystan and his ships. There is a sniper turret there and no enemies so you can safely farm it.

Mastery of Rites
Achieve full mastery of Rites

You need to achieve level 5 in all of your rites:

  • Hunter – kill 150 enemies within seconds after leaping behind them
  • Apex Predator – destroy three enemies within 20 seconds after leaping behind them (40 times)
  • Storm – kill 200 enemies disrupted by the Rite of the Storm
  • Crash Landing – disrupt 40 enemies and let them crash into walls or rocks
  • Star – kill 100 enemies by spearing through them using Rite of the Star
  • Ablaze – spear through at least two enemies simultaneously (25 times)
  • Control – throw 25 enemies into each other using Rite of Control
  • Collision Course – throw 25 enemies into walls or rocks
  • Senses – sense and pick up 60,000 credits in loot caches

Senses – This will take a while, but there are more caches than required so you don’t need to scan every inch of every location.
Apex Predator – You need to leap behind an enemy ship, destroy it, leap behind another one, destroy it, and finally leap behind a third one and also destroy it, all within 20 seconds. It sounds more complicated than it is, once you unlock Rite of the Storm it becomes trivial as you can leap, disrupt and kill almost instantly.
Ablaze – It can be a bit tricky, but it becomes quite easy after you complete mission “Meda’s Curse” in Nimika which significantly upgrades your Rite of the Star.
Star – If you’re struggling with this some side quests in Nimika grant ship mods which increase damage of the Rite of the Star
Control – This is actually quite easy because when you throw an enemy ship it will be guided towards another ship if it’s in range.

Story achievements

These achievements are part of the story and as such cannot be missed.

Another Life
Explore the Artok and find a way outside

Shields Down
Obtain a laser weapon

Safe Home
Repel the Circle forces and defend the Enclave

Old Days Born Anew
Reunite with your old friend Forsa

Full Arsenal
Obtain a missile launcher

Avenge the fallen and guide a civilian convoy to safety

The Path Forward
Defeat the Sage and reclaim the Najara jump gate

Obtain the Rite of the Storm inside the Amarok Temple

Cult Slayer
Liberate Maka Haven

Learn more about Forsaken’s origin at the lab

In the Eye of the Storm
Dissolve the lightning storm surrounding the Trom Shipyard and free the Cpt. Aystan and his ships

Set in Motion
Recruit an engineer at Rinak Haven

The Crimson Void
Destroy a Demon-class battleship and enter the Faceless Void

The Nameless Dread
Destroy the Faceless entity inside the Amarok Rift

Time to Spear
Face your guilt and obtain the Rite of the Star

Catch a glimpse of the past and witness the Prophet’s ritual

Uneasy Alliance
Meet an unexpected ally and escape alongside him

Learn more about Forsaken’s secret past and teach a former mentor a lesson

Stop the carnage at Silva Haven and bring Elder Syrys to justice

Power Chord
Unlock Nara’s full potential by obtaining all Rites

Travel into the Rift that’s consuming Nimika Prime

Rise as One
Finish the game

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