Quickly and easily farm any shiny material for forging rainbow gear.


If you go into the woods today…
Make your way to Shadow Forest and save before you enter.

We’re going to farm bulbs as they’re easy to kill with the elemental and it’s easy to pick a fight with three at a time without to much fuss. They also tend to lead with a melee attack, if they attack at all. (If you don’t get a mob with three units, simply run away and rejoin the battle until you do).

Turn on battle enhancement.

Serge casting Saints having turned the field white. Each party member having cast Magnify.

Choose at least one party member for whichever colour you wish to farm the material for and put the summons on the last section of their grid.

If we wish to farm Shiny Embers.. Starting with the elemental caster, each party member will cast weaken to change the field to red.

Additionally on the last grid for each party member put something innocuous, whether it’s cure, a tablet, magnify or whatever. Change field is also handy but unnecessary.

Starting with the character who has the elemental cast your first element. Repeat with the other two party members and then cast the elemental attack.

There are four bulb mobs, (providing 12 materials), in the first two sections of the forest. Once these have been eliminated, leave the forest and save your game. Then reload your game and enter the forest again. (Reloading will reset the area).

Or change party members and select a new elemental.

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